Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi (IshVeer Forever) Season-2 Epi-90


The episode starts with Ishaani tskes the gun and aims at ritika and thnx ragini soul. It comes infront of Ishaani and tells it is my pleasure and it keaves from there..

Ritika tells her to leave her snd begs her. Ishaani tells her not to move or i will shoot u. She sits aside. Ranveer comes near ritika and slaps her and tells her to stay away from them..

Ishaani tells rsnveer not to waste time by talking to her and tells him to come and they waits. Police comes there and they arrest ritika. She blame Ishaani but police women beats her?????

Ishaani have a talk with ranveer. Ishaani tells him to come home and makes him walk .

Ranveer tells her let us have coffee?? She smiles and tells sure and they comes to coffee shop snd have it while having it… Ishaani gets call from ranveer. Ishaani tells him to wait and i am coming with u r father!! He asks really!! She tells yes.

Ranveer jumps in joy and dances with madhu. She tells i am happy now and she gets teary eyes..Ishaani tells ranveer that I have a surprise for u.. Ranveer asks what?? She tells it is surprise then how I will tell?? They both laugh… Ranveer gets up with stick and sits near Ishaani and cares her face and kisses on her cheeks and tells from now I won’t leave I for a second and hugs her Allah warriyan plays…

Ranveer tells her to tell surprise now!! She tells no that is at home only.. Ishaani tells him let us go.. They both come to house.. Ranveer comes there shouting mom and dad…

Ranveer asks my son?? Ishaani tells yes. He sits down and hugs him and kisses on his head and asks his name? He tells Ranveer. Ranveer gets up and asks Ishaani u have planned and kept this name to him!! She asks what? He tells then only u can scold me Na!! She tells really!!

She tells I will scold u directly and scolds him. Ranveer closes his ears and tells sorry mam and keeps his hand on her cheeks and tells I love u??????????????

They both hug each other.. Ranveer tells me papa?? They both laugh and hugs him. Madhu comes there with halwa and tells them let us have it and afterwards u can have drama??

They all agree and comes to dining table and have halwa ranveer behaves like Ishaani. She tells this is my habit!! Ranveer tells so what? He feeds her food. They all feed food to each other.

Precap;Milan comes to police station and talks to ritika….

Hope u all enjoyed today epi… Have a nice day and from next epi ranveer and Ishaani son name is cranveer becoz of avoiding confusion

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  1. arham(a soul of ishveer)

    hello my families…whr r u all…

  2. arham(a soul of ishveer)

    ishurv dr my fav film..
    aashiqi2 and student of the year…now sanam re…i don’t lyk wrld matches dr..i only lyk ipl match

    1. Dhruva { A DIE HARD FAN OF ISHVEER }

      Same pinch dear…..mine also A2..SOTY are fav . and sanam re lil bit

  3. Yeah… arham dr…… I am Andhra pradesh….. kadapa ( district ) proddatur dr….!!

  4. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    I am here arham cousins came to my little bit busy.


    Guys I wanna ask you a question…..that is it right about Radz…Arjun and Mouni….to perform in semi final of K3…???

  6. Kasam trp last week 1.9 this week 2.4

  7. Payal dr i have no link …. bez that pics is on last day shoot of matsh …..i just searched last day shoot matsh pics &find it ….sorry dr

  8. What kasam trp is 2.4????? i cant digest this ……

    1. Guys i will wait when kasam will be a big big big big flop

  9. Sathya dr i think still ur mob is not ready …..soon come back dr…i miss u so much dr

  10. Dhruva dr i am also think like that…radz mouni arjun r …to perform in the finals of k3….

  11. Sorry semi finals

  12. Raji dr iam so sorry now only i got my mob dr..I like macroon a lot dr..

  13. Arham dr how r umi already ans ur question in previous episode is ur col life going on dr.tis is the right time for enjoymentna

  14. Keerthi dr where is ur ff dr.

  15. Sana sis r u a silent girlna so sweet of u.i think u r very soft in nature..nenthram chips famous in keralana dr

  16. Vyshu dr r u from andhra..i came there 2 times .i came there in thirupathi and kalahastri temple dr

  17. Dhuruva ishurv drs yest u saw match its a thrilling victory for us na.
    dhuruva what abt ur hand dr now r u k na

  18. Dhuruva dr ya radz arjun and mouni participate in k3 dr

  19. Raji dr ya i already saw that pic dr its awesome pic.radz very close to shakti in that picna.both r made for each other dr.if matsh 2 started means sure they ll unite god grace they do oneshow together dr

    1. Yes sathya dr when will MATSH-SEASON 2 WILL START and you also wait for it guys

  20. Payal dr ya u r crct both r missing each other and they r wait for new show that is y shakti still not play any lead role dr.and u kmow dr last yr shakti and neha participate in nb7 but now shakti approach for jalak dhikla show but he is not signed in that dr,y he is not part with neha dr becoz now he want to dance with radzna dr

    1. Yes sathya dr yes

  21. Arham raji keerthi vyshu sana mariya dhuruva drs where r u

  22. very nice dude

  23. sathya dr…. I’m here only sathya dr…
    u know…. in u tube janu nd feb episodes r removed dr..!!
    in colors tv app that app where in dustbin ….there is no use…. dont download that app guys… waste app…!!
    my whole net pack over… i didnt see video…. only audio…
    in u tube they r removed more episodes…!!
    You- tube video quality is suuperb…!!
    Guys pls guyz…. dont ask MATSH season 2 on colorstv…. pls ask starplus or any other channel…
    Its better to download in hot star… if they telecast …. in star plus…!!

    1. What r yu saying vyshu in YouTube all episodes are there i have checked it now only

    2. I don’t understand what are yu saying?

  24. In your both ff u reunite ishveer that very awesome dear. Superb. & rv slaps ritika nice one.

  25. Ya sathya di I am here . how are you dr

  26. Guys pls command on ranaji ‘s new ff….

  27. Arham dear I didn’t like that mach any film actor & actress & I like ranveer’s character very very much dr & ishani is in actress. & my fav movie is jab we mate & andaz apna apna like comedy movie. & matsh is fav serial & in 2 place pyar ki ek kahani serial but the serial goes off air. I like shakti but only in rv’s character .

  28. & arham dear & sathya di I also like cricket matches woww India is won. & I like IPL matches also.

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