Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi (IshVeer Forever) Season-2 Epi-90

The episode starts with Ishaani tskes the gun and aims at ritika and thnx ragini soul. It comes infront of Ishaani and tells it is my pleasure and it keaves from there..

Ritika tells her to leave her snd begs her. Ishaani tells her not to move or i will shoot u. She sits aside. Ranveer comes near ritika and slaps her and tells her to stay away from them..

Ishaani tells rsnveer not to waste time by talking to her and tells him to come and they waits. Police comes there and they arrest ritika. She blame Ishaani but police women beats her?????

Ishaani have a talk with ranveer. Ishaani tells him to come home and makes him walk .

Ranveer tells her let us have coffee?? She smiles and tells sure and they comes to coffee shop snd have it while having it… Ishaani gets call from ranveer. Ishaani tells him to wait and i am coming with u r father!! He asks really!! She tells yes.

Ranveer jumps in joy and dances with madhu. She tells i am happy now and she gets teary eyes..Ishaani tells ranveer that I have a surprise for u.. Ranveer asks what?? She tells it is surprise then how I will tell?? They both laugh… Ranveer gets up with stick and sits near Ishaani and cares her face and kisses on her cheeks and tells from now I won’t leave I for a second and hugs her Allah warriyan plays…

Ranveer tells her to tell surprise now!! She tells no that is at home only.. Ishaani tells him let us go.. They both come to house.. Ranveer comes there shouting mom and dad…

Ranveer asks my son?? Ishaani tells yes. He sits down and hugs him and kisses on his head and asks his name? He tells Ranveer. Ranveer gets up and asks Ishaani u have planned and kept this name to him!! She asks what? He tells then only u can scold me Na!! She tells really!!

She tells I will scold u directly and scolds him. Ranveer closes his ears and tells sorry mam and keeps his hand on her cheeks and tells I love u??????????????

They both hug each other.. Ranveer tells me papa?? They both laugh and hugs him. Madhu comes there with halwa and tells them let us have it and afterwards u can have drama??

They all agree and comes to dining table and have halwa ranveer behaves like Ishaani. She tells this is my habit!! Ranveer tells so what? He feeds her food. They all feed food to each other.

Precap;Milan comes to police station and talks to ritika….

Hope u all enjoyed today epi… Have a nice day and from next epi ranveer and Ishaani son name is cranveer becoz of avoiding confusion


  1. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Today’s episode was so awesome.especially Ranvi and little Ranvi part.

  2. Ranaji

    payal i won’t end this ff or young love i am going to end dehleez ff and ek duje ke vaste only…..becoz i writing ikrs also now so i have ended to reduce burden and i should concentrate on studies also na so only….but i will not end young love or matsh ff

    • Payal

      If yu feel more burden then end ikrs but do not end matsh ff and young love ff and thank you so much for your reply and now i am very happy

  3. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Arham dr….
    My favorite film actor-Vijay
    Favorite telly actor-shakthi arora
    Favorite film actress-kajal agarwal
    Telly actresses-mouni Roy, radhika madan, drishti dhami.

  4. raji

    Sathya,sana ,keerthi ,pls see thozha movie drs….its superb movie ….karthi,nagarjuna both of them carry the film well …..

  5. raji

    Sathya dr wow wow india won the match & enter into semi finals dr……virat kohli bating is superb na dr……

  6. Ranaji

    My fav actor-Siddharth malhotra,surya
    Actress- Samantha,Amy jackson
    My fav telly actor- Shakthi arora,Varun toorkey,Mishal raheja,Ankit bhatla,sidhanth gupta and Harshad arora
    Actress-Radhika madan,Drasthi dham

  7. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Guys 88 epi comment box and previous also closed guys!!?? But 89 is open and young love comments are opened??I wonder what is happening?

  8. raji

    Arham dr
    My fav actor ..vijay
    Fav telly actor…shakthi arora
    Fav actress…kajal agarwal …
    Fav telly actress…radhika madan
    All vijay’s films r fav to me …..&i like rajarani movie ….also …

      • sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

        Bro in both these films Vijay’s acting is also like all Vijay films.he was just awesome.sometimes a bad luck happen to every ones.

  9. raji

    U r right sana dr in both the films vijay ‘s acting is superb …..
    Ranaji i just mad on vijay anna& shakthi also ….i like his films only if it is hit or not that is not matter to me …….

    u know sana dr….yest u told na u cant get the video song of theri ….if u have tunes 6 channel na …they telecast theri songs again &again in whatsapp,fbrequest pgms…..&fresh tunes also ……

  10. raji

    Payal dr we also badly miss our ishveer ….i have a hope on god dr….soon matsh 2 will come …..dr

    • Payal

      Raji MATSH-SEASON 2 is logical becoz all tracks are left incomplete like ritika ran away not punished,no baa,chaitali baxk from anjar,nitin is ishani real father,parul ran away with disha baby krish,disha and manas,where is lakshmi, amba,kailash not shown at the end and they did not return back to mumbai

  11. raji

    Sathya dr r u here???yest u told about shadhika last day pics na…

    I saw one pics dr ….in that pic shakthi see his mob which is in his hand dr…radz bend on shakthi ‘s shoulder dr ….my god both of them looking so so cute dr……see that &command me

  12. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Ok all songs of theri is in my music player.all r just awesome.hearing all songs.
    Unnale ennaalum en jeevan vazhkire….this song lyrics was superb and also superb melody.
    Eana meena teeka song was cute.u watch this song video?
    Every songs in theri is now in my favorite list.G.v music semma.Vijay Anna rocked in his song.

  13. raji

    Sss sana dr i saw the video of that song dr …….vijay anna&nainika both of them r looking so so cute …dr …i saw all the video of all the songs dr…. vijay anna is rocking in that videos …dr

  14. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Raji akka me also mad on Vijay Anna and shakthi.l don’t like anyone tell bad about them.especially Vijay Anna.I get angry when some one tell bad about them.I love him loads and also his acting.

  15. raji

    Sathya dr ur right our shadhika also want matsh 2 ..that ‘s y they still not choose any lead show …dr

    • Payal

      You are right becoz God also wants MATSH-SEASON 2 that’s why these circumstances are created radhika is on break for 2 months and then she will make a comeback soon and shakti only hosting mmhv right

      • Payal

        Both shakti and radhika said in a recent interview that both want to work with each other if they get chance so both miss each other badly and you told that recent pic of shakti with radhika nice

  16. raji

    Sana dr …ya i am also angry when some one tell bad about vijay anna …but i never express it … vijay anna he always calm u know …..i like his quite nature …..dr

    • sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

      Raji akka I am very silent nature.i dont speak so much because of his calm nature I love him more than me.

  17. arham(a soul of ishveer)

    k guyzz…thnks for reply my questions…then who all r willing to make a question na..then plzz do some questions…

  18. arham(a soul of ishveer)

    bro epi fanttablous..really happy to c this…???..who was ur fav cricketer bro..

  19. arham(a soul of ishveer)

    ishurv dr my fav film..
    aashiqi2 and student of the year…now sanam re…i don’t lyk wrld matches dr..i only lyk ipl match

    • Dhruva { A DIE HARD FAN OF ISHVEER }

      Same pinch dear…..mine also A2..SOTY are fav . and sanam re lil bit

  20. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    I am here arham cousins came to my little bit busy.

  21. Dhruva { A DIE HARD FAN OF ISHVEER }

    Guys I wanna ask you a question…..that is it right about Radz…Arjun and Mouni….to perform in semi final of K3…???

  22. raji

    Payal dr i have no link …. bez that pics is on last day shoot of matsh …..i just searched last day shoot matsh pics &find it ….sorry dr

  23. Raji dr ya i already saw that pic dr its awesome pic.radz very close to shakti in that picna.both r made for each other dr.if matsh 2 started means sure they ll unite god grace they do oneshow together dr

  24. Payal dr ya u r crct both r missing each other and they r wait for new show that is y shakti still not play any lead role dr.and u kmow dr last yr shakti and neha participate in nb7 but now shakti approach for jalak dhikla show but he is not signed in that dr,y he is not part with neha dr becoz now he want to dance with radzna dr

  25. sathya dr…. I’m here only sathya dr…
    u know…. in u tube janu nd feb episodes r removed dr..!!
    in colors tv app that app where in dustbin ….there is no use…. dont download that app guys… waste app…!!
    my whole net pack over… i didnt see video…. only audio…
    in u tube they r removed more episodes…!!
    You- tube video quality is suuperb…!!
    Guys pls guyz…. dont ask MATSH season 2 on colorstv…. pls ask starplus or any other channel…
    Its better to download in hot star… if they telecast …. in star plus…!!

  26. Mariya

    In your both ff u reunite ishveer that very awesome dear. Superb. & rv slaps ritika nice one.

  27. Mariya

    Arham dear I didn’t like that mach any film actor & actress & I like ranveer’s character very very much dr & ishani is in actress. & my fav movie is jab we mate & andaz apna apna like comedy movie. & matsh is fav serial & in 2 place pyar ki ek kahani serial but the serial goes off air. I like shakti but only in rv’s character .

  28. Mariya

    & arham dear & sathya di I also like cricket matches woww India is won. & I like IPL matches also.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.