Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi (IshVeer Forever) Season-2 Epi-88

The episode starts with Ishaani comes to house and sees Ritika and tries to go bcak but she brings Gayatri inside and tells today u…

She brings her inside and asks what is it? She takes it from her hand and throws with goons and plays… Ishaani tells her to stop it but she continues. Ishaani runs and tries to save it and but it drops and breaks she cries…

Ritika tells her to stay on her limits Ishaani sits down and cries once she goes. Ishaani gets up and laughs????????????

Ishaani takes antidode out and tells this is real. A flash Back is shown! Ishaani sees Ritika and gets shocked and gets into car and comes to house and changes the medicine and takes fake one in that bottle and ritika breaks it.

Ishaani comes to ranveer and tells soon u will be fine and she injects it. Suddenly he cannot breathe. Ishaani makes him normal and thinks when he will be normal!! She thinks

Ritika calls Milan and tells Gayatri got some medicines so that only ranveer was in coma this much years today I have gave nice punishment
Milan gets shocked..

Milan comes there and asks Gayatri what medicine is it? He comes closer to her and tries to hurt her and she pushes him and tells ritika broken it and I don’t know about it and she leaves from there..

Precap:Ishaani tells ritika that today her chapter is over…. Ishaani beats her with stick… Ranveer gets up from bed and shouts Ishaani name. She turns and sees him and comes to him and hugs him. Ritika aims gun at them. Ishaani defends ranveer…

Let us see what happens in next epi? How is the pic also pls tell me

Credit to: Narendran


  1. raji

    Flash back is superb ranaji …..&precap is exciting ……o ranvi will back ….waiting for next episode .pls post it soon …..

  2. raji

    Guys shakthi is on fame app on tuesday 8 .00pm ……
    Keerthi dr if u have a chance to catch him na ….pls ask him about matsh 2 dr …&about radz also not personally ….generally dr

  3. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Oh raji I don’t get that I am really happy!!!!!!! Going to download that song.we r same dr l am also a big big very big fan of Vijay him loads.after vijay anna me only love shakthi.

  4. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Raji dr now I heard it.awww what a song dr.I jumping with happy.don’t know how much happy I am.our Vijay Anna rocked u so much raji dr for telling about the song.l want to hug u.
    Can I call u akka?

  5. arham(a soul of ishveer)

    mariya dr..plzz call me at arham only..i lyk tat name..tat’s y i set the name as id

  6. arham(a soul of ishveer)

    bro y u told me….tat bluddy yup bakwass kasam has 1 ff….i don’t want to abt it any news..whenever i thnk make me as a angry persion…so plzz don’t discuss abt kasam…if i hurted u then really sry bro…

  7. arham(a soul of ishveer)

    bro y u told me….tat bluddy yup bakwass kasam has 1 ff….i don’t want to abt it any news..whenever i thnk make me as a angry? persion…so plzz don’t discuss abt kasam…if i hurted u then really sry bro…

  8. arham(a soul of ishveer)

    ofcourse sathya dr..i luv u very much..not only a reason of ur name starting as S..but also i thnk u r my real…☺

  9. arham(a soul of ishveer)

    today epi thrilly epi next epi rhitzz charecter finish na??….but k..and eagirly waiting for ishveer’s reunion and rv’s normal portion dr..

  10. Dhruva { A DIE HARD FAN OF ISHVEER }

    Wow yaar…..amazing……ishu is soo intelligent yaar…….good keep it up…..

      • Dhruva { A DIE HARD FAN OF ISHVEER }

        Okay…..but you forgot your rules……but I’m a hardly believe in rules are made to be broken…….and you’re the first…..

  11. Mariya

    Nice superb episode ranaji .
    Ishani hide that medicine & after she give to rv. In next epi rv get normal na. Nice waiting for that.

  12. Sana dr ya sure u cl me akka.its my pleasure dr.i got so many sis and frnds here.u r great fan of vijayna dr.u saw thullatha manamum thullum film of vijay.i saw that pic nearly 50 Times.i am not fan of vijay but i love that film most its my evergreen all time fav film dr

  13. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Yes sathya also watch that film so many is also one of my most favorite film of Vijay Anna.whenever I watch that film I will cry.

  14. Raji dr gd mrng..i saw in twitter one pic that shadika cry in last day shootna that pic that pic shakti cried so radz hug and consope him and she kissed his cheekna then shakti smie dr.u pls see that pic and rply to me dr

  15. Old interview”my God! SBS segment was damn good!!Ranveer walks upto Ishani and pulls her tohimself and get very close to her with drink in his hand..Again he tries to kiss her then shakti radhika interview:Radhika says ki she has promised to Shikhar she will come back.. Shakti folds his hand and requests her to stop making promisesRadhika says she learnt from him onlyShakti says that Ishani is very comfortabledoing such intimate scenes.. Radhika snatches mike and says ki this is false…Ishani is not comfortable but Ranveer is comfortable and she says in between shot..control Ranveer controland he is so much comfortable that likeshe is his girlfiriendShakti comes in front of camera when she says thisthen they both say ki they both ar eprofessional and when intimate scene goes beyond comfortability, then they both stop Reemz we have lot to analyze in thisagain ishveer scene showed where Ranveer getting close to Ishani”

  16. raji

    Sathya dr i saw that pics already……whenever i saw that pics o twitter i cry dr…..they r really made for each other dr ….that one pics show everything dr….
    Sathya dr whose is ur fav actor ????
    U know dr i am also see thullatha manamum thullum film nearly 50times dr….evergreen film of vijay anna…

  17. raji

    Sana dr sure u call me akka ……whenever vijay anna cry in his films ….i also cry dr….u know shakthi ‘s most of the expreesions r similar to vijay anna dr….thats may be i am be the fan of shakthi dr….

    &theri full album is super ‘duper hit dr….video &iyrics also semma dr…..i saw that en jeevan song video that is most rom song of 2016 dr….

    • sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

      That was really good news akka.l will also try to watch that video song but now it is not possible because my net turned slow.l will download all mp3 songs.

      • sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

        U r same like also cry when Vijay Anna crying in film and u r correct shakthi’s acting is also some what like Vijay Anna.may be that attracted us to shakthi.happy to find a sis whose taste is similar to u akka…

  18. IshuRV(mast Goa)

    good ranaji……

    hey sathya today is match….India vs Australia….. what u think dr……. who will win the match……I think India…. fingers crossed….hope for the best…..

  19. arham(a soul of ishveer)

    hii sathya sis..may 1st i come back to my town dr…in pune also i have videocon dish i daily watch..rishtey’s matsh…mou mana tori pai..and u2 also dr…

  20. arham(a soul of ishveer)

    sana dr hii..plzz don’t call me as akka..plzz call me as arham or naas…hw r u buddy…

  21. arham(a soul of ishveer)

    guyzz..y commentss taking this much tym..this is unfair guyzz..anyone hav this problm

    • Keerthi

      Vyshu dear I am here only my Airtel internet was down for three days dear I didn’t put 3G pack also so only could not come in comment section

    • Payal

      Guys god is not anywhere he doesn’t listen to anyone i am crying since morning for shadhika and matsh i will never pray to god now i am fed up nothing will happen forget everything forget shadhika forget matsh no one is here who listen to our prayers not ekta kapoor nor god

    • Payal

      Guys i am from uttarakhand amar ujala newspaper shakti interview when he went to delhi about sony show mhv

    • Payal

      Shakti is such a lier he said that he was bored of doing show then why he was crying on radhika’s shoulder so much on the last day shoot
      i know why he is saying this becoz now matsh is over na that’s why he was saying to break the image of romantic guy everyone say this fix dialogue only he doesn’t know that MATSH-SEASON 2 IS ON THE WAY AND NEAR but after this he told this also that it is true that meri aashiqui tumse hi has given me name and fame
      Shakti don’t fit in any role except a romantic guy and both shakti and radhika want to work with each other this is sure right keerthi

    • Payal

      But accordibg to shakti matsh was everything for him both shakti and radhuka told that matsh was like ou baby we take good care of it

    • Payal

      Shakti and radhika both want
      MATSH-SEASON 2 becoz both were retweeting on petition that some fans want but it should be most of the fans want it was RT BY SHAKTI and it was written in india forums that BOTH ACTORS ARE RETWEETING THE ARTICLE title is petition for season 2 it clearly explains everything right keerthi dr reply me

  22. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    So sweet of u raji , sathya and keerthi onwards I will call u all akka.
    If u don’t like that.pls let me know that.I will call u as per ur wish.

  23. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Ok arham dr.l will call u as per ur wish.l am fine dr and how r u?

  24. Keerthi

    Payal dear wait dear what happened y ur so tensed calm down shakti loves radz more than himself he doesn’t recognize it but one time will come definitely dear matsh 2 ll come I have that hope my shivji will make it happen….. Let him speak anything but at the end they will both unite his tweet yesterday about eye contact proved his love for radz he is not able to express it openly but I feel right things happen at the right time don’t ever loose ur hope on god prayers are more powerful than anything

    • Payal

      Keerthi yu r back where were yu not replying to my comments and please now reply to previous ffs 84,85 and 86 i will wait

    • Payal

      Abd radhika also loves shakti already 2 times she propose to shakti lohri and last episode shoot, she posted both of their pics on her official facebook 2 times,she asked are yu missing ishveer guys and fame app also she said offcourse i miss shakti alot he taught me everything i really miss him

  25. arham(a soul of ishveer)

    keerthuu dr r u saw match…wat happn to kbm dr..i am really crying dr..luus maary vilayandanga..wat happn to ali.g..y he won any wicket..really worried abt kbm dr…

  26. arham(a soul of ishveer)

    no keerthuu dr..sakthi is there…but no camera turns to him..1 tym i sam him…..

  27. arham(a soul of ishveer)

    no keerthuu dr..sakthi is there…but no camera turns to him..1 tym i sam him….. i thnk so..

  28. arham(a soul of ishveer)

    whr r u guyzz..vyshu dr..wat u say..raadzz came to mumbai aahhh….jolly jolly lol?…then nxt match she is with mumbai tigers ? na..really happy..when will mt vs kbm any one know abt it…kbm deserves 0 point guyzz..really shammy…i bet my cousin..for hey sis c today my kbm won the match nu..but last tym they didn’t won the match..lyk tat this tym also…in last tym they had 145 runs something but this tym only 115…so my cousin says to me..ur hotty team “”VARA VARA MAAMIYAR KALUDHA POLA AANA””’s y i am crying very badly guyzz…plzz dua for kbm guyzz…

  29. arham(a soul of ishveer)

    guyzz tell me..who all r have awaiting moderation in these page…it’s make me tension guyzz…and wat the solution for this guyzz..

  30. arham(a soul of ishveer)

    sathya sana mariyya ranaji keerthu dhruva vyshu raji..any one is here…u all r having awaiting moderation problm guyzz..

  31. arham(a soul of ishveer)

    waiting for mumbai’s nxt match..i lyk mumbai more than kolkata…in IPL ALSO i lyk mumbai indians…

  32. arham(a soul of ishveer)

    guyzz yesterday i saw mirudhan film…no concept is there…it’s boring…but i lyks zoambies..tat’s y i saw full film..and ravi kaahavum?….but bfor some weeks i saw sedhupathi film also .and i lyk tat film..any one saw any new films..sathya ranaji keerthu raji…y i am saying these memmbers only na..they all r tamilans☺

  33. Keerthi

    Dears no shakti was not there arham wat u saw was previous match scene shakti did not come for this match … And for your information kbm lost the match against chennai swaggers dears I am happy only they should loose all match then only shakti will understand that neha is not his lucky charm he took number 6 on his shirt na

  34. Payal

    Guys you know in a valentine video radhika said pu**y to ishan because according to radhika he is pu**y means COWARD

  35. Payal

    Radhika said pu**y to ishan becoz he deserves this word only kabab me hadda according to radhika he is not have no courage and THIS CLEARLY SAYS THAT ISHAN IS NOT HER TYPE VERY HAPPY SEEING THIS

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