Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi (IshVeer Forever) Season-2 Epi-86-87


The episode starts with ishaani calls madhu and tells her to bring her son here. She tells it is safe? Ishaani tells ritika went outside so pls come soon and go.

Madhu brings him and sees ranveer and she cries. Madhu cries ishaani calms her down.Ranveer touches his father hand and calls papa Hamari aadhuri kahani plays……Ishaani cries and tells madhu to go from here and she comes out and sees ritika and tells them to hide somewhere,

Ishaani brings ranveer and madhu near door and makes them sits.Ishaani comes to ritika and gives talk and brings her to room.Madhu and ranveer escapes from there..

Ishaani thinks i need to ask her about it? Ishaani asks who is milan? Ritika asks how do u know?Gayatri tells i saw on u r mobile when u drank bhang she tells ok.He is my friend so just leave the topic and tells her to clean her room and she leaves from there.

Ishaani cleans it and comes to room and sits beside ranveer and keeps her hand on his heart and tells him to feel her presence.

Ishaani cries and prays to god suddenly she gets a call from doctor and she tells i will come there.

Ishaani tells i need to go becoz my mom got heart attack and she runs.Ritika wonders and thinks to find out…

Ishaani comes to doctor and asks him did u find the medicine? He tells yes and gives it to her and tells her this is the only medicine so pls keep safe.If u lost pls tell me i will give another one.

Ishaani thnx him and gives him one more lacs and leaves from there.Ritika sees this and gets shocked.They tells so this gayatri is ishaani?

She comes to house and sees nobody is there and comes to ranveer room and hides behing curtain and waits for ishaani and she calls one of the goons also

Precap: Ritika takes antidode from ishaani hand and throws it to goon . They play catch and catch ishaani runs to both side.Ritika breaks the bottle ishaani gets shocked and calls doctor but ritika tells he is dead and smiles evilly

Guys after next epi there is big mahabharat between ishaani and ritika so pls don’t miss it.

Credit to: Narendran

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