Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi (IshVeer Forever) Season-2 Epi-85

The episode starts with ishaani leaves from there and comes to hospital and asks doctor about the medicine. He tells i need 1hr time becoz u have me as pic so pls wait. She tells i will come after 1hr and she comes to house and sees madhu and hugs her and tells soon i will bring ranveer back but i need vivian help and she shares the plan with her and tells her to be careful. Madhu agrees

Ishaani comes there and asks doctor he tells it is slow poison and it kills the man slowly.Ishaani gets shocked she asks is there is any antidode for it? He tells yes but it is in goa lab and i will get it soon.But i need some money.Ishaani gives him 2lacs and tells him to go ahead and bring medicines fast.

Ishaani thinks about it and comes to house and thnx ritika for leaving 2hr free. She comes inside and sees ranveer and tells soon u will be fine

She comes near him and holds his hand and sits beside him. Ranveer comes to house and asks madhu about ishaani? She tells she told that she will come tmr to meet u.He tells promise. Madhu tells yes..

Madhu calls ishaani and tells about her son.she tells tmr i will come there and see him. Milan calls ritika and asks her to come and meet him tmr

Ritika agrees and calls gayatri and tells tmr i am going to meet my friend so pls be safe with ranveer. She agrees.

Precap: Ishaani brings their son to meet ranveer. He gives shake hand but ranveer does not respond.Ishaani asks madhu to take him from here becoz ritika can come here at any time.They leaves from there.

Hope u all enjoyed the epi soon she will get antidode and pls get ready there will more spice and ritika and ishaani real fight will start soon get ready guys…

Credit to: Narendran



    Nice yaar…..but pls don’t let that Ritika see madhu and lil Ranveer…..

  2. raji

    Keerthi ,payal dr ….i agree with u dr…our shadhika is i 100%love with each other…..& both of them miss each other badly after matsh end…..dr…..

    Keerthi dr thank u so much for clearing my doubt dr…..morning time i am totally confused ….now iam feel cool dr…thank u dr….so much …

    • Payal

      Guys yu all know that radhika’s age is just 20 years so no chance of marriage for atleast 5-7 years in all channel interviews like in SAAS BAHU AUR BETIYAAN ME title-ISHAANI’S BROTHER WEDDING BELLS on 11 march 2016 me radhika told that i am only 20 years old a small girl so i have 5-7
      years in my hand so for this radhika’s bhabhi noor ahuja said yes and she said she married 4 times in the serial to all her thought of marriage finished so after 7 years i will get married SHE IS RIGHT AS
      IS JUST 20 YEARS OLD SO NO PROBLEM FROM HER SIDE also and sbs,sbb,dnn and india tv all channels were covering her brother marriage so to all channels she said same thing that i am just 20 years old and i will get married after 7 years and yu all will come so our radhika has lot of time with her becoz 20 yrs is not the age of marriage but making career marriage starting age is 25-27yrs now so after 5-7 yrs is absolutely right for radhika AND shakti also is avoiding his marriage with neha becoz he loves radhika alot he doesn’t want to marry neha and he is not taking any step for marriage think guys logical thinking reply me fast all

  3. raji

    Sss vyshu dr u r mom is right …dr my mom also said the same …dr…u know my mom&me also watch mmhv …i cant see him with the lifeless face dr ….we pray for him &radz also ……i saw his holi pics dr ….he is not well dr…..sure god make some magic &unite them soon dr …….

  4. raji

    Sathya dr where r u ???dr..y no commands after morning time ????dr…..pls reply me…r u busy with any work ???? dr …

  5. arham(a soul of ishveer) next epi..2 ranveers will meet each other lol…but our rv will not c his son sad…lol?…today epi k..but still wait for ishu and rhitzz maha yudh..i mean war..waiting for ishveer’s reunion also

  6. Mariya

    Hi friends arham sathya keerthi sana vyshu raji dhurva payal all ishveer lovers .
    & friends where did you belongs. Means whose city you belongs friends . I am living in pune. & sana & arham dear u both in pune ?

  7. arham(a soul of ishveer)

    sathya dr..whr r u..?…y nowadays u didn’t proper comments dr…really miss u sis..r u job going woman

  8. arham(a soul of ishveer)

    hii sana dr..hw abt ur health dr..all d bst for tmorows exam’s very easy na..

  9. Payal

    Please reply to my comments i am waiting for your replyvall of you keerthi, vyshu,sthya,raji,arham and all

  10. Payal dr… MATSH season 2 only bring shadika real life patners…
    MATSH 2…. only do some magic n unite our love birds…!!
    That day i’m most happiest person in the world…!!
    We have to wait…. dr !!
    our prayers …. our god is their he definetly …. unite them …
    radz not understanding her love for shakti… !!
    when she realized i cant leave without shakti…
    i’m feeling … when then say ishveer dialogues…..!!
    i’m feeling always shadika dialogue s…. not only me both shaktiradz…. aslo feel like that na….!!

  11. raji

    Ssss payal dr radz is just 20years old….she is small girl compared to shakthi ….but their pair is just magic ….they r really made for each other …shakthi also love radz so much that’s y he avoiding to marry neha….he still not take any step to their marriage …dr….u know in recent fame app segment radz frankly said i miss u shakthi …
    .that word miss u shakthi shows crystal clear dr…she also miss him so much …but after matsh end shakthi is not happy ….his charm ,cuteness ,happy every thing missing dr….i think he is under the pressure of someone dr……god sure do something in their life dr ….i have hope on god dr…so i hand over these shadhika’s matter to god s hand …hope soon we get a good news dr…….

  12. raji

    Hi mariya dr…i am from tamilnadu dr… r u ???how is ur practicals dr?????

    Sathya dr what happen to u ???y there is no command from in evening time alsodr??????????????pls reply me dr

  13. Mariya

    All the best sana dear for ur Arabic exam.
    & I also like Arabic it is very nice language dr .

  14. raji

    Payal dr ….u know our matsh show end on 19feb …after one month …..indiaforun telly masala telly talk india..telechakkar fuzeproduction all of them ask the question how much u miss the shadhika pair….today itself they also ask same question …dr hope matsh 2 will come soon ….our prayers never fail dr….& trending is going on still ….dr

    • Payal

      Yes raji hope this will happen soon God has to listen to our prayers untill keep doing it please guys this time we have to prove it that we are true ishveerians right

  15. raji

    Ok mariya dr….sathya is inactive from morning time …i amalso waiting for her dr…

    Sathya dr pls reply me dr…..

  16. Mariya

    You are right payal & raji dr I think we should hope in god that they will do something better for them . & if god didn’t decided to meet them so there is some good thing in that .
    & that thing we can’t understand. So friends take care of ur self .
    But we all miss our ishveer so badly na.

  17. Keerthi dr what u r saying is 100% crct .and dr i am also saw that mrng selfee pic of shakti amd neha dr iam also worried abt that but after i read ur comment i fl peacefull dr.its old picna r u sure dr,and arjun is very good human being dr.he maintain that dignity towrds his frndship dr.his wife also very nice girl i think so.not like that neha..soon by god grace our shadika unite dr

  18. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Guys I have sent next epi also!! And I am going to thozha movie tmr at 9.00am so I won’t be able to comment. I am watching urave uyire now. Now only falguni death!! But I know what will happen next?i told my mom she laughs at me and tells u know the story then why u watch it she asks? I told becoz I like their pair and I continued to watch it and now ishikhar scenes are superb now a days.. Ranveer telling falguni first husband to do all rituals now!! That scene is running!!!

  19. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Thanks arham and mariya drs for ur wishes.ya Arabic is very easy also like it.
    And mariya u also a Muslim dr?

  20. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Arham dr now I am fine but a funny thing happened.because me my family members got taking care of them.

  21. raji

    Sss sathya falguni &ishu makes me cry…..dr…rithika murdered falguni dr….
    Gud night sathya & all …..drs

  22. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    And mariya dr l am from Kerala.I already commented this but they not published it still.

    • Mariya

      Sana & arham dears you told in some previous comments that u are in pune so I think that u belong to pune.
      So I will get idea that who are belongs to pune or others state like that

  23. haan sathya dr..watever u say was totally correct..i thnk we 2 r unlucky guyzz..namma rendu peru onna online varavey mudiyala.. ya dr..we r gud frnds..some time i thnk u r my real sis….my mom dad deserves only one child dr..tat’s me..ya i hav no bro and sis..but cousins neraya peru irukaanga…

  24. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Mariya dr now I got it.actually what happened is that, in some previous episode comment arham dr told that she is in her granny’s house in Pune with her I wished her to enjoy with her cousins in I wrote Pune in my comment.that was really happened.
    Now u got it dr?
    What is ur real name dr?

  25. IshuRV(bindasst Goa)

    Hey Mariya I’m from Goa….guys please give me all of yours Facebook I’d

    vyshu u accepted my friend request na dear

    my Facebook I’d is Pranjali Verekar

    • Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      Ishveer is my FB ID but it is not my real if u give request I will send through another ID which is my own and ishveer is for fan page only!!!!!

  26. Arham dr so sweet of u,ya u r like my own sis dr,u r only daughterna i hv one brother dr. i like sisters but god gave me only brother..Where r u now dr .r u in ur grandma housena.when did u come back to tamilnadu dr

  27. Raji dr yest epi i cried a lot dr.radz is wonderfull actressna dr.whenever she cry her emotions bring tears in our eyesna lovely girl.and u see shakti face dr.i think he had jealous abt arjun bijlani dr.whenever i saw ranvee shikar scenes i thought there is differents in shakti acting dr.may be that time shekar and radz are worked togetherna so shakti got jealous dr

  28. Mariya

    Arham & sana dears my real name is Sadiya. Now my college friends call me saddi .
    And my childhood friends called me as Mariya . so I love that name & use it.

  29. Mariya

    Ok IshuRv ur from goa . & dear I don’t have fb & Twitter account. I will send my email id dr

  30. arham(a soul of ishveer)

    my real name NAASRIN family and frnds call me @naas….so u also call me lyk tat dr…

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