Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi (IshVeer Forever) Season-2 Epi-82

The episode starts with ishaani and sandhya comes to disclosed location.Sandhya aims gun at her and tells i know u are not real gayatri.. U are ishaani….. Sandhya tells her not to move forward or i will shoot u..

Ishaani tells her that mask man only killed your son and it is chiraag.Sandhya tells this can’t be true u only killed them. Ishaani tells her to check whether there is bullet inside..Sandhya tells her not to act smart. She checks it. Ishaani jumps and throws the gun from there. Ishaani slaps sandhya and holds her hair and beats her.

They hear someone hiding ishaani takes her aside and sits. Ritika comes there and shouts sandhya where is she? No reply……She leaves from there.

Ishaani takes out a knife from pocket and tells that time i have shooted u and i left but not this time. I will kill u and go..Ishaani takes a knife and stabs her.sandhya shouts but ritika can’t her becoz ishaani keeps hand on her mouth.

Ishaani sees the blood and laughs and tells i will kill everybody who and all involved in seperating ranveer and me….

Sandhya laughs and tells u think we 3 are the villain for u.? Sandhya tells i am 4th villain,Mask man is 3rd, Ritika is 2nd and one more guys who operates all of us

Ishaani asks who is she? Sandhya dies. Ishaani thinks about it and leaves from there tensedly.

Ishaani comes to house and sees ritika waiting for her and asks where is sandhya? Gayatri acts as if someone taken her in car and throwed me down and she shows the wound also.

Ritika worries for her and gives medicines and tells her to take rest and leaves from there hurriedly.

Ishaani thinks i need to find main villain who helps all of them but who is it?

Madhu tells ranveer have food but he ignores. She calls ishaani and tells her about this.Ishaani tells her to eat. In the mean time one boy enters with Tip top with green dress and black pant.

He comes to ritika and hugs and tells her to be cool. She tells how? Ishaani stills speaks to ranveer. Man sees gayatri speaking and he leaves. Ishaani cuts the call and sees nobody is there…

Precap; Holi spl: Ishaani gives bhaang to ritika and asks about the man. Ritika asks who? Ishaani tells who is the head for u all….

Guys pls pls don’t give fake comments i mean without reading the epi pls don’t tell good epi pls read and comment on my ff

Credit to: Narendran


    • Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      Thnx raji and Sathya in next epi or soon the head will be told and happy news ritika will be killed soon be happy

    • Payal

      Yes raji if God listen to all pains then God will definitely listen to us becoz this time we are not wrong it is logical and it should come true soon

  1. Julina

    Hi dears… pls check the comment by devi in mistake ff….. she is scolding ishveer romance… pls check it….??????

      • Julina

        I’m fine sathya dear…. exams going on…. I’ll write it by this Sat possibly…. miss u all dear… how r u. … yeah dear… that devi… she don’t worth talking about our ishveer…. u r right… I became mad after reading that comment… tnks dear… I’m sure matsh 2 is on the way… after seeing those comments in fb. … they’ll definitely take steps to bring that… pls comment there dears… I don’t have fb ac. .. I’m going to open and comment there…. I think they don’t know how to reveal such suspenses like Milan, ritika release from jail, how nirbhey wrongly suspect ranveer…. why that guy kidnap ishaani… etc. … these are the que must be answered… we’ll wait for our matsh 2 dear… pls everybody take care of ur health… pls… and that aadrika… she’s none other than tanvee…. at first she mistakenly forgot to change email id. … this time she changed it…. I don’t believe her… I’m sorry tanvee if I hurt u…. pls take of ur health pls… pls…. don’t be stressed…. take care dears????

  2. Raji dr still we hope for matsh 2na dr but y ektaji not consider fans req
    ..and dr yest u saw u2na today again i saw that epi dr,i hate ranvee with rithika dr.when sharman watch rithkana at that time ranvee come middle and told rithika that “our child became suffered if u stand long time”oh disguisting scene dr.that time i wanna slap ranvee hard ,pls dnt mistake me dr.that much i got angry on him dr

  3. arham(a soul of ishveer)

    waiting for holi spl..and rhitzz killed na… really waiting to know abt tat villan..i thnk the villan is a man…

  4. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Rookey rookers,arham,sana,dhruva,Prince,raji,Sathya,keerthi,payal,tanvee and vyshu and all ishveer fans gd evening and gd night also

    • Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      I have sent it already but I sent these ff at 5.30 they have posted and I sent young love at 5.50so they will post late and that ff is full of suspense so u will enjoy that ff more than this.???

  5. Payal

    Oh God listen to our pain we are dying from inside day by day if God listen to all then this time our wish should be fullfilled soon becoz we are true and loyal ishveer fans and want matsh-season 2 please please

  6. raji

    Sathya dr i am also hate ranveers words ….particularly …ishu hide herself behind the door …that time ranvi &rithika conversation dr… that time i want to slab him …dr bez ishu is cry hard on hearing this dr…..

  7. Julina dr someone (ishveer fan) already told abt abhikya scene as backwas that is y that girl scolding our ishveer dr.just leave that dr.we know our ishveer is best no one can beat them.we no need to explain for those who r all not know the value of our ishveer dr..but its better that ff writers not mingle both pairs in single story..that ff is full of kkb dr so ishveer is in small.part only so iam not read that leave it dr

  8. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    I am also waiting for matsh 2 I hope our prayers did not waste guys be happy but ekta mam should bring with radhika madan and shakthi but radhika is going to trip out side India for 2months I hope after she hears the news she will come back

    • Payal

      Raji radhika is free now that’s why she is going to canada and one more question toranto is in canada because radhika’s
      brother arjun stays there may be she is going with her newly wed bhaiya and bhabhi but WHEN SHE WILL HEAR
      MATSH-SEASON 2 NEWS SHE WILL COME BACK FORSURE now she is free so that’s why she is going when work is there obviously she will be in mumbai only

  9. raji

    Guys smirthi post a pics holi pics with shakthi onhertwitter …but there is no radz in that pics dr……yyy???

  10. Raji dr today i saw u2,oh starting to end i cried a lot dr.when i saw ishani automatically tears roll of my eyes dr.she is very innocentna dr.and shakti with rithika im holina dr where did u saw that pic dr.omg what happen dr

  11. Raji dr ya me too saw that pic dr.omg y shakti always hurt me.i already toldna dr .all his old photos in fb r only wid smritti ..i think he like smritti more than radz dr.oh iam really fed up dr.even he was not attend radz bro mrge but today he celebrate holi wid smritti.what is dis dr..i am not blaming smritti bcoz she is frndly wid radz also.but tis all totally becoz of shakti.i hate him.he never met radz after matsh end but today he enjoyed wid smritti.rediculous..if my words hurt anyone pls forgive me.but hereafter i wont talk abt him..selfish fellow.raji dr sorry r iam really hurt a lot dr,and sorry all shakti fans

    • Payal

      Sathya smriti is in mumbai only for bcl that’s why if radhika would have been in mumbai definitely shakti would play with her radhika for timebeing is in her hometown in delhi because RADHIKA IS FREE FOR SOMETIME THEM
      MATSH-SEASON 2 IS COMING SOON WITH SHADHIKA till then we have to keep patience and wait for sometime

  12. Zia

    hai vyshu,satya,arham,ranaji,sana,jasa, asia………..and all IshVeer fans, I’m back!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Payal

    Guys radhika only told to tellychakkar that she is going to toranto-canada for a vacation as she is taking 2-3 months break from her work(serials)and then she will make her comeback as she will be back so relax

  14. Payal

    Guys radhika will be back soon as to start the serial will take sometime like few months and guys one more thing TORANTO IS IN LOCATED IN CANADA BEACUSE I SEARCHED IN GOOGLE AND MAP ALSO TORANTO IS THE LARGEST CITY IN CANADA REPLY ME GUYS

  15. Keerthi

    Dears please please it says throwback which means old photo dear can’t u see shakti’s face difference I don’t think he should have taken this photo today no way if it was taken then surely ms. Neha would have been like a fevicol with him so it’s not recent photo

    • Payal

      Keerthi dr please repky to my comments above and if radhika is not playing bcl matches then ehy took part in mumbai tigers?

      • Keerthi

        Remember she said she will be missing first match of bcl dear don’t worry she ll play the other matches I think so as she is in Mumbai now so after bcl over she may leave to Toronto but anyway shakti is silent no updates from him still

    • Keerthi

      It’s ok vyshu dear as soon as sathya said I saw that pic dear it was not recent so don’t worry u know in Instagram there was one photo of shakti neha along with a girl fan I suppose when I saw that pic I thought who is that servant maid standing with shakti again I saw it clearly it was neha u know wat my hubby told kannu theriyatha loosu paiyan ma shakti

    • Keerthi

      Sathya dear it’s an old pic during the days ishaani went to jail na shakti was shooting with smriti only na dat tym this pic taken don’t worry……yeah sathya really she looked like a servant maid only I don’t know how shakti fell for her???

  16. raji

    Keerthi dr is it true ..???throw back means old one…
    &ur right shakthi &radz didnt post any pics …
    yeah keerthi dr in recent hebdidnt post any pics …with neha …only fans do this…
    But now i saw a pics shakthi &neha &other people ….pre holi celebration pics post …which is post by shakthi ‘s fan on twitter ….i dont know dr which is recent one or not ….pls tell me about it…dr

    • Keerthi

      I did not see it raji dear will search for that photo and will let u know did u see one photo in Instagram shakti neha along with a fan oh my gawd look at neha then reply me

  17. raji

    Guys radz will participate in katroon ki kiladi on colors ….she post that pics on twitter dr ….

  18. raji

    Sathya dr i am also cry when ishu cry on uu …..she makes me cry day by dah ..dr….i hate rithika completely dr….after 5 epi our ishveer scenes …i am waiting for that moment dr…
    Yest match semma thrill na…..india got thrill victory …

  19. IshuRV(bindasst Goa)

    hey sathya we won the match yarrt….a thrilled victory…. amazing last over….hardik pandya’s bowling shikhar and jadeja’s catches…just amazing….

  20. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    I am worried becoz today is my Tamil 2paper but I am happy becoz I wrote all my ff epi????


    Hii guys…..I’m Dhruva’s sis…..guys she is saying you all not worry as a long back both Shakti and Smirit had shooted an advertisement……. about any masala…….in that they both were enjoying holi and having snacks……so they had taken that pic at that time….guys she had seen in YouTube that advertisement……so don’t worry…….

      • SPARKELS

        Welcome Narendran….she is hospital dear….by mistake she had cutted her hand so doc. tell her to have rest…..she is fine but could not type as her hands are paining

  22. raji

    Sss keerthi dr i saw that pics..dr.she look like servant maid of shakthi …
    Pls check the pics which is post by fan ….in that pics shakthi with neha &some people …also…shakthi wear white shirt dr ..remaining all r weqr black dress …dr

    That’s a pre holi party pics…pls see that pics on twitter …&reply me dr…

    Where that fan get the pics …i dont know dr…but see that &reply me dr

  23. raji

    Keerthi ,sathya dr that fan’s id is @princesshaz007 &which is retweet by @ R- shaktilover……pls pls see that &reply me drs …that is recent one or not ….pls

  24. raji

    Sathya dr r u here… pls reply me dr
    I have doubt dr …..shakthi didnt post the pics ….but how that fan post this pics is it possible dr….bez that his personal pics ….pls reply me

    • Keerthi

      Raji dear it’s all recent pics only dear I saw it shakti face is dull no if there is no makeup I think we cannot see neha itseems?

  25. sathya raji vyshu drs..plzz don’t tak stress abt tat pic dr..and don’t scold sakthi guyzz…wat will he do guyzz…raadhuu has not much of age compare to shakthuu..she is too small(20 only) compared to shakthuu..tat’s y he didn’t take any action abt raaddzz….soon they confeess their luv guyzz…and their eyes r really show abt their luv btwn each other..still wait guyzz..and still dua for them guyzz

  26. sathya sana vyshu raji keerthuu…any one is here iam free in day tym guyzz..but u all r not here..plzz guyzz say any gud news abt matsh2….. i am crazily waiting for tat momnt….

  27. Keerthi

    Arham dear I agree with u actually 9 years difference between radz and shakti and its that radz is not so mature still dats y shakti is holding patience…. One thing is very clear shakti’s face displays everything even though he was enjoying the pre holi party with his friends his eyes show loneliness there is no life in his eyes did u all see it dears….. When I showed the pics to my mom she said u are all scolding shakti but just think how much pressure he would be undergoing ……someone should have scared him who knows even neha would have done that …. Do we all know that how much liveliness he had when he was with radz see everything disappeared now but one thing for sure whoever did this injustice for MATSH serial and to shakti and radz will definitely pay for their sins very soon as life is a circle what goes around comes back to you

  28. IshuRV(bindasst Goa)

    hey guys please give me your fb id….I want to send f request to all of u guys

  29. raji

    Hi arham dr ….

    i agree with u dr ….the age difference between them is too much …dr….but their eyes shows they r madly love with other ….dr..

    u know dr i saw mmhv last 3 days ….not only me my mom also noticed that his lifeless ……then we saw uu dr ..that time i asked my mom….shakthi is differnt in mmhv ????she said sss…
    I asked maa this is bez of make up ma…she said no …some thing missing his face …..i didnt say anything about shadhika …but she also noticed correctly….

  30. Keerthi

    Let’s keep praying for shakti and radz dears please pray i want them to become together I am praying I am not able to see shakti’s lifeless face until he pairs with radz in MATSH 2 I don’t think he will get his charm back

  31. raji

    Ur right keerthi dr …we r scolding shakthi so much ….. but he is not happy dr….he is under the pressure ….
    u know i want kbm &mt match dr….i want the reaction of shakthi after he see radz …dr ….waiting for that moment dr……
    Do u know when kbm&mt match dr??????

    • Keerthi

      I don’t know when the match between Kbm and mt they don’t put the schedules dear I am also eagerly waiting for their confrontation in the match who will fans support when they are in different teams and playing the match? but one thing shakti is not able to realize where his heart yearns for now even radz is also in the same boat

      • Payal

        You know keerthi dr shakti is not taking any step towards marriage and radhika obviously she is just 20 yrs so no chance for 5-7 years and radhika only told in her brother’s wedding interview on aaj tak-SAAS BAHU AUR BETIYAAN title-ISHAANI’S BROTHER WEDDING BELLS THAT IAM 20 YRS OLD ONLY A SMALL GIRL SO I HAVE 5-7 YEARS IN MY HAND AND HER BHABHI NOOR AHUJA ALSO SAID YES ON HER TALK BECAUSE SHE MARRIED 4 TIMES IN MERI AASHIQUI TUMSE HI SERIAL SO NOW HER INTEREST IS TOTALLY GONE FOR MARRIGE SO SHE SAID I HAVE 7 YEARS TO AFTER THAT ONLY and sbs,dnn news also she told the same as all channels were showing her brother’s marriage so same question to her by different channels and she answered same that she radhika will get marrieg after 7 years so now RADHIKA HAVE 5-7 YEARS IN HER HAND AS SHE IS JUST 20 YEARS WELL TRUE AND logical keerthi dr please reply

      • Payal

        Pkease tellme TORANTO IS LOCATED IN CANADA???????? I anm confirming becoz i know ki toranto is located in canada and it is the largest city in canada right keerthi repky me please

  32. Payal

    Oh GOD please listen to our prayers and make it into reality please God only you can do this we totally depend on you

  33. Payal

    Definitely our love birds shakti and radhika aka shadhika will feel something for each other maybe their heart beats goes fast seeing each other

  34. Payal

    They both are hesitating and one big reason is that bluddy b*t*h neha chipku she is so ugly and shakti and radhika both deserves eachother to be a life partners right keerthi dr

  35. Keerthi

    Yes dear Toronto is located in Canada only and it’s like the costliest city to live in ….. You saw the holi pics of shakti along with his friends….. Even though shakti has feelings for radz he cannot say it out even if he says will radz accept his love? Only God knows all these let’s c how he is going to unite these love birds….. U know dear Arjun bijlani,mouni Roy are also participating in kkk stunt along with radz see how much close she is with these two …..

    • Payal

      Keerthi dr when people lives at any place then it doesn’t matter becoz the person’s job is there many people millions of people are living in toranto as they work in that place and see jaipur also is very costly but people are living there know so it is normal

  36. Payal

    Keerthi dr why r yu saying this shakti is introvert he feels shy and they are in mumbai tigers team to friends to h hi but radhika misses shakti a lot yu know she posted pics with shakti and liked his photo and shakti also liked her photo they have to express only and yu told she tagged radhikashakti so she miss shakti alot and neha is a main hurdle in life of shadhika tell me keerthi

    • Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      Heyyy I have posted 2epi already and u and keerthi are here pls come there all are commenting there and we all miss u there pls come and comment there guys!!

      • Payal

        Haahaa ranaji we are coming there also and we know that but how do yu know that we are here now???????????

  37. Payal

    Keerthi dr you only give me hope seeing your comments i feel very relax becoz you give me hope but sometimes yu not so please keerthi comment good only i feel some ray of hope YOU ONLY SAY GOD WILL UNITE SHAKTI AND RADHIKA ONE DAY WE HAVE TO KEEP PATIENCE THEY ARE MADE FOR EACH OTHER THEIR D

  38. Payal


  39. The seventh season of Khatron Ke Khiladi hosted by Arjun Kapoor is nearing its end. Earlier, we had reported about the rumours of Siddharth Shukla winning the trophy. We had also reported that the finale episode will have Kareena Kapoor and Bharti Singh. Kareena along with the host Arjun will be promoting their upcoming film Ki & Ka on Khatron Ke Khiladi 7.

    Now, there are reports that the Semi-Finale episode will be hosted by Jay Bhanushali. The show will also have Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi actress Radhika Madan, Naagin actors Arjun Bijlani and Mouni Roy, Ex-Bigg Boss contestants Karishma Tanna and Rishabh Sinha, and Qubool Hai actress Surbhi Jyoti.

    View Photos

    Apparently, all the actors will be seen performing dangerous tasks along with the participants of KKK 7. The fight will be between Rishabh vs Karishma, Arjun vs Mouni, and Surbhi vs Radhika.

    Jay posted an image (slide 2) and wrote, “So happy to host one full episode #khataronkekhiladiseason7 desi tadka..get ready for some keeda thank you @colorstv and @endemolshineindia.”

    Posting an image (slide 3), Radhika wrote on Instagram, “All set for the stunt!? [email protected] ? <3."

    While Naagin actress, Mouni (slide 4) wrote, "Calm before we (i&brains) jumped into the waterpool?? #midnightmadness #hairmakeuponfleek #waterstories #styledby @imouniroy ? #KKKFinale @colorstv And…. Haaapppyyyy holi lovers, dreamers & monsters❣; her co-actor Arjun (slide 5) wrote, "See u soon in a special episode of #khatronkekhiladi #comingsoon #stunt#crazy #cool #instacool #kkkfinale#instagood #instagram #instalike @colorstv."

    Karishma too posted an image (slide 6) and wrote, "Khatron ki khiladi special episode shoot!! Thrilling experience…"

    Well, we are waiting for this episode to be aired. What about you… guys???

  40. Payal

    Both shakti and radhika said in a recent interview that if they get a chance again to work with each other they want to work with each other again

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