Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi (IshVeer Forever) Season-2 Epi-81

The episode starts with girl wearing short dress come inside all goons sees her and gets into dream.She comes and hi fi her and tells her to be careful with ishaani.She wonders who is she?She thinks i need to find out and comes near and sees sandhya and gets shocked.She thinks i only i killed but how she came her?

Ishaani comes to ritika and asks her is she needs anything? Ritika tells nothing u take care of ranveer alone.She leaves. Sandhya asks who is she? Ritika tells gayatri and she is appointed for taking care of ranveer.

Sandhya asks her let us take her to my relative house becoz they needs some help from nurse i will bring her here in evening.

Ritika tells then pls take here. Ishaani sits near ranveer and tells she is alive that sandhya backwas she scolds her badly……………………………………

Ishaani wipes her tears when she heard that ritika and sandhya are coming towards the room.

Ishaani asks what is matter mam? Ritika tells she needs favor from u. so u pls go with her. Gayatri agrees. She takes medicines and comes to car and sits near sandhya

Sandhya on the way she asks where did u study mbbs? Ishaani tellsi studied in ideal medical college..Sandhya brings her there and asks which year 2010-2015

Ishaani comes inside and checks the patient. Sandhya calls to the college and asks about her and send the pic also they tells her name is ishaani and not gayatri.Sandhya thinks then my doubt is correct she is not gayatri and she is ishaani….

Precap: Sandhya brings ishaani to disclosed location. She takes gun and tells her that i know u are ishaani and not gayatri and now ritika is coming her to see u r face.Ishaani laughs and tells pls check there is no bullet. Sandhya tries to check in the mean time she throws the gun and holds her hair and slaps her.

Guys i was litlle free today so i am trying to update one more epi for u all guys pls enjoy it

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. Mariya dr where r u now a days i miss ur comments and ff dr

  2. Ranaji thank u so much for changing that pic .superb epi interesting but how dare that sandhya slap ish.waiting for next epi

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      Sorry u did not understand precap Ishaani only slaps sandhya and not sandhya slaps her OK!!!

  3. Oh sorry ranaji i took it wrong sorry bro,ya sandhya deserve tis slap

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      Ok yaar which college u r studying? Akka

  4. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Happy holi to all my ff readers?????????????

  5. Iam completed BE bro studied in trichy..what abt ur chess tournament ranaji

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      I got 1st prize in u-21 category with a cup and I missed cash prize becoz I am 26th. Till 25th cash prize. I am always unlucky bit I am happy that I played well

  6. Dnt worry thambi one day u get first prize mark my words,dnt think as unlucky one day ur hardworking bring u top position bro

  7. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Na bole main kuch tha ha page I found praveena mam comment guys and she is back and but she is coming here and it is the sad news??

  8. Keerthi,payal dr just now i read ur commands …. i totallly agree with u drs …shadhika is made for each other ….soon they will unite in real life also

  9. Payal dr dont take stress…
    Hope with god dr….he can do ,change anything in single second dr ….dont lose hope ….dr

  10. Arham dr how r u ???nice to see u in day time dr…

  11. Sathya dr yest u saw uu my god after ishani crying …automaticalllt i am also cry ….ithink to control myself ..but i cant dr…i hate ranvi rithika scene dr…
    .i hate rithika particularly…
    I cant see ishveer separeated scenes dr…i will waiting for ishveer meet face to face each other ….i think .that scene will come next thursday dr….

  12. Payal dr that fb news is recent one dr????? lots of people want matsh 2 still trending is going on …but ekta mam still mum…why????.but she decides to launch naagin 2 with same lead ….u know …why she show this much partiality to ishveer fans only …???.god only knows dr

    1. Yessss raji true and latest news

  13. keerthi dr payal dr…. i tottaly…. agree with u …. wait n see
    God gifted jodi…. they r deeply love but there r not openly expressing drs…
    Yeah…. radz n shakti both r missing so much….!!
    only praying for them …!!

    Tanvee pls dont play with our emotions pls give link dr…. Then only we believe…. i searched in u tube ….. but i didnt got it

    Wait n see….. these seperation only shadika realized their love…

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    How many peoples want ” Meri aashiqi tum se hi ” Season 2 ?….
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    Oma Shalu Luitel and 233 others like this.
    Pratima Neupane

    Ya i want matsh2 with shadika they are my fav n best jodi world best ishvee
    I miss u n love you ishveer
    Hide · Yesterday at 03:14
    Prachi Bansal

    Off course we want matsh-season 2 but with shakti arora and radhika madan only they are just awesome
    Hide · 11 hours ago
    Sheetal Jain

    Ya I want matsh 2 with radhika n shakti as ishveer no one else can replace them
    Hide · Yesterday at 16:07
    Prachi Bansal

    Please if you are asking us then tell ekta kapoor and raj nayak that what majority of the fans want please fans demand par bring back our matsh-season 2 i beg you its a humble request please listen to us it is totally incomplete story please continue it
    Hide · 11 hours ago
    Pushpanjali Panigrahi

    Yes plz meri aashiqi season2
    Hide · Monday at 16:51
    Priya Kumari

    Nt only ssn 2 but d sm character
    Hide · Yesterday at 14:03
    Pragati Kharivale

    no plz i hate you radhika ..radhika ke jaga kisi or lo plz
    Hide · Yesterday at 07:28
    Ishani Swara

    i want my ishveer or shadhika back
    Hide · Monday at 16:53
    Younika Gill

    Mee…..i want ishveer come back ……matsh season 2 ……..ishveer together …….because i love this couple
    Hide · Yesterday at 06:07
    Chanel Aslam

    I want ishveer to be back again
    Hide · Monday at 17:21
    Ruchi Mehra

    But with shadhika only
    2 · Hide · Monday at 16:49
    Uzma Bhatti

    We plz plzplz plz
    Hide · Monday at 17:23
    Huda Asfeen

    i want
    Hide · Monday at 19:09
    Romy Ahmed

    Hide · Monday at 18:15
    Khushi Kumari

    Miss u Ishveer
    Hide · Yesterday at 12:46
    Priyanka Bhatia

    I want Matsh 2
    Hide · Yesterday at 03:59
    Mohammad Rameez

    I want
    Hide · Monday at 18:32
    Sna Asif

    I want
    Hide · Yesterday at 10:21
    Neeli Mughal

    i agree
    Hide · Monday at 18:37
    Aisha Torni Hossain

    Hide · Monday at 17:27
    Aaliya Khan

    Ishveer back plzzz
    Hide · Monday at 16:58
    Haniya Pervez

    no one
    Hide · Yesterday at 04:33
    Nurul Farida

    Very handsome sakti arora
    Hide · Yesterday at 06:52
    Rahul Kale

    No boaring jodi
    Hide · 2 hours ago
    Angel Shaikh

    I want..
    Hide · Monday at 19:56
    Yashasvi Mistry

    Yes we want
    Hide · Yesterday at 17:43
    Dilpreet Garcha

    Yes plese
    Hide · Monday at 17:05
    তঞ্চিলতা কলি

    i want
    Hide · Monday at 16:49
    Nosrat Fariha

    Me too
    Miss u guys-?
    Hide · Monday at 18:26
    Nisha Kukreja

    Yes shadhika plz come back na
    Hide · Monday at 18:14

  15. Tanvee y u play with our emotions ….if u r news is truena ….pls give me that link ..

    We cant see that video on u tube ….y u cant understand our feelings..
    pls give me.the link ….then only we belive u ….pls pls dr

  16. Guys…. see these news….!!

    MATSH season 2 coming soon

    May be starplus…. or zeetv …. !!

    1. Is it real vyshu where did u see the news dear

      1. Guys they are asking on facebook about do you want MATSH-SEASON 2

      2. 21 March 2016 ko h facebook pr jo puch rhe h Matsh-Season 2 ke baare me

    2. This only i was talking about

  17. Tanvee dr you treat me as your friend becoz when all were scolding yu as sanaya but i didn’t scolded yu becoz i felt that ki anyother can use id as several times happened please tanvee give us that link i beg you for Godsake tanvee please

    1. Vyshu i have already given that link see it above

  18. Vyshu dr is it true matsh 2 comming soona pls tell me.where did u saw tis nws dr

  19. Raji dr ya me too hate rithika and ranvee scenes dr.but i like shekar and radz scens becoz its nice i know both r good frnds in offscreen too.and dr next thursday epi they ishveer meetna dr wow iam waiting for that moment dr

  20. Trp & Twists of Big Fans of Colors Tv & Star plus

    keerthi, raji , sathya…. see these news…. MATSH season 2…. !!

  21. Keerthi dr ya iam also search in youtube abt that video dr i couldnt find it dr.what happiness they got for betrayed us dr.

  22. Is moderation ne sab band karva diya…
    ? ? ? ?


    1. Payal dr u use mob or lap .if its mob na u hv a option for copy paste dr.

      1. I know but kuch select bhi to krna padta h double click

  24. payal dr…. i aslo dont know about…. copy paste dr….
    i just read n typed dr…. i dont know about copy paste…i know just how to share a link dr….!!

    1. Vyshu what r yu saying yu type such huge paragraphs i thought yu copy all this

      1. No….payal dr…., i write in paper n typed dr…!!

  25. Vyshu dr they ask abt matsh 2…hope Our ishveer come soon

  26. Keerthi dr now r u alrightna ..pps take rest and proper food dr.iam waiting for ur and mariya’s ff dr

  27. Payal dr i think long press on that sentence so that u hv that option copy

  28. And shakti and radhuka said in a recent interview that if they again get a chance they definitely want to work with each other

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