Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi (IshVeer Forever) Season-2 Epi-78-79

The episode starts with Ishaani gets ready as a maid at home and comes near the house and sees her make up and comes Inside wearing dress like low class people and comes inside. Ritika asks her who is she? She changes voice and tells my name is gayatri.

She comes inside the room. Ritika tells her all instructions and tells her to be careful and leaves. Ishaani touches ranveer hand and cries and smiles seeing him.

Madhu makes ranveer ready and sends him through school bus and calls Ishaani and asks about the situation. She tells all are fine soon I will escape ranveer from here.

Ishaani cuts the call and holds ranveer hand and sees the trips end she changes next bottle. Hamari adhuri kahani plays…

Ishaani comes out and talks on phone to police and tells about the place. Mask man hears it and gets shocked. He calls ritika and tells police came to know about the place where we kept ranveer!

She asks what? He tries to say Ishaani name but he throws the phone and beats on his head.

She beats him severealy and asks tell me who killed u r sons? He tells I only becoz I need my property so only.. She beats him heavily and cries at once. She tells him why he told that he killed ranveer? He does not speak off. She removes his mask and it is chiraag.

Precap:Ishaani beats him and through him in well and laughs. Ritika calls Gayatri to come along with her. Ishaani and ranveer and all comes to another place…

Hope u all enjoyed the epi??

Credit to: Narendran


    • Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      Sana u r comments make me soo happy and u are the first to comment here!!

  1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Arham sorry but I have copied little things from ek tha raja ek thi rani becoz this ff should reach 100epi soon that is my aim and that is it and Gayatri have Royal palace maid but here Ishaani as a nurse and I told I will expose mask man and I have done it. Next epi chiraag will die and after this only real drama so be happy and ishveer reunion in epi-100 and ranveer will open his eyes in epi-85 and this is the suspense so I have told it for u guys

    • arham(a soul of ishveer)

      bro r u mad?..y r u saying sry yaar..between frnds no sry and thnks..k..u r lyk my real bro..i thnk u lyk plzz don’t say sry…

    • arham(a soul of ishveer)

      nxt comming to the episode..rally lyk ishu as gayathri..ishu beat chirag owsm portion..idhuku munnadyu ishu beat a person but tat is girl(rhittzzz) now a ishu turns romntc heroin into action mania..really luv ur ff bro…this stry lyn also gud..and congrats for 80th epi..waiting for 85th epi and 100 epi bro..

  2. Keerthi

    Sathya dear yes wat u say is right dear I also sometimes feel shakti created a illusion of being in love with radz for the sake of fame and serial trp or sometimes like he didn’t even love radz but only we fans think so ….. But when tanvee said about that interview I had some hope but day by day my hope is coming down I don’t know what is going in his mind but I felt I saw love in his eyes for radz that I didn’t see in any couples eyes I have watched parth samthaan and niti only onscreen chemistry apart from acting they don’t even speak offscreen the same for divyanka and Karan Patel and abhi and pragya Jodi but shadhika they showed love In their eyes I don’t understand dear….. Really shakti did only roka before acting in MATSH or did he marry neha secretly and then started to act I don’t know only God knows everything

  3. Keerthi

    Sana dear I am fine dear but still in hospital only as my back pain and fever has not come down I am in observation I will be fine and fit within a day or two

  4. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Guys kasam trp is less and 10pm slot leader is ueh vaada raha with 2.0 and kasam trp is not mentioned then it is too low and our matsh have prove them. Soon they will end it and start matsh 2 be happy

  5. raji

    Sathya dr…u r commands r totallg confused me dr….that pics r all old one na …but recently
    he didn’t post any pics na dr….
    Now i see mmhv i frankly say that show is not suit for him dr.. y he signed project ..

    I know that show is a famous one …but i want to see shakthi as a romantic guy…dr
    U know dr …just now isee the pics on twitter one fan post it …shakthi with mt team girl …i dont know her name
    ..but that fan command like…
    If he is supporting mumbai tigers …so i also support mt for him &radz nu …..
    He activities really confused me dr… pls reply me dr …

  6. raji

    Keerhi dr ….
    Hope u get well soon dr …take care &rest dont stressed dr….

    what u say dr didhe marryneha secretly ya … i am confused dr pls reply me dr

    • sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

      Raji dr they done their roka ceremony secretly but I don’t marry secretly.

    • Keerthi

      Yeah raji I will not stress myself anymore… dear I am coming to say that we all know he did roka ceremony with neha… he is hesitating to show his love to Radz I thought that did he do roka or secretly married her? Dats my thought …….

    • Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      Me too feel the same matsh 2should start soon and I hate sonali jaffer becoz she spoiled matsh show by entering nirbhay I hate her ??????????????

  7. raji

    Keerthi ,vyshu dr pls see shakthi see shakthi ‘s recent video …shakthi support mumbal tigers video dr…pls reply me about that …dr

  8. Yeah…. raji dr….. he supporting mumbai tigers…. bcouz he loves radz so much… but he hiding his love…. sure one day ll come definitely… god ll unite them..!!

    now radz aslo not looking happy…. she looking dull….!!
    bcouz she is missing…. shakti so much dr…. !!

    • Keerthi

      Raji dear that’s a old video during the lauch of bcl2 digganga suryavanshi I think she is big boss contestant she was speaking and shakti comes in middle and says support mumbai tigers and then he says support Kolkata babbu moshayess…..he say I am very angry as my show members radhika smriti arjun are in mumbai team and in my team me,charu, and gautam are there …..dats it dear it was published in dec22,2015 the video

  9. raji

    Sana what u say they did their roka secretly ….y …before matsh they did it …
    But i think he didnt marry neha ….still

  10. raji

    I think the same vyshu dr….bez of radz he support mumbai tigers …..
    But why he hide &mum still ….god only knows what is going in nu dr…..

  11. raji

    Vyshu dr radz is in mombai or delhi dr…
    I am eagerly waiting for kbm&mt match ..dr..not only me lots of fans waiting for that moment …our shadhika meet face to face na …but when dr..
    It happens …

  12. raji

    Sathyab,vyshu sana ,keerthi just now i saw that ..radz give like to shakthi ‘s today instagram pics dr…pls seethat.he is so cute dr ….&&&reply about that dr ……fans r commands only positively dr….

  13. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Raji dr it’s not before matsh.they hide roka ceremony news from us because matsh team don’t want to focus on shakthi’s personal life.that’s it dr.l think their roka ceremony done on June 6 2015 dr.

  14. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Yes raji dr I saw that pic. his face was not seen clearly as he is facing towards one side but he is so handsome in white shirts and yes all comments r in positive.I saw radhika madan name there.that means she liked it na dr ? I don’t know well about instagram dr.

  15. raji

    Vyshu dr shakthi post the pics on fb that same pic on IG also …..
    I saw that news on twitter only not IG …dr….ishveer fans post that ….
    That id is @R-shakthilover ….dr…

  16. Keerthi

    No dear it’s not radhikamadan who liked shakti’s picture I follow her on Instagram it’s not her official account I have seen

  17. raji

    Ssss sana dr radz give like that pics ……&fans gives positive commands dr…..that pics is just cool …na

  18. Keerthi dr i am also hv that same feelings dr.shakti charecter and his activities really confuse me dr,god olt know the real fact dr.but onething dr hereafter i dnt want so much stress dr.iam waiting for that result dr

    • Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      Ok OK I won’t change from this epi till epi-99 after that new pic it is OK guys???

  19. raji

    Keerthi dr its true ..???thats not radz official account ……ok ok …i just see that on twitter …

  20. raji

    Sathya dr really what is going on our shadhika ‘s life dr …. i cant understand dr ……1st day we hear the good news of next day that news will be totally changed dr …..
    Hereafter i try to leave all these problems …but idont know …i can do this ….confuse ..confuse ….dr

  21. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Guys now I am here to tell u all one thing that my ff completes 80 epi with next epi!!! I am sooo happy and young love completes 15epi!!

  22. raji

    Sathya drvu know fans r trending for matsh 2 since 2months dr .
    .but there is no response from them dr….when they consider the fans request dr .
    ..i dont know after uu what to do ….???i count the days from feb 19onwards dr….

  23. Keerthi

    Yeah sathya dear I also thought the same only no more taking stress on their life….if it’s written in their destiny that shadhika will come together let them come together in real life but I ll pray for them daily other than that no more worrying ……

  24. Raji dr ya i am also very comfused abt shakti.but onething i know radz love shakti that is true i can assure that.but i cant judge shakti mentality.we r wait and watch dr.but one thing is true dr.if he miss radz means he is the biggest loser dr

  25. Keerthi

    Watching MATSH in rishtey now dears really feeling a lot now I couldn’t tolerate wat episode u know Ranveer ishaani consummation scene episode tommo shikhar entry into their bedroom ????????????????????

  26. Raji dr there is something behind matsh end god grace only our wish come true dr.but now a days iam fed up a dieheart fans we r all only suffered dr,shakti worried abt his profession and future dr and radz is small girl so she is not care abt anything,but as a fans we r all daily worried and suffered a lot.atleast they hv to consider fans wishes na that is y iam getting angry on shadika dr.when they confess their love dr.

  27. arham(a soul of ishveer)

    hii sathya i read previous epis commnts i feel bettr day..ystrdy i had stmch pain i am in pune granny’s house…tat’s y i am busy olunga onlin ku vara mudyala paa..may mnth only i go to my house in villupuram…..anga poona dha naa free paa…inga cousins la iruka naa la onlin porakey tym kedaikaadhu yaa…so don’t wrry abt no rply dr..when ever i hav tym na appo la i try to commnt tis page dr…??

  28. arham(a soul of ishveer)

    haan sathya dr..wat ever u saying was 100% tru..don’t be stressed abt shadhika’s real lyf guyzz..we only pray for them guyzz..this is only our work guyzz..

  29. arham(a soul of ishveer)

    sana dr sry for not rply for ur ystrdy’s commnts dr…hw r u u feel bettr na buddy…today i am fin sis..and all d bst for ur arabic xamm dr..nxt to the sci and maths my fav is arabic..keep rocking sis…u r a hindu girl but how arabic dr..i am confused r u studied in arabic scl na dr..

  30. arham(a soul of ishveer)

    sana dr plzz tak milk and dates daily twic’s gud for health xam tyms

  31. arham(a soul of ishveer)

    hii guyzz how r u all..keerthuu vyshu dhruvaa mariya ishurv rajii payal…all r well na sis…

  32. arham(a soul of ishveer)

    mariya dr..whr r u..really miss ur commnts badly dr..when wil ur xamzz finish dr..and hw abt ur health dr..r u fyn na buddy

  33. arham(a soul of ishveer)

    keerthu hw abt ur heAlth yaar..plzz tak care..wat happn to u yaar..really feel bad for u dr..and miss ur ff toooo much..???

  34. arham(a soul of ishveer)

    want matsh2 soon..?..when will god hear our struggles for matsh2 na guyzz..

  35. Payal

    Guys first focus on MATSH-SEASON 2 WITH OUR SHADHIKA more than their real life leave it to god and

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