Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi (IshVeer Forever) Season-2 Epi-77

The episode starts with ishaani sees ranveer and gets shocked she cries. She thinks he is 5 years in coma. Ritika thnx her brother and blames him for beating on his head. Mask man tells her to be happy becoz ishaani is thinking that he is dead so be happy….

Ishaani sees ranveer and cries she slips and breaks the pot.Ritika hears it and shouts who is it? She tells goons to search who is it? Goons follow them.Ishaani comes out and takes auto and waits near street end.Ritika and mask man tells that we want a nurse so we can give ad and we can tell her to be with ranveer.

Ishaani hears it and gets happy.She comes to house and sees madhu and ranveer waiting for her and comes there and hugs him and cries. Madhu asks what happened?

Ranveer asks what happened ma? She tells nothing and takes madhu aside and tells it.she tells let we inform to poilce. Ishaani tells no i will bring ranveer out of coma and i will make him be with me…..

Madhu wishes her. Ishaani comes to temple and prays to god and tells why this happens to me? I did not do anything wrong then why?

Ishaani cries infront of god and asks him to show way for her. Shivji flowers fall on her suddenly trishun falls on ishaani. She gets hurt and gets up and sees her face and gets amused.

She thnx shivji God bgm plays……….Ishaani comes to house and tells madhu that she will not come here for 2 weeks pls take care of him.Ishaani tells ranveer not to trouble her. He tells sure……She kisses him and leaves from there….

Ishaani comes there and attends the interview and gets selected….

Precap: Ishaani comes there dressed as maid and her face full of black. She comes there as low class people. Ritika asks who is she? Ishaani tells i am new nurse. Ishaani tells my name is Gayatri.

Guys hope u will all enjoy upcoming epi very much so stay tuned…….

Credit to: Narendran


    • Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      Raji thnx for the comment actually iahve sent it 15min before only all my 4ff but they have posted 2other two are waiting!!!


    Wow dear…..Ishani is really an awesome lover she can go to depth of sea for her love…..amazing narendra……

  2. Mariya

    Ranaji your ff is to good dear. In previous ff I didn’t comment because sorry ranaji I didn’t have that time to comment . my practical exams are going on. So sorry.

  3. Mariya

    & ranaji because my exams are starting so I didn’t comment to your next ff sorry pls pls pls don’t stop your any ff pls

  4. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    I am here Ranaji.yesterday I got severe headache and eyes turns and pained.that’s y I don’t comment.sorry…
    And ur episode was superb.loving deeply she love.superb.

  5. raji

    Sathya ,keerthi dr what happen to u drs….????there is no commands from yest onwwards …pls reply me drs ….
    I am in tension ….plspls

    Vyshu dr pls see radz fb pg ….she post jhalak pics..dr

    I dont know what she try to say dr .. reply me dr

    • u know radz waiting for shakti n thinking for him…
      when he will come delhi n meet me…
      but these vampire neha not allowed to meet with her….!!
      u know raji dr

      When radz once she fall in love with shakti she will miss him continously n she cant stay without seeing him for a moment….!!
      radz will feel Jealous when he will talk closely with neha…!!
      radz will feel desperate if that he is not talking with radz …!!
      radz feel sad when that shakti is sad …!!
      radz feel like someone has stabbed u feel like that radz will lose shakti..!

      Now shadika faces r dull….!!

      seperation only realised their love…

      radz can think how much i’ m loving shakti….
      she think i cant live without shakti..

      Shakti can think how much i’m loving radz…
      He think I cant live without radz…

  6. raji dr…

    when shakti once he fall in love with radz He will miss her continously n he cant stay without seeing her for a moment…!!

    He will feel Jealous when she will talk closely with some other guy

    He will feel deseperate if that person is not talking with u

    He will feel sad when that person is sad…

    He will feel like someone has stabbed u when u feel like that u will lose person…!!

    radz aslo feeling like that…. she posted Jhalak pics…!!

  7. Actually my net pack is going to end and its taking lot of time for posting the link in comment box but don’t worry I will give you all the link as now I am at hospital actually my cousin is pregnant and we are at her godh bharai by three days I will share the link. And vyshu dr I am a girl actually in your previous comment you wrote-he didn’t post and many are confused that I am girl or boy some writing bro to me I am sister I am a girl

  8. Keerthi

    Raji , vyshu,sathya,arham,mariya I am fine dears……I don’t know y but tears are coming automatically after seeing shakti hosting mann mein vishwass shakti is not the same old shakti he is dull and lost his charm ….. Already I had back pain and after crying for so much time I got high fever and cold now not well just lying I am not able to see that colors golden petals awards promo also without Ishveer they are all enjoying I am crying only what to do why God is not listening my cries atleast he can unite shakti and radz soon na……

    • Keerthi dr… pls take care of ur health dr…!!

      Yeah i aslo saw MMVH…. he looking dull… his charming vanished ..!
      That day will come…. shadika unite one day dr…. Our prayers for shadika become real life partners..dr !!

      Pls dont care take proper rest… dont take stress….!!

      Be happy…!!

      • Keerthi

        I don’t know when will it happen dear y shakti is still with her I am praying shivji only when will he bring shadhika together

    • Keerthi

      Sure sathya dear….. I will take care yeah definitely they will come together shivji should bring shadhika together soon

    • Keerthi

      Sure dear I ll not cry but when I see him dull and lifeless tears automatically come the most loved Jodi of television industry who invoked love with their romance among people are separate now how to tolerate it whoever did this to them will have to pay for their sins

  9. Mariya

    Keerthi dear pls take care of your health dear ya pls don’t cry dr one day they both realize their love & confess to each other don’t warry dr pls calm down & take proper rest & food.

    • Keerthi

      Sure mariya dear i will take care dear until I see radz with shakti I will not be happy but I will keep praying for them

      • Mariya

        Ya keerthi dear soon they will come in matsh 2 dr & we all living in this hope dr. So get will soon & come to home from hospital. Tc dr

  10. Vyshu dr one thing u note it na.shakti still not cast as lead role in any show and another thinh is last yr otself he engaged with neha becoz of matsh their marriage was postponed but still after matsh end he is not take even a single step for him marriage tis shows something na dr.u know dr i download ishveer vm from fans fb wow all romantic scenes dr superb both r made for each other they stole our hearts superb superb couple

  11. Mariya

    I am fine sathya dear . tomorrow is my practical dr so I will prepare for it & I am doing comment also. & what about your health dr

  12. raji

    keerthi dr…take rest …dr
    Sathya dr after that pls inform if ur netpack is overna .i miss u so muchdr..

  13. raji

    Keerthi ,sathaya dr….i saw mmhv ….he is not well …his charming ,old expressions r missung dr…

  14. IshuRV

    hey vyshu…u had copied the dialogues from ff A Mistake (kkb and matsh) na…mujhe pataaa hainnnnnnnn

  15. Raji dr thank u somuch really me too miss u all dr,i saw super singer final dr in that when i saw anand i remember u.ur wish come true na he won the award dr.when tis same ll happen for our shadika dr.u know dr i saw shakti with neha pic in twitter dr.iam really get irritated dr.he Put his hand around neha shoulder and he holdher towrds him dr.y that girl not leave our shakti.when shadika unite keerthi dr iam also feeling cry dr.raji dr i cant live without my shafika dr.pls pray to god dr

  16. Mariya

    Guys you see the episode of ye he aashiqi that shakti is in one episode role . that story is so awesome & & I think that story is match with shakti like first he decides to marriage neha but then matsh came & he love with radz so much na.
    Just see all of your comments I remembered that episode.

  17. Keerthi

    Sure mariya dear I will pray that to happen I am happy today dear I saw bcl2 match today Delhi dragons vs Lucknow nawabs wow I was all in smiles as Karan wahi my fav won the match awesome I want them to take down Kbm I will be double happy

  18. Radhika…. thinking shakti not loving…me…. i think so….
    if shakti loves me then he will definetly proposed na
    She thinking like that sathya..dr !!

    Shakti aslo thinking same dr…!!

    These….seperation going to be teach them how much they are in love ..!!

    wait n see i ‘m waiting…
    I ‘m praying n writing 40 times i want shadika real life partners !!

  19. Keerthi

    Raji dear
    I am fine now dear was happy because my fav Karan wahi won the match today against Lucknow nawabs awesome match sitting in the hospital room and was enjoying the match

  20. Keerthi

    Sathya dear o will tell u one thing u know divyanka tripathi ssharad malhotra they were in love for 9 years itseems but see what happened they had a break up and now divyanka is engaged to vivek dats wat will happen with shakti and neha also don’t worry dear God will definitely unite shadhika

    • Keerthi

      Yeah vyshu dear they both loved for 9 years itseems before yeh hai mohabattein divyanka acted in one serial I don’t remember the name from that serial they were loving 9 years imagine they had a break up last year and she got engaged immediately to Vivek dahiya

  21. Mariya

    Ya keerthi & vyshu dear you are right dr & we always pray for them to meet & become real life partners.& keerthi dear you are happy na dr its nice dr get will soon dr

    • Keerthi

      Yeah sathya dear definitely one day both will unite this seperation is going to bring in love for each other see if shakti told its love at first sight with radz then definitely he cannot forget her…. U know one thing dear swara from swaragini likes shadhika only as a couple she had commented that she hates to see neha with shakti…. Shakti and radz are the cutest Jodi I love them a lot and I pray that they unite in real life is what she commented in one photo ….. This shows that each and everyone who ever watched Ishveer will want them to get united in real life so definitely God will listen to our plea and unite shadhika soon ….. Just imagine when Kbm and Mumbai tigers clash together?

  22. Vyshu dr u r crct.radz get jealous for seeing shakti with neha .both r having that ego who propose first .so that they r playing like tis ,dr shakti still not decide to marry neha tis shows shadhika’s love.

  23. Payal

    We have to bring our MATSH-SEASON 2 and our ISHVEER BACK at any cost guys keep trending we will force ekta to listen to us right guys

  24. raji

    Sathya dr i am here …just now i came from perumal temple dr ….
    &pray for u keerthi dr &shahika ….sathya dr i pray to god mh wish will happen in shadhika like aananth dr…..
    U know i am very happy bez aananth won the title dr….i wish my prayer also happen soon in shadhika ‘s life also dr …

  25. Today i saw mmvh in sony oh when i saw shakti i hv sudden laugh becoz he is a chocolate boy for me but in tos show he is very different he told some mandras all are very different..No he is only romantic guy i want him as a romantic hero but only romance with my cutie radz.

  26. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Raji dr I am extremely sorry.l am always giving u late replay dr now only I return from hospital.dr in morning I got some relief but after some time my health conditions become I go to doctor he admitted me there and give glucose trip.
    My maths exam was little bit tough dr.not only for me every one is saying it was tough.

  27. Already…. radz proposed him 2 times….. but still shakti is not thinking …like that…. she loves him…
    why he always …. thinking she loves ishan … not me…!!

    Pls guyz…. anybody give clarity to him then he can understand how much she loving him…!!

    Now…. radz in mumbai….!!

    shakti aslo in mumbai na…

  28. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    No sathya dr.l am not voice was gone and always tears r coming from my eyes because of cold.l am tired I am going to sleep.good night.
    Gud night to all.

  29. keerthi dr u hv fb accountna pls see shaktis fb photos that all old photos are only with neha dr.and u know one thing dr other than neha pic all r with smriti khanna dr.i dnt know y he is very close with smriti.becoz most of pic is with smriti..only 4 to5 pic only with radz dr,in one pic he post that” tu meri real life heroine” That pic is shakti wid neha dr,We r scolding nehana but i am not understand what is shakti thinking in his mind,after sele all the pic really iam comfused dr.and i think we r all just in imagination world dr.iam really fed up dr

  30. Payal

    Guys toranto canada me h kya???????????aur radhika kyu ja rhi h ab canada bs bahut ho gya break ab vapas aa jaao radhika mumbai shakti tumhara wait kr rha hain please vapas aa jao kyu guys RADHIKA PLEASE COME BACK TO MUMBAI SHAKTI IS WAITING YOU

  31. Payal

    And radhika is a part of bcl mumbai tigers so she has to play matches in mumbai isn’t it guys???????????

  32. arham(a soul of ishveer)

    ranajii ff owsm bro..i thnk u copied from the stry of etretr to matsh..really really intrested to c ishu in gayathri’s get’s epi k bro..but ishu saw rv’s portion is amazing yaar..waiting for ishu’s maha yudh in ur ff dr..keep rocking bro

  33. arham(a soul of ishveer)

    sry guyzz for not my health is in such a bad condition… i am free from my stmch pain tat’s y i am commntng guyzz..

  34. arham(a soul of ishveer)

    hw r u all guyzz..sathya sana vyshu keerthuu mariya dhruva ranaji ishurv raji payal….

  35. arham(a soul of ishveer)

    sana and keerthuu plzz frst of all tak care of ur health guyzz..i’m felling bad for u guyzz….plzz tak milk and dates daily’s gud for health…i don’t lyk milk guyzz but my granny alwayzz scolding? me too drink milk..plzz tak care drs..☺

  36. arham(a soul of ishveer)

    sana dr nxt u hav sci xam na dr..all d bst dr..i know sci is the easiest xamzz of all..keep rocking sis..i hope u ll give 100 marks..i am the bidg fan of my highe secondary studies i got my fav sci grp dr..and my pub mark is 1178 bot i got 200 dr….

  37. arham(a soul of ishveer)

    sathya dr..hw r u a days we r not properly chating in this page..really miss u baby..??…hw is ur studies dr..i thnk nxt ur study is m.E d bst for tat dr..keep rocking.

  38. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Arham, sathya and raji drs comparing to previous days I am better today but my voice still not ready.

  39. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Arham and sathya drs thanks for ur next exam is is on 26.

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