Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi (IshVeer Forever) Season-2 Epi-73-75


The episode starts with ishaani comes to house and thinks about his moments with ranveer and cries for a while.

Ishaani comes to ritika house and tells her pls help me and begs her and takes her to disclosed location. Ishaani tells i know you killed his sons. Ritika gets stunned and tells i did not do. She tells i thought that i did but i did not do?

Ishaani takes bamboo stick and beats her she runs all places. Ishaani tells her tp speak up the truth or i will not leave you. Suddenly ritika tells i will help you and she comes to mask man and tells i only killed your sons… He laughs and tells her to come her and she hugs him. Ishaani looks on surprise and ritika tells he is brother.I did not killed his sons. Ishanai begs them to leave ranveer.

Mask man tells now day 4 tmr night this time you should come here becoz you last one day becoz you have beaten my sister.

Ishaani cries and comes to house and suddenly she falls down.Vivian dsena and madhu comes there and sees her state and gets shocked and they takes her to hospital.

Doctor congrats them that ishaani is preganant. Madhu and vivian gets happy and comes inside and sees madhu unconscious and sleeps there

Day4 Final day……..

Ishaani gets up at evening 6.00 pm and sees the time and gets shocked vivian and madhu sees her normal and gets happy..

They comes to her. and gives food and tells her to eat. But she gets up and heads to leave but she faints…

Ishaani was taken to bed. They both sit aside worried.. Time ends……..

Mask man tells time over ranveer today you will be killed.

Ishaani gets up next day morning and calls mask man and asks about ranveer. He tells i have killed him. She gets shocked.

She cries….Hamari aadhuri kahani plays…She asks him i need to see his face once. he tells we buried him. She cries. Madhu tells her to calm down becoz you are pregnant. Ishaani gets happy at once and thinks my ranveer is going to born through me…

Precap: Ishaani,vivian and madhu comes to house. Madhu tells her to take rest and tells her that we know about ranveer. We also feeling sad but pls take care
we will be with you only from today onwards..Ishaani thnx them.Vivian tells this is my responsibility

Credit to: Narendran

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    Hi everyone……guys pls pls pls suggest me na what I should do yaar…..I want to submit my ff guys tell me what I should….????? Should I change the lead pair….. or not….

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      Pls ishveer pair is best

    2. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

      Yes also want ishveer pair.

  2. Raji dear I am fine now dear….I was watching replay of Kolkata babbu moshayes vs Pune anmol ratn match again in that neha was pinching shakti’s face and he was keeping his hands on her legs??? I was angry woman after seeing it eventhough he is not speaking she is speaking to him only go to u tube and see dear that match ….

  3. Vyshu dear even if shakti leave her will neha leave him dear….u watch that bcl match dear oh my god she is holding him with her itself??

    1. Keerthi dr… pls take care…dr… ur health dr…!!

      pls dont take strain…dr….!

  4. Keerthi dr pls take care of ur health dr

  5. Here who r all using vediocon dish tv pls check tmrw program schedule of colors there is meri aashiqui tumse hi show matlab hamari favr show is that they are repeating the show or by mistaken they have posted like that ? But if that happen i will become very sad becoz tmrw i have cllg oh god but frds u all can enjoy matsh is repeated from 8am to 5pm but till yet it was unknown if there is any mistake by the channel sry guys for wrong posting

  6. I ‘m in tension …. pls Guys… Any body…. say pls…yaar… shakti meet radz na…!!

  7. Keerthi ,sathya,vyshu ….i have a bad news dr….radz will take long break &she is toronto for her vaccation …

    After saw that news ..i crying dr … god really i dont know what is going on …..

    I saw that news in ishveer twitter page….teletalkindia tweet this…..i am crying drs ….

  8. Keerthi raji vyshu maria drs anyone saw today sbs segments dr today shakti in sbs segment.anybody watchna pls share us drs

  9. Arham dr where r u today ur comment is not herena dr busyna

  10. Vyshu dr sure shakti.met radz but they r not expose that i think so

  11. Raji dr today super singer final dr.whom u want win the award dr.i want faritha sis becoz her voice is unique and also she face more strugles in her life so i want her to win

  12. Sorry…

  13. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Ok sathya is the function dr? U enjoyed it well na dr?

  14. Sathya i want to win aananth ….but i am not happy bez of radz news dr…

  15. Ssss l like faritha akka also …but i like aananth more than her ..

  16. Raji dr ya more fan for ananth,ya me too very depressed dr we r all waitung for good news but daily bad news only we hear

  17. Sana dr ya i really enjoyed that fn lot dr.but u know onething imstead of that bridegroom i imagine shadika dr.that much i am crazy abt shafika a days i cant control myself always search abt shadika in net .god only give me happiness dr

  18. Keerthi dr what u r saying dr.shakti kept his hand neha’s lapna omg y he always hurt me.i cant even imagine that scene dr.really iam feel cryimg dr.god pls pls pls seperate that lady from shakti and pls unite shadika pls pls god i ll beg u pls do some miracle.shakti pls pls go and propose to radz sure she accept ur love pls shakti

  19. Raji dear……
    Oh it’s sad na Radz going to Toronto but it’s ok atleast she didn’t act with anyone no…….even this much distance is good only let shakti realize her value…….

  20. No sathya dear I did not see sbs segment dear

  21. arham(a soul of ishveer)

    keerthuuu dr…plzz clear my doubt…

    why shakthuu had not play in last match dr..
    even bating and bowling too…he had any problm na dr..

    and tat pune anmol bleddy blokk yuupp..had creted over scene na dr…tat ishitha vamp..i hate her from core of my heart..romba pannikitaa …..fool…

    but in kolkata ali.g playss and fielding very well na dr…

    yaa dr i also had saw dat vamp neha..she pinches shakthuu’s na dr..when will she die…

    i want shadika’ wed soon
    i want shadhika’s wed soon
    i want shadika’s wed soon
    i want shadika’s wed soon
    i want shadika’s wed soon………………etc……………………………….

    whn will it happn budies….

    today i feel very bad guyzz..just thinking abt shadhika only guyzz…

  22. arham(a soul of ishveer)

    hii hema dr..i am using videocon dish tv dr..who said u to tat news’s really tru…it’ll hAPPN NA I AM THE MOST HAPPIEST PERSON IN THE WRLD DR…waiting for today’s 8am…

  23. arham(a soul of ishveer)

    bro..y onc again vivan and madhu..their track is not much intrested bro..plzz make ishveer scene soon….and waiting for tat vampire neha…..onc she will enter..then i curse her very more..waiting for tat her entery?..

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      Arham Vivian and madhu came her to support Ishaani. Once ranveer and Ishaani become together then they will leave. In this ff no neha and in young love only neha is villain

  24. arham(a soul of ishveer)

    rookey and vyshu drs..nowadays i get very much angry abt kasam guyzz…[email protected] 16th anger got overed guyzz..what will i do guyzz..i saw ur older commnts in kasam..tat’s y i asking u guyzz…when will tat bakwass kasam end na guyzz…now a days i feel very much depressed guyzzz for thinking only abt matsh2..when will it start guyzz…and plzz one favour for me guyzz..we daily going to dat kasam paga for only curse tat serial..tat’s y our heart will take rest dr…it’s mak me very anger…

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      Arham I am like u r brother right? One kind advice… Pls don’t curse that kasam show becoz what it did? All did by ekta no? It is becoz of writer sonali jaffer and she spoiled Madhubala show also she is just crap and she brought nirbhay and all crap so she should be blamed and not others…. And bye guys I will not be available for 2days becoz I am going to play chess tmt so if I am free I will comment and I have already sent my ff to tu so they will post soon be happy

  25. Sathya,keerthi ,vyshu ,mariya ,sana ,dhruva ,arham,good morning guys ……

  26. Sathya dr u know finally my fav aananth won the title …..& home …dr
    I was not vote for him ….still …but i only praybfor him …..
    From this i understand definitely our prayers will happen at the right time ….may be it take some time for happen ….but definitely happen dr
    Sathya ,keerthi pls leave it the bcl2 match …pls dont see that again &again dr …..neha is shameless girl …..

    & vijay tv gave respect to fans feelings ,emotions dr ……bez when they eliminate aananth they faced lots of curse through the social media ……
    Finally tgey gave respect to them …not like colors…..
    Colors is a partiality channe l …i never see this type rude channel….. i hate colors …. &hats off to star vijay ….for give repect to fans feelings ……

    Sathya dr i know faridha struggle more in her life …but aanath is simple ,quiet, positive, man of few words ,respectfull person…..always smilings face …..i think bez of good things he deserved that ……
    What u say dr????

  27. Keerthi dr i agree with u dr ….this distance is must need for ..shadhika understand their feeling …… now i am happy after ur commands dr …

    1. Raji dear wat u say is right imagine I cannot forget my friends still I just miss my best friends and If shakti loved radz how he is happy now without seeing radz I don’t understand if he really loved y he is not still showing his feelings for her but one thing for sure I can tell his face is not the same as we all saw during MATSH he is becoming more and more dull and lifeless his charming is vanishing…. But with Delhi Instagram pic I saw some glow in his face just because he reached radz hometown itself his face glowed if neha was not there with him definitely shakti would have gone to meet radz but bad luck….. Sure God will definitely unite shakti and radz…. He knows how to unite a couple and break a couple these days are the days which is going to make him realize wat love is and how much he misses radz definitely in one day atleast one time he will remember radz this applies for radz she will also realize whom her heart beats for ….. Seperation only increases love

  28. Guyz…. pls tell me shakti meet radz….. na ..!!

    pls tell me anybody dr… I’m in tension..

  29. Arham dear no shakti did not play the match dear I don’t know y but frankly saying I did not want Kbm to win on that day even though I don’t like Pune anmol team I prayed for them only that they should win because shakti should realize that his lucky lady is not neha but instead it’s radz ……he is with neha still just because he feels she changed his fortune after entering his life …. There is no loyalty anywhere for the sake of fortune he is hiding his true love for radz……. But I am praying a lot for radz and shakti to get united day and night only they come before my eyes

    1. arham(a soul of ishveer)

      haan keerthi dr..don’t tak stress abt bcl2 dr…waiting for nxt match dr..adhulayavdhu shakthuu’s play happn aanu paaklam…we still dua for was ur health dr

  30. arham(a soul of ishveer)

    hii guyzz…

  31. Sathya,vyshu ,keerthi anyone is here ..????????
    Pls reply me drs …..

  32. Sathya dear wat will I say she is not leaving him here and there put a glue and made him to sit near her itself that neha …. Even if he talks to some other girls she is calling him and speaking how bad no……. I pray that Kbm loses all the matches only then will shakti realize where his real fortune lies he took her number 6 in the t shirt no let them lose all the matches I pray for that only shivji will do it

  33. Vyshu dear I am fine now dear was getting stresses did not eat properly for few days na I became weak so only back pain now I am good dear I took tablets and I am fine now how are u dear today one bcl match its Ahmedabad express vs Jaipur raj I will see the match….. One thing vyshu dear kasam serial is going nice story is taking nice shape yesterday when I was changing the channel I saw one scene it was really nice but I turned off if ekta would have casted shakti in the role of rishi and radz in the role of tanu the serial would have been topping the trp charts but that fat pig kratika yuck I feel like vomiting atleast siddarth malhotra is ok …. This shows how fast ekta stopped MATSH and started a new serial but one thing definitely it will become a flop serial all cast are big fat pigs I pray it should become a flop making ekta to realize her mistake

  34. arham(a soul of ishveer)

    hii ranaji..yaa ofcours..u r lyk my bro..k bro inimel naa kasam page la commnts kudukamatey..and all d bst for chess match bro..may god blss u

  35. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Guys new epi of my ff is posted pls check pic is Ishaani and ranveer crying ??sorry I have chosen among story line

  36. Guys radhika will play bcl or not becz someone here raji only told ki radhika will not play first match but she will play rest of the matches when willl radhika comeback to mumbai?????? Has she quit bcl or not???????????

  37. Guys hm log bhi instagram pr apna account bana skte h kya????????

  38. Arham dear I am fine now let’s c next match wat happens but I ll not definitely pray for shakti if he wins he will think that’s because of neha his lucky fortune

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