Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi (IshVeer Forever) Season-2 Epi-71


Guys I need some time to think about action sequence where Ishaani character will get more power so I will try to update daily if I miss one day pls don’t scold me????

The episode starts with…Day 1… Ishaani gets ready and comes out of house and comes near the car and sees the keys is inside she gets into car and drives. Car owner shouts ?? Ishaani tells if I get cab then I need to pay money and I does not have money or time now. So I have to do this sorry sir. She comes to accident place.

She comes near the all place and looks after. She sees one house alone there. She comes outside the gate. Watchman tells her that nobody is allowed inside and today madam is busy so get appointment and come tmr. Ishaani tells OK and gets appointment and comes near tree and sees bullet

She thinks then it should be one who shooted his son. So I need to go to morchary and find out. She drives the car but police catch her at once. They asks her license she gives. Police gets a photo in which Ishaani steals the car they catch her and brings to police station.

Man comes and sees Ishaani and gets shocked he tells police man to leave her becoz she worked in my office after harshad death some days so pls leave her. Ishaani comes out and thnx him and tells everything. Man comes inside and asks about the case which happened last week? Police tells him to come after 3weeks man gives 5k he tells wait a minute I will bring. He brings the file and tells them to give tmr evening till that pls keep it safe he agrees.

Ishaani sees the time and gets worried and tries to leave but he comes and gives the file and tells her to go through it fully and gives her car keys and wishes her.

Ishaani comes to house and reads all things and gets some idea and sees appointment time and tells now I will find it soon. She comes to hotel to have food she eats and thinks now what ranveer will be doing? She cries Hamari aadhuri kahani plays …

He also on the other hand thinks about Ishaani and cries and does not have food. Ishaani calls the mask man and she asks him to let her speak to ranveer. She then speaks to him and tells him to eat and tells I will come within 4days and I will bring you back. Mask man takes the mobile and tells her after 4days you should come here at night 11.45 correctly or I will kill ranveer. She gets shocked and tells I will come there in time.

Precap:Ishaani searches all places and sees Ritika there and asks her about it. She tells I don’t know. Ishaani leaves. Ritika thinks I won’t fall on trap so easily I will kill ranveer so that only I killed masked man children..

Guys pls don’t mind if this ff gets late becoz next epi will be full action sequence so pls get ready to see Ishaani as detective agent

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. Keerthi dr ya i know that temple dr sure god unite oir shadika soon.we r all tis much crazy abt them y they r not still confess their love dr..keerthi dr u saw any Shadika old interview pls share abt it dr atleast i want to console myself by knowing shadika loves dr

    1. Yeah sathya dear I was seeing the episode now in rishtey channel dear that devarsh wedding scene …. I watched the video in abp news consummation scene shooting and their interview about comfort ability and shakti saying don’t do promises I literally felt so much

  2. Sorry tanvee dear I am not told harsh words about u but I told that sanaya & thinks that u are sanaya sorry dr

  3. Sana dr best of luck for your exam dr
    & also Julina best of luck for u exams dr
    My wishes always be with you my all friends.

  4. Thanks sathya dear for u wishes . I wrote my ff dr . I think it will come after 3or4 hours.

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