Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi (IshVeer Forever) Season-2 Epi-71

Guys I need some time to think about action sequence where Ishaani character will get more power so I will try to update daily if I miss one day pls don’t scold me????

The episode starts with…Day 1… Ishaani gets ready and comes out of house and comes near the car and sees the keys is inside she gets into car and drives. Car owner shouts ?? Ishaani tells if I get cab then I need to pay money and I does not have money or time now. So I have to do this sorry sir. She comes to accident place.

She comes near the all place and looks after. She sees one house alone there. She comes outside the gate. Watchman tells her that nobody is allowed inside and today madam is busy so get appointment and come tmr. Ishaani tells OK and gets appointment and comes near tree and sees bullet

She thinks then it should be one who shooted his son. So I need to go to morchary and find out. She drives the car but police catch her at once. They asks her license she gives. Police gets a photo in which Ishaani steals the car they catch her and brings to police station.

Man comes and sees Ishaani and gets shocked he tells police man to leave her becoz she worked in my office after harshad death some days so pls leave her. Ishaani comes out and thnx him and tells everything. Man comes inside and asks about the case which happened last week? Police tells him to come after 3weeks man gives 5k he tells wait a minute I will bring. He brings the file and tells them to give tmr evening till that pls keep it safe he agrees.

Ishaani sees the time and gets worried and tries to leave but he comes and gives the file and tells her to go through it fully and gives her car keys and wishes her.

Ishaani comes to house and reads all things and gets some idea and sees appointment time and tells now I will find it soon. She comes to hotel to have food she eats and thinks now what ranveer will be doing? She cries Hamari aadhuri kahani plays …

He also on the other hand thinks about Ishaani and cries and does not have food. Ishaani calls the mask man and she asks him to let her speak to ranveer. She then speaks to him and tells him to eat and tells I will come within 4days and I will bring you back. Mask man takes the mobile and tells her after 4days you should come here at night 11.45 correctly or I will kill ranveer. She gets shocked and tells I will come there in time.

Precap:Ishaani searches all places and sees Ritika there and asks her about it. She tells I don’t know. Ishaani leaves. Ritika thinks I won’t fall on trap so easily I will kill ranveer so that only I killed masked man children..

Guys pls don’t mind if this ff gets late becoz next epi will be full action sequence so pls get ready to see Ishaani as detective agent

Credit to: Narendran


  1. I Know you all are angry on me but trust me it was not me please it was my irritating cousin she fast matsh that is she changes e-mail address and name and hurt your feelings but never expected she would use my email address.

    • Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      Thnx yaar I thought of many names but ritika name suits for villain correctly

    • Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      Thnx yaar I have planned such a beautiful reunite of them which you never expect!!!

    • Payal

      We have to still do lot of efforts to bring OUR MATSH AND OUR ISHVEER BACK AT ANY COST AS SOON AS POSSIBLE RIGHT GUYS


    Good one yaar….loved the part where Ishani cries for Ranveer…..

    • Mariya

      Ya jaya dear on Thursday sure I will write my ff. & sorry for late update dr
      I am not writing my ff because I have my exams & I am preparing for it dr.

    • arham(a soul of shadika)

      i am here sathya dr..ya i,ll commnt in ranaji,s ff dr..hw abt ur studies dr…

  3. Raji dr i hv severe throat pain dr.tis is summer season but i hv cold .that makes me irritating is ur function gone ot over na dr..pls pray for me also becoz i am very much depressed dr i dnt know the reason dr

    • Keerthi

      Sathya dear I posted ff yesterday afternoon itself dear but it got updated in the midnight itseems

  4. Payal

    Tanvee shakti and radhija ke dono interview true hain real hain i am so happy and so sorry to misunderstand you but becoz of symbol but i have written in pevious to previous ff that shsyad vo tanvee nhi ho so please you are angel to us who gave us us good news about both shakti and radhika so we are very much sorry please forgive us you feel hurted i know but forget that kisi ki galti nhi h sirf your cousin she is the culprit

  5. rookey rookers - 4 ever the ♡♥lover of ranvi

    sry tanvee i cant beleif u . if it is really ur cousin say that stuid . nonsence . senseless . waste . useless . tasteless and bad words . and say that if he dont like a thing she can hold her tongue with herself . dont she have eyes is shakti dont deserve radhi ? ask her to have her ideas with her stupid .
    and tanvee y she praished u lot ? and worried abt u ?
    if u dont like shadhika or ishveer say face to face dont have thos cheap mentality . it will pull ur legs in future . be careful
    and guys dont have hope on tanvee’s news . just 4 ur safe .

  6. arham(a soul of shadika)

    hello guyzz…ranaji very intrstng,s hav so many suspences..and nyc to c rithika dr..she is also a charm…i lyk her very more…

  7. arham(a soul of shadika)

    mariya dr..i am read ur ff,s all epi dr..i don,t wanna miss one epi of ur,s amazing to read ..and i read keerthi,s ff also..i,m not commntng only i commenting dr..aftr ur,s nxt epi i,ll commnt chill out

  8. Mariya

    Ya sathya dear I will surely try to post ff tomorrow other wise I will post it on Thursday. OK dr pls take care of your self dr

    • Keerthi

      Mariya dear I am here…. I was commenting dear with that sanaya I was angry and felt very bad when she said shakti doesn’t deserve radhika I felt like if it wasn’t destiny they wouldn’t have paired up together what if radz had gone to USA for her dance school God stopped that and joined her with shakti na…….and their chemistry is always remembered in people’s hearts not everyone has this and I am sure they would have been previous birth husband and wife ….. If radz is written on shakti’s forehead whole universe will do the magic

  9. Payal

    Bs ye dono kutte neha and ishan kamina in dono ko chod de aur inki life se kahi bahut dur chale jaye i curse both of them blo*dy idiots day and night hope it will come true one day

  10. Payal

    Tumne dekha ki vo kutta,kamina,blo*dy,moron ishan jabardasti beech me ghos ghos kar dance kr rha tha radhika to use dekh bhi nhi rhi thi pr vo pagal kabab me hadda h n koi khe rha dance ko na hi radhika ne kha khud hi puri shaadi me beech me aa rha h aur sangeet me bhi tera meri aashiqui team se kya lena dena jabsrdasti beech me akar photo khichwa rha tha kutta kahi ka

  11. Payal

    Guys ek baat to pakki hain ki radhika us pagal kutte ishan ko bilkul bhao ya response nhi deti vo hi chipakta rhta h beech me vse hi radhika use bilkul bhi response nhi deti khaas vaas to dur ki baat h jab valentine video me use fussy khe rhi h to just friends hi to h and you know our radz nature chrpyand bubbly h aur be ye baat to h ki he is radhika’s mother best friend son so her childhood best friend h kha tha uske bachpan me moti moti eyebrows hoti thi aur lips nhi dikhte the radhika treat

  12. Payal

    Treats ishan as her chidhood best friend that’s why they are so frack nothing else dekhne se pata lagta h

  13. Payal

    Radhika does not give any respone to ishan you all can see her bros videos he is only coming in between she is not even looking or talking to him but he is disturbing her one thing is sure he is very irritating person and radhika only treats him as her childhood best friend that’s why
    so frank with him otherwise that love and affection is for shakti arora only i haven’t seen such chemistry with that bluddy idiot

  14. raji

    Keerthi dr what radz gone to USA why????
    Arham dr r u ????just now i reqd ur command dr…
    Keerthi dr pls reply me about
    …radz news dr ….

    • Keerthi

      Raji dear u know na radz was a dance teacher she wanted to set up a dance school so she wanted to enroll in a dance course in USA it’s that she had paid fees got her visa and she was ready to leave India a week before her journey date she was called by ekta for a screen test and dats how she bagged her role as ishaani in MATSH….. Radz horoscope was the only one which matched perfectly with shakti’s horoscope because ekta always selects her hero and heroine based on horoscope compatibility….. She matched so many horoscope with shakti itseems but it was radz horoscope which was perfect

    • Keerthi

      And this is the only reason y I feel there is something between them and definitely they ll become real life pair

  15. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Thank u sathya dr for informing about shakthi’s Twitter him.

  16. Tk. kavippriya

    Guys before matsh2 we should stop sasural simarka balika back udaan and all other stupid serials . Because of all those we have lost out lovable matsh

  17. Tk. kavippriya

    Ekta man if u didn’t listen to fans request we won’t watch any other shows of yours.

  18. raji

    Sathya dr i pray for u dr….
    Pls drink peeper milk & eat mixer of honey &pepper …that will give relief ti u r throat paln …dr

  19. raji

    Keerthi dr i agree with u from the 1 st day onwards shadhika is made for each other dr …..
    U know i saw the photo shoot of matsh lauch fun ….at the time of urave uyire start ….

    That pics is my fav one that shakthi wear red checked shirt &radz wear yellow sudi dr ..
    That is the my whats app profile dr….i use own phone from dec onwards…dr

    From dec to till now my profile is only shadhika ….dr

    • Keerthi

      Yeah raji dear….am watching uravey uyire now tears automatically flowed down after watching shakti speaking to shikhar ….that charm is totally gone now…..just because he loved Radz and skipped his heart for her someone had done this much injustice to him see he was with Radz all the tym when the serial was going on now they hardly meet….when I said to my mom she is saying so ….but definitely God will do something and bring them together …..I am praying day and night God has to help them again Iam not able to see shakthi’s sad face nowadays and his Twitter pic he is so dull lifeless…….I was literally crying my heart out why is God not doing any miracle…….atleast he has to do something to bring up MATSH 2 shivji please do some miracle And change ekta’ mind and make her to come up with season 2 please ……

  20. arham(a soul of shadika)

    yaa raji dr..alwayzz my dp also hav ishveer,s photo frnds r scolding me to y u crazy abt ur ishveer..r u mad..stop ur nonscence..but i said my frnds to i lov my ishver shadhika more more more…tat,s y i fixing the dp lyk tat nu

  21. arham(a soul of shadika)

    hello guyzz any one is there..sathya sana ranaji mariya dhruva vyshu keerthi payal raji..whr all u

  22. arham(a soul of shadika)

    plzz any gud news abt shadhika…when will they proposed each other guyzz…tell me guyzz..

  23. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Arham dr I am here.comment taking so much Time and also I am little bit busy with my studies.

  24. season 2 of matsh should be given a go ahead….few weeks back there was a petition…dont know what happened…i hope that if there is season 2 ritika should not be shown…matsh trp used to go low because of ritika…

  25. raji

    Arham dr iam here …but commands takilng too much oc time dr…
    I am also waiting for any good news of shadhika dr …

  26. I Guess you all still don’t trust me
    I was a silent reader but now I am not but seeing all of trust I will never comment
    And that stupid sanaya wrote in such a way that you’ll scold me and her plan is successful but I am not angry on you all friend because Even if I am there st all your place even I would feel same. This is my last comment. Note I would be happy reading all your comments

    • Payal

      No tanvee don’t do that we all trust you say guys she has given us all good news about shakti and radhika that interview you know guys please

    • Payal

      Tanvee shakti ke interview ka link to bata diya 5 days back vala ab radhika ka November 2015 ka interview ka link bhi bata do please yaar jo tumne bataya tha ki radhika ne November me ek interview me kha tha sur shakti ka to recent hi hain

  27. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Arham dr my previous exams r easy dr but my next exam is maths dr which was the most irritating subject for me.l don’t like that subject and nothing is getting to my head dr.

  28. arham(a soul of shadika)

    oh my sana bestiee..leave tat dr..chill out..maths is a wondrful sub dr..don,t tak stress buddy..bfor ending ur maths xam don,t commnt here dr..and fully concentate ur studies will helpful in ur futur dr…

  29. Julina

    Hi drs. .. I have exams till April first week so I couldn’t not upload my ff. … I try my best to upload it by next week…. SRY for the inconvenience drs

  30. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Arham I have first planned the lead of young love as Ishaani and ritvik and becoz of ishveer fans request I have changed the male lead to villain. And I made ranveer entry and I made him marry ishaani

  31. raji

    Sathya dr r u ok ????? pls reply me dr….

    Keerthi dr pls do one favour for my happiness …pls check the shakthi ‘s intercview on recent days dr ….pls dr i cant open any video ….plspls …


    Hii guys…..pls pls pls everyone support me yaar….I’m writing ff Love like nothing dear…pls vyshu,sathya,raji,rookey rockers,Payal and all other give me suggestion guys…..

  33. Keerthi dr today ur ff os like a boost tonic for me dr.ya in eveng only i read ur ff dr wow really its make me happy dr,u know dr whenever i fl bad i just saw shadika scenes or interview or romantic scenes becoz that refresh me and make me happy ur ff make me happy dr.

    • Keerthi

      Sathya dear but I am not happy today dear….. Crying crying like a baby after watching uravey uyirey shakti’s face now is lifeless dear charming gone I can hate him because he is with neha for the sake of luck but I am not able to see pain in his eyes… heart is paining a lot …. I planned to go to mylapore kolavizhi Amman temple on Friday dear…… I will tell her everything and come let her help me she has to change ekta’s mind to start MATSH 2

  34. Mariya sana julina pls concentrate on ur studies drs.all the best for ur exams.after exam over u r all freena so untill then u r all concentrate in ur stuies drs

    mariya dr i knoe u busy in ur studies so its k dr whenever u fl free then u post ur ff dr i am waiting for ur ff dr.

    sana dr maths is very interesting subject as well as main subject dr.i know dr u do that exam very well all the best dr

    julina dr its k education is first so concentrate in ur studies then u write ur ff dr.all the best for ur exams

    ishurv dhuruva ranaji tanvee and those who r all hv exams all the best do well drs

  35. Keerthi

    Raji dear sorry dear was not in good mood today after watching uravey uyirey started to cry because shakti is looking so dull and lifeless now with his recent Twitter pic I really started to cry dear I feel like just because he loved radz and skipped his heart for her someone had done this much injustice to him see he was with radz all the tym wen the serial was going on but now they hardly meet……shivji please do something and solve all their problems no I am not able to tolerate his lifeless face ……make some miracle by making up ekta’ mind to start MATSH 2 ….. Please shivji u area only hope

  36. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Tanvee I am not anger on u.sanaya’s words about my shakthi hurted me a lot.that’s y I commented like that.

  37. raji

    Tanvee dr i not anger on u …but hurt so much dr….sorry if my commands r hurt u na dr ….thank u for u r news dr…iam hurt on sanaya dr…pls understand my feelings ….sorry for hurt u dr …&thank u for ur good news …i know u read this …..

  38. Keerthi dr ya i know that temple dr sure god unite oir shadika soon.we r all tis much crazy abt them y they r not still confess their love dr..keerthi dr u saw any Shadika old interview pls share abt it dr atleast i want to console myself by knowing shadika loves dr

    • Keerthi

      Yeah sathya dear I was seeing the episode now in rishtey channel dear that devarsh wedding scene …. I watched the video in abp news consummation scene shooting and their interview about comfort ability and shakti saying don’t do promises I literally felt so much

  39. Mariya

    Sorry tanvee dear I am not told harsh words about u but I told that sanaya & thinks that u are sanaya sorry dr

  40. Mariya

    Sana dr best of luck for your exam dr
    & also Julina best of luck for u exams dr
    My wishes always be with you my all friends.

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