Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi (IshVeer Forever) Season-2 Epi-69-70


The episode starts with ishaani shoots sandhya and tells ranveer let us go from here now. They tries to run but goons stop them and takes ranveer aside and makes her sit. Ishaani tells them to leave him. A man comes out with mask and tells her that you killed my son so you have to pay for it.. Ishaani tells i did not do that and she begs him to leave ranveer.

Ishaani falls on his leg. He tells ok i will give you one chance that you have 5 days so you can prove that you are innocent and you can take ranveer back.

Ishaani agrees and tells him let me see him once. She comes to him and hugs him Hamari aadhuri kahani plays……Ishaani comes out and comes to his shoue and sees everywhere and sits on bed and cries aloud.

Ishaani stops at once and tells i need to take rest today beocz after this 5 days i need to search him without rest she sleeps.

Ishaani thinks about his moments with ranveer Sanam re plays…… Ranveer also thinks about her and cries

Ishaani sleeps peacefully suddenly someone knocks the door she opens and finds nobody and suddenly someone appears infront of her it is amba and kailash they tell her we are ranveer parents and asks where is he?

She tells he will come in five days and tells everything they looks on shocked. Amba holds her hand and tells her to bring her back or i will kill you.

Ishaani tells sure i will bring him back pls leave me i should take rest then only i can find the truth. They eaves her.

Ishaani comes to bed she hears some sound. She comes out and finds them talking to mask man through skype and she gets shocked after they cut the call..

Ishaani takes Bamboo stick and beats them they runs out and it comes to 5pm.

Ishaani gets ready and comes to temple and prays to god to fullfill her wish

Precap; Day 1 Ishaani comes to place where the accident held and searches for clue

Credit to: Narendran

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    1. Vo to tanvee se hi pucho

    2. Me too i am terribly missing matsh and our ishveer we want MATSH SEASON-2 at any cost

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  11. Actually arham dear in few days a girl tanvee ( Anna) is said new about ishveer. That shakti told that he is crushed on radz & he try to propose her & also ishani is radz friend not boy friend radz told. She see that new in E24 channel . so we all are very happy but last night sanaya told rubbish things about us. Actually tanvee’s symbol ( logo) is same as sanaya’s symbol. So we know that she is non other than tanvee. & I think so she talking about fake news .

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