Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi (IshVeer Forever) Season-2 Epi-68

Today epi have biggest twist you had ever seen in any serials.

The episode starts with ishaani and ranveer have a hug and dance for pashmina song intimate suddenly they see zombies coming near the room. Ranveer takes out the gun. But suddenly sandhya aims gun at him much to ishaani and ranveer surprise.

All zombies removes their makeup and stands beside sandhya. Ishaani asks what is this?Sandhya tells this is revenge. She cries holding gun and tells i brought you here becoz there should not be any evidence so that i can kill you easily….

Ishaani asks for what? Ishaani slaps her hard and takes the gun from her hand and keeps on sandhya head and tells her to tell the truth. Sandhya tells if you kill me also you can’t escape from here becoz you have trapped under one game you can’t go out from here…………………

Ranveer and ishaani looks on shocked they asks what game and why?? Sandhya tells becozzz Ishaani do you remember the day ranveer proposed you near cliff that day you made an accident.

So this is the problem that made you come here..Ishaani shoots on her legs and tells her to tell the truth. Sandhya cries and she laughs. Sandhya tells you killed my son and main villain of this game son. So you have trapped here.’

Ishaani tells i did not kill them sandhya tells noooooooooooo you killed my son and his son. I am happy becoz now if you kill me then you also will be killed soon………

Precap A Man comes out closing his face with mask. He comes to ishaani and tells her to prove that you are innocent then i will leave your husband and one more imp thing you time is just 5 days pls be careful…….Today you can take rest from tmr you should get ready to find truth.

Guys next 5 Epi are the most promising epi of my life..Becoz i have got this idea yesterday so today this idea for 5 epi will make you stunned be ready how she is going to find the truth

Credit to: Narendran


    • Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      Vyshu now only I readed your comment in young love ff here also thnx yaar

  1. U know…. keerthi dr… after ending our MATSH …. i daily write….in my book 40 times…. i want shadika real life patners ….!!

    ystr see shakti without radz…. na so my eyes cry alot….!!
    so i didnt command…. bcouz my eyes paining…. nd touch fever dr…. night….!!

    night i am only thinking shadika dr….!!

    u r 100% right….dr !!
    neha….only closed the MATSH….!!
    Dont no about ishan ….!!
    but i confirm…. neha is the villian of shadika..dr !!

    i think.. neha thought shakti nd radz they r lovers both r loving so much each other…. so she cant see their closeness… so thats why she closed the MATSH…dr

    • Keerthi

      Who knows vyshu dear ishaan and neha both together would have done this work ….they would have used some influence and would have told colorstv to close the show …..but one thing for sure shadhika is like a diamond even if they bury them they will definitely rise up like Phoenix bird……….eventhough shakti was sitting with neha and speaking the love and glowing blush he has in his face when he sits with Radz was missing…..did u notice that?

    • Keerthi

      Yeah Iam waiting to catch her on fame app…..definitely i am gonna speak to her if I get a chance …………excited??????????

    • Keerthi

      Raji dear I too saw neha’ tweet now dear some people only hate you because the way someone love you that only no dear….u know one person has written I wish dat some1 soon runs away…. And one person has written someone really loves you or u living in a false belief that some1 loves u

    • Payal

      Raji i want to know ki that interview of radhika which tanvee told in november me tha vo interview it was november 2015 only please tell me??????

  2. Yeah dr…. !! notice that …
    shadika dont know how to play cricket na dr…
    shadika date of birth….
    shakti : MAY – 16 th
    Radz : MAY – 1st …

    Both birthday have same month….!!

    God gifted Jodi na yr….!!

    no one. can … seperated this Jodi…

    Both punjab’s….!

    • Keerthi

      And u know vyshu dear 7 is compatible with only number 1 persons……for number 7 number 1 is the luckiest because my brother’s birthday is 7th so he will only do all good works only on number one day like 1,10,28

  3. Payal

    Becoz shakti ka to latest hi h 5 days pehle ka in which he said ki he wanted to propose radhika on shooting of their engagement scene on 4 november 2015 only tell me MATLAB KI IN DONO COMMENTS ME YEAR TO 2015 HI HAIN TELL ME RAJI I AM WAITING

  4. Keerthi

    Raji dear I too saw neha Twitter now only dear her tweet some people only hate you because the way someone love you….u know one person has written I wish dat sum1 soon runs away and another person wrote someone really loves you or u living in a false belief that some1 loves you?


    Amazing yaar….loved it …what to say about….loved when Ishani slapped Sandhya……Ishani don’t have that much dare yaar…..she is soo innocent and nice na….it was shocking ……but loved it….!!!!

  6. Keerthi dr now only saw ue comments really iam fl happy dr who edit that page dr wow amazing news

    vyshu dr how is ur health dr pls take care of it

    raji dr where r u ,busy in functiona dr

    keerthi dr radika change her tagna

    • Keerthi

      Sathy dear you go and see radz officials fb page in which she posted gr8 magazine cover photo and tagged as #RADHIKASHAKTI and for ur news she posted this photo as soon as shakti’s wiki was edited and partner name changed to Neha Saxena and within three hours someone edited shakti’s wiki again and they removed the partner column itself?

  7. Tk. kavippriya

    Hi guys I have already read us comments.If I all get a chance to speak with radz ask her abt matsh 2 .Being ishveer fans we shouldn’t give up. Common come on keep trending

  8. Tk. kavippriya

    Guys pls try asking radz abt matsh2. Being shadika fans we shouldn’t give up.Don’t stop keep trending.

  9. raji

    Payal dr ….she said nov 2015 …i cant open any video through my phones ….last 15 days ….
    So i am still not watch any video of shadhika dr ….

  10. raji

    Sathya dr i am here…. i command 3commandsvon ranaji ‘s previous ff dr …
    Pls reply to me dr .

  11. raji

    Payal dr sorry for late command dr …..after noon i am busy with my family …so i cant ….sorry dr …
    Radz intervew is on 4 nov 2015 &shakthi ‘s interview is on last 5 days back ….tanvee said …na
    But still i am not see any video dr …..

  12. raji

    Keerthi,sathya ,vyshu any one have a chance to catch radz on fame app …na pls ask her to matsh 2 ….or pls come back with shakthi only on other show drs…..

    • Keerthi

      Raji dear u was in fame app and joined in dear but her beam was not good and it got disconnected she only answered two questions one if she really misses shakti a lot she said yes because I was with him all these days he was my co actor who taught me everything I miss you shakti… And wen asked who was her inspiration she said Karan johar and wen asked wen are u coming with ur next show she said I am taking a break now have not signed anything still

    • Keerthi

      Fans can edit sathya dear anyone can edit … But my only concern is y shakti is mum even after all these… I am sure it has to be shakti who first edited the partner name to radz because it was there for two days only yesterday evening it was edited again I hope it should have been neha then after three hours that column itself disappeared …… If fans did the edit means they should have edited on February itself no dear……. Y suddenly they should change partner name to radz and y they should remove the partner name column yesterday I hope this is all done by shakti

    • Take care ur health sathya dr….!!
      but my eyes… r paining…
      health is ok …. i take tablet on afternoon….dr… now ok dear…. !

      i cant see shakti without radz…. so i cry alot ….dr

      Take care ur health dr…

  13. Keerthi dr pls tell me is that any chance the page edited by fans dr?becoz yesterday i send a msg to ishveer and rivanya fans fb dr and ask who change neha name instead of radz name,they rply me that no idea,but todat suddenly that option also no more.that is y i ask u that any chance dr.may be its change by shadika fansna

  14. Raji dr i saw neha twitter page dr what she try to said dr”shakti love her most that is y we r all hate herna” how she think like tis dr..and i like one comment dr in that some one wrote that “dnt beleif someone still loves u nu”

    • Keerthi

      Yeah sathya dear I too saw that tweet……but one thing shakti did not retweet it so I am happy he is again inactive

  15. Vyshu dr u download ishveer vm ma dr its just amazing dr.and yest i download one epi that ranvee feed cake to ish in kitchena woq thats amazing episode and in that i saw true love in their eyes.and also i download engagement epi in that shakti really looks very happy dr in that epi shoot only shakti wants to propose radzna.

    • Yeah…. dr… i feel same when saw that epi…. wat a romanc na dr…!! their chemistry divine…!!
      no one can beat their chemistry…!!

      But they didnt uploaded friday episode…. why …?
      pls u msg dr…!!

      I want to dwnload…. that episodes…. pls dr….u ask na pls its humble request…dr !!

  16. Mariya

    Hi friends I am come back. I have some free time so I will comment. & Thursday I will sure write my ff. bec I have no lectures on Thursday.

  17. raji

    Sathya dr ….today we do pooja &prwyer in my home dr ….aftervthat i am hear only good news dr

    Sathya dr pls do only for us dr….pls find ekta mam&balaji telefilms fb page …dr .

    &&give request to them for matsh 2 with shadhika dr …

    Bez they decide to air naagin 2 with same lead na dr ..

    Today i pray to god matsh 2 …&shadhika ‘s life also dr ….

    Hope soon we hear the good news ..bez of us dr ….

    I am waiting for urave uyire dr …just 10mins

    Pls reply me dr ….

  18. Mariya

    Ya keerthi dear this is such a nice news dr. in shakti’s wiki no partner ‘s name category na.

  19. raji

    Keerthi dr have u catch radz on fame appbdr ?????
    & if u know the fame app chat…pls share hear …i am waiting for that …

  20. Mariya

    friends I can’t fine even when I can’t talk about ishveer. & my concentration is only on ishveer not on my study.
    && my college friends & my family don’t like this show. But I like it mostttttttttttttttttt of my heart.

  21. Mariya

    Hi vyshu & sathya dears pls take care of your health dr. pls take rest & if you feel fine then only comment OK dr.

  22. You are so sentimental for every thing you’ll get fever idiots
    When matsh end ok that you’ll were depressed I can understand but what is this you are interfering in some one personal life if shakti is scared to propose radhika you’ll are sad stupid
    do you think your self as some intelligent people that by seeing some one you can say that they are in love. Tanvee gave some news you were happy next day news came that shakti didn’t attain radhika bros marriage then sathya and vyshu stupid and keerthi and raji were like they wanna commit suicide too funny
    You all are such a shame less characters why if shakti loves radzz and still wanna marry neha what’s your problem and where is news reporter tanvee you all forgot about her you all only use people to extract news about shadhika……… idiots
    If shadhika United or not what will happen to you will they make you doctor or engineer……. what ever
    And I hate shakti he is not to handsome and radhika is so cut and pretty shakti doesn’t deserve her
    Comment what ever but you all are biggest idiot and stupid on earth

  23. raji

    Payal dr i think the same dr …shakthi’s interview is recent &radz interview is on nov 2015 dr …

  24. raji

    Guys u know radz said he miss shakthi …she said shakthi thought me alot …i miss him ..
    We meet hardly now …but before we meet every day nu …..
    Radz loves shakthi so much …

    Sathya dr lots of people scolds neha for her tweet

  25. Keerthi

    Sana ya thanks for ur concern but it is an individual opinion we have ….. We like them the most so everyone here is a bit emotional not stupids or idiots like u ….. First try to maintain ur language when commenting about others we are not asking your opinions…. Nor interfere in our lives for your information I am not so illiterate got it I am a software architect…. Working in USA here in chennai for my project work got it ….. U are right we are not interfering or poking our nose into shakti or radhika life but we feel we saw love in their eyes …. Only married people can find out if there is love for ur beloved or not…. I am a married woman when I see my husband’s eyes I can tell if he loves or not with that I told that I saw some spark in both of their eyes…. What is for you if we are speaking or commenting about their personal lives ……dats our concern not yours …. No one is asking your opinion here or u don’t need to spell our names here


      Keerthi dear….keep calm…their are many people here writing like sanaya….scolding us….don’t worry yaar……let them say…..and ya dear…..don’t scold them….let them be like this…….god knows truth she’ll not be a true fan and she might not know what is love…..if she know than she might be able to know about shadhika love dear….

  26. IshuRV(Pranjali die heartedly loves Ishveer)

    ranaji ur both ffs r amazing and u should also concentrate on ur study bro….

  27. keerthi..dr…. u see tanvee…. changed her name nd talking us…. u now i remember dr… her symbol ….

    keerthi how she talking with us we r shameless… characters…. she is tanvee her symbol i remember…. dr

    tanvee changed the name sanaya nd scolding us….!!

  28. Keerthi

    And miss sanaya people are always connected through vibes not by their appearance…. Maybe shakti is not handsome but he is one good guy I have seen even though he has reached fame he is still abiding by his loyalty…… And if his destiny is written with radz it will surely happen love is based on caring, mutual understanding, trust, genuine not on outer beauty….. So please if u have problems with our comments or shakti’s looks have it with yourself don’t read our comments

  29. Mariya

    Sanaya u don’t have right to tell harsh word against our group. If u didn’t like our comments then don’t read it na . y u are wasting your time to read our comment.

  30. IshuRV(Pranjali die heartedly loves Ishveer)

    guys we just love ishveer na……but in real life we should not interfere in there personal life….we should respect there decisions…..and ooy..sanaya shakti is handsome hot dashing and radhika is the cuttest.OK…..

    • Keerthi

      Yeah dear we are not interfering or forcing them to accept our decisions…. We are just telling after seeing their onscreen chemistry that it would be really nice if they become real Jodi as they are conquering our hearts so much that after making a deep impact in our heart suddenly they left us so we always think if they become real Jodi we will become happy it’s our wish dear….. If god’s wish is another let that happen…….as lickers we can only regret for it had happened other than that we are not going to say anything or directly call shakti and radz and scold them no……she has no rights to say is stupids or idiots or like shakti is not handsome he doesn’t deserve radhika if he doesn’t deserve radz he wouldn’t have paired up with her in the first place it was destiny which brought them together…….shakti is handsome no matter what he provoked love in the hearts of many people…..good guys get good girls if it’s written on his forehead that he ll marry only radhika that will happen no matter. What comes as a hindrance…. If it’s not written in his forehead then it ll not happen…..

    • Payal

      But there is a spark in both of their eyes something which every couple doesn’t have you only tell they love each other forsure but hesitant in telling each other shakti wanted to propose radhika and radhika propose 2 times right guys

    • Keerthi

      Yeah vyshu dear she was looking a bit dull dear… She has become lean her voice is bad as she has cold not even ten minutes she stayed I typed question for her but the beam got disconnected ?

  31. Mariya

    Ya vyshu dear I am also think that the logo ( or symbol) is same as tanvee’s symbol.
    She changed her name & comment na.

  32. Keerthi

    Vyshu mariya dear yes I think it’s the same girl some people only know to bark nothing inside? If she is irritated y read our comments dat much vetti officer she is maybe she could have maintained some dignity when mentioning our names who gave her the right to comment about us….. And wats for her if shakti deserves radz or not beauty alone is not required for a relationship at last it’s about the love for ur partner u have to fall in love for ur partner that love will only last long


    Payal dear….the same question arise in my mind too…?????? Pls pls pls god at least that news should be true na…..for us god….pls let it be true and if not then let I become true……

  34. Payal

    Guys when will radhika be back to Mumbai???? Because you only told ki she will not pkay first match but she will be available for the rest of the matches right guys tell me

  35. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Miss sanaya I don’t understand u.y u all r against shakthi? What he had done to u? May be he is not handsome guy in ur eyes but for me he is the most handsome guy in the world.pls think about his fans heart before writing like this.
    I don’t want to make u hurt or anger.I am a great fan of shakthi.that’s y I am saying this.l am sorry.


      Ya sana me too dear love Shakti……all say like this to Shakti because he is with neha na yaar so they all hate him……but if come with radz then only they all will love him…….all saying hate you to Shakti…..just because of that Neha dear……

  36. raji

    Keethi ,sathya ,vyshu ,sana ,mariya ……
    Good morning drs….
    What that sanaya is tanvee .????
    What is her problem ???y she scold us like this ????
    If she hate shadhika &us na y she command here &read our command dr ???
    If she is tanvee na y she give fake news ,confidence to us ????
    I am so confused…..
    Pls reply me drs……
    I know lots of people scold us ….but y tanvee do this ???????
    I cant understand drs..
    U know sanaya ….for us shakthi is prince ,handsome &radz is pretty ,princess …..this is our opinion ok ….


    Guys if you love Paris……then….visit this site………
    And then click on…..Paris- Panorama 360 by Gilles Vidal……
    Amazing view of Paris yaar…..the city of love……

  38. Yeah…. Raji dr….she is tanvee…(Anna)…. she is changing name into sanaya…nd scolding us dr….!!

    tanvee is not fan of shadika…!!
    i really love shakti nd radhika so much…

    Shakti…is so handsome dashing, hot…!!
    Radz is pretty cuttest…. Ok…sanaya (tanvee ,Anna)…

  39. Gd mrng dr only i saw sanaya comments.oh i realy felt bad.y she scold tis much.sanaya u r tanveena y u give us false hope.we r not forcing anybody hear we r just share our wishes.what keerthi told is 100% crct u think we r a illeterate guys?how dare u tell us idiots.first mind ur words.its better u fold ur tongue before using harsh words.ots not good habit.first u learnt basic maners.iam a software eng u think we r all simply sitting and chating abt other personal life.we r not uneducated fellows to gossip abt other personal life,here all are well educated not a fools mind it.first u see urself sanaya.shadika is like our soul first u understand what is true love then only u know abt our feelings..whatever u said i dnt care i love my shadika they r like my soul.and shakti is handsome loyal guy no one is better than him

  40. raji

    Sathya dr i totally agree with u dr….who is she ???command about ourself ….we know about ourself ..i wont care about it …..
    Sathaya dr pls do one favour to me dr….pls ask ishveer fans fb page about ekta mam &balaji telefilms fb details dr…..

    Bez they air naagin 2with same lead dr ….which is possible na ??y we ask them matsh 2 with shadhika dr …..
    Pls find their fb page &ask them about matsh 2 dr …

    Pls pls pls reply me dr …..
    U kow sathya dr balaji telefilms produced most of the shakthi ‘s shows dr ….atleast they understwnd the fans request dr …..pls pls reply me dr…..

    Keerthi dr dont get angry dr ….leave it ….

  41. Keerthi

    Vyshu sathya raji dhruva payal sana mariya dears I am not angry but it’s all common because some people bark like this only……. But I was angry when she said shakti does not deserve radz ….. They are such a romantic Jodi and they are besties also each of them know to handle the mood swings of other……they have invoked love in people’s heart they are God made Jodi….. Not all onscreen couple are like this… I have given it to gods decision let him decide

  42. raji

    Ssss kerthi dr
    ……i hope god will do magic in their life dr ….&unite soon dr…
    Radz ….words i miss u shakthi ….which shows everything … much she miss shakthi & matsh ….dr …&her fb page also …dr

  43. Mariya

    Ya keerthi dear your are 100% correct dr . & I am little bit angry on her. But We know each others feelings that ishveer are best jodi in the world . & all of our wish is they become real partner. & we all have heart & true feelings & emotions but I think sanaya do not have heart so she comment like this. If she have heart & feeling na then before she commenting she 10 times thinks about it.
    Leave it friends she is not like our.

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