Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi (IshVeer Forever) Season-2 Epi-67

The episode starts with Ishaani and ranveer share some romantic moments. Ishaani hands was tied so she can’t get up. Ranveer gets Intimate. He kisses her

Ishaani tells him to leave her. He takes coin and keeps on ishaani mouth and kisses it and throws it and kisses her.He removes the tied knot and brings ice cream and makes her eat. He kisses her and takes ice from her mouth to his through lip lock

Zombies comes inside and the house and breaks all things ranveer and ishaani comes out and sees them and gets shocked.Ishaani takes the dress and covers her zombies comes near her and comes to bite but ranveer takes the gun and shoots them.

Ishaani hugs Allah warriyan plays..Ishaani kisses him and tells him to be careful.He tells if you are with me then nobody can do anything. He hugs her and leaves. Ishaani thinks about their romantic moments and comes near bed and sees ice cream and thinks about their kiss and smiles at her through mirror

Ranveer comes there with gun he sees sandhya fighting with zombies and helps her. Sandhya thnx him. He asks do you have Husband? She tells yes but her mother needs me to be her bahu and not police officer,

Ranveer tells her to ask her heart if it tells you to be with your husband pls go ahead.Sandhya thnx him suddenly some zombies comes to attack ranveer,

Ishaani comes there as police officer disguise and shoots them. Ranveer thnx them and tries to leave but she holds his hand and removes her cap and shows her face. Ranveer tells it you ishaani superb you are funny

She beats with lati he runs sandhya and all people laugh at their togetherness and their love. Ishaani hugs him at once and tells him to be careful.She asks what are you talking to sandhya?He tells simply i asked about their husband and i told them to be with them.

Precap: Ishaani and ranveer dances closely in pashmina song like Katrina and adithya roy kapoor…

Hope you all liked it

Credit to: Narendran


  1. Keerthi

    Sathya dear I am replying to ur comment from ranaji’s previous ff dear yeah I too saw that video dear I think shakti fell in love with Radz slowly dear he said na I understood what love is and he always praises Radz saying she is very good at heart this industry’s negative shades did not come to Radz very innocent maybe that character of her shakti got impressed and fell in love in that interview which tanvee posted na when asked y u fell in love with radhika he said because of her cute,childish,innocent,caring,religious,naughty,nature I fell in love with her …..hope neha and ishan Aryana should have come to know about their blooming love so they have done something dear…….but God is always there a proverb is there u know the mills of God grind slow but sure …….he definitely knows the persons behind the closure of MATSH definitely they will pay for their mistakes……..shakti. And Radz souls are connected to each other dear it cannot get seperated ….shivji will do a miracle and unite them see when Radz gets married to shakti their marriage will be a function whole nation will be enjoying it …u know when I saw shakti’s sisters photo I thought how it would be if Radz is in their family photo standing along with shakti……..

    • Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      Thnx yaar tmr I am little busy but I am trying to update my 5ff daily between my study hours

    • Keerthi

      IIt’s like they ask her whom did you get married Milan or ranveer for which she said I don’t know who sat near me for which shakti replies its shakti
      Just type
      Meri aashiqui tumse hi on location shoot | 16 October 2015 it is Bollywood life video dear…….

  2. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Actually I don’t like to comment on shakthi’s real life but nowadays I am really confusing reading that interview and now the Wikipedia.if he loves radz y he is not telling? So many fans r asking this.y he is not responding?I always want to see his happiness.his decision does not matter me.l will support him.l think nowadays he is not happy.I want to see him happily.praying god to solve his problem.

  3. Keerthi

    Wow bcl started dear I saw shakti now he was sitting near niveditha next to her only neha is sitting….shakti’s face is ok only not so happy not so dull…..

  4. Keerthi

    Hey fans bcl update
    After 10 over Kbm 96/6
    Shakti was not sitting near niveditha I think she was asha negi or some other

    • Keerthi

      Yeah sathya dear now he is sitting with neha dear? he was speaking to her but no smiles but he is speaking only

  5. Keerthi

    Guys shakti’s Wikipedia page is edited 50 minutes ago by someone changing his partner name to neha saxena but it is another IP address ??

  6. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Thanks keerthi dr.pls share what was happening.l will wait for ur comment.

  7. raji

    Sss sana dr …we have the same doubt dr …y he /she is mum…still
    ……lots of people ask them ….in fb ,twitter but they r still mum…but i want to see both of them in a happy life …dr

  8. Guys I am Back sorry guys due to exam not able to comment and tomorrow I have maths exam after that Hindi exam. And guys on channel e24 there is going to be an interview in which shakti is invited the interview will be telecast on tv on Thursday

  9. Mariya

    Hi sathya , keerthi , vyshu , raji, dhurva dears. Sorry I am busy with my journal assignments. & my exams are starting from 5 April till 18 . & I have to complete my 3 journals & one maths assignment then after that my practical exams are held on 20 march . then my final exams on 5 April. So sorry friends I can’t write my ff. after exams I will complete my ff. & if I got some free time then I will comment on this page.

  10. Keerthi

    Sathya dear he was sitting near Neha dear he is speaking only with her but no smiles but just speaking only
    Vyshu dear Shakti s wiki is edited dear someone has changed his partners name to neha but only after two days maybe Neha edited it today
    Fans don’t take me wrong I didn’t want Kolkata to win today because I wanted Shakti to realise that where his real luck lies ….. He thinks Neha to be his fortune but it is not God will prove it…. The same happened shakti’s team did not win so I am happy only …..

  11. Keerthi

    One thing fans actually kbm was performing ok only till Shakti was not sitting near Neha when he sat near Neha and started to speak with her Pune was doing very well and it won for ur information it was a woman who made the team won she was Tanya abrol who won woman of the match….. That kasam serial monkey ssharad Malhotra was the captain of kbm

    • Keerthi

      Sathya dear kbm lost the first match I was happy only because Shakti was sitting and speaking with neha he did not play nor field so they deserve this loss so only he will come to know where his real fortune lies

  12. Keerthi dr y shakti sat wid neha oh y he always do tis..but iam also fl happy dr he lost the match becoz rhen 1ly he realize who is real fortune to him..and dr who edited tis dr.oh hereafter iam not fl happy for any good news dr.becoz i keenly noticed that one day we r all fl happy but next day there is some bad news we hear.oh god pls unite my shafika.shakti pls understand fans feelings

    • Keerthi

      Sathya dear don’t worry dear hope Neha should have changed his wiki status I don’t think Shakti or radz would have edited If it should have been it should have been edited by Shakti yesterday itself because fans have already message him about the wiki status yesterday itself it should have been Neha only don’t worry he was not so happy sitting in the kbm box he was dull only I prayed Lord shiva that kbm should lose the match that happened I am happy

  13. raji

    Yeah keerthi dr …i am also see that …its modified ….but leave it dr ….
    Anyway shakthi lost the match na ….i happy with it ….i am sad only for shakthi ….

    Ok good night guys ….

  14. raji

    Yeah keerthi dr i totally agree with u r commands dr…
    Fan told yest u know….i amalso think the same dear….
    I hvae a doubtbwiki is activate by him or fans dr???????
    Pls tell me dr …

    • Keerthi

      Raji dear anyone can update wiki page dear but I am sure that Shakti did not change todaybecause if he should have changed he should have done it yesterday itself but no he didn’t do it not reply any fan about it ….. So don’t worry he should have updated the. Wiki status dear yesterday morning definitely Neha should have changed it today after seeing it

    • Keerthi

      Sathya dear anyone can edit the page dear but today I am sure it should have been neha to edit it but I am sure it’s not Shakti

  15. Mariya

    Ya I am also little bit happy that shakti didn’t win the match. & shakti realize his lady luck is radz not neha. Sorry shakti fans.
    Keerthi dr pls tell me about shakti’s performance in match . he played very well or not.
    && who change partner in wiki . I think she is non other than vamp neha.ahhh

    • Keerthi

      Shakti didn’t play dear Shakti does not know to play cricket I think he said that he hates cricket in one matsh offscreen interview….. So he was just sitting in the box and speaking with Aparna Dixit,asha Negi, and wen Pune started to play he was sitting near to Neha and speaking after that only Pune performed really well but his face was not so happy

      • Mariya

        Ohh I thought that shakti was played very well.I have to watch shakti to play match. I am early waiting for that match dr. I think shakti is missing radz. So he is not happy na.
        I can’t see ishveer in pain . most rv. Pls god reunite them.
        Good night friends have sweet dreams of ishveer.
        & thank you sana dear for your wishes.

  16. Keerthi

    Sathya raji vyshu mariya Dhruva and all fans a news for you all actually if u see shakti’s Wikipedia now u cannot find partners name neha Saxena someone has edited it again please see it it’s shocking and surprising I saw it and I am jumping and dancing ?????


      Keerthi dear now I think this is done by Shakti……as he want to keep his love for Radz a secret…….so when somebody had changed it into radz he didn’t changed and reacted but when it change to Neha….then just he canceled that field only……how funny……is Shakti’s……….

      • Keerthi

        Yeah dhruva dear I think shakti made the edit first dear ,…… It was very much visible how much he is in love with radz dear I was flying, see after radz name was replaced by neha saxena name the partner field itself disappeared…….I think he knew the real reason for closure of MATSH…. I think neha should have done something to close this serial….. Did u see radz fb page dear I think yesterday night she posted the gr8 magazine cover page and she tagged as #GR8MAGAZINE # SHOOT #FUN #MASTI #RADHIKASHAKTI so I am sure radz had accepted shakti’s love that’s y partners name change and when it was changed again to neha the field was removed permanently…….. And this is the first tym radz had tagged shakti’s name together with her name?????

  17. raji

    Guys good morning to all of u drs….keerthi dr i saw that pg ….dr i am also shocking dr ……
    Who edit this ….i dont know …but i am very happy dr ….
    Our fun is going on …..&i will free after 11.30 am drs….pls come that time drs ….

  18. Keerthi

    Radz has posted this photo previously in Instagram stating this as her tag line gr8 magazine has been issued online and the copy is gonna be out soon@ shaktiarora
    I checked every account of hers her Instagram Twitter fb no other TAGS stating # RADHIKASHAKTI so I think wat we are praying for to happen is finally going to happen…….

    • Keerthi….dr !! no these is 2 nd time dr….!!
      already posted these pic dr…
      i think so her bro engagement…..she posted same pic ….Same RADHIKASHAKTI….dr ….
      That time i think …. she is love with shakti….
      and again Yesterday aslo posted…. !!???????????????????????????????

      • Keerthi

        Take care vyshu dear ….. Oh is it but I checked all her account Twitter fb Instagram but I did not see this tag line anyway I am happy and praying shivji continuously…….
        U know one thing radz posted this pic after someone edited shakti’s wiki to Neha at around 5.54pm

  19. raji

    Keerthi dr thank ubso much for give the link of radz fb….dr

    I can see only shakthi’s fb dr ….but i search every day for radz fb …i cantbsee that …but i am happy bez of u ….dr

    But i want to check the radz fb dr …ls tell me how to do ????

    U know keerthi ,sathya ,vyshu dr …..
    Today in our home we celebrate .”karadaiyar noanbu ” ….that means
    Machi banguni viratham .dr….its like sumangali pooja…
    All married womens r pray for their husband’s long life …&un married girls pray for their future partner …dr

    From morning till 11am we do pooja …in our home …&i am pray for shadhika ‘s life also ….
    After my prayer i see u r commands dr ….i am very happy …i cant tell u how much i am happpy na ..???dr
    I am waiting for mumbai &kbm mqtch dr …to look our shadhika’s expression ,reactions …dr ..

    Hope after this we hear only good news dr ..

  20. raji

    Keerthi sathya vyshu dr …radhika is on fame app tonight 8 pm dr …i see that on her fb just now dr …..
    Oooo only i hear happy news today ….thanuk u god for this moment …..

  21. raji

    Keerthi dr pls check nehab’s twitter page …some fans scold her …for that …its reharding love

    &pls see radz twitter dr ..specially yeqst command dr

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