Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi (IshVeer Forever) Season-2 Epi-66

The episode starts with Ranveer and ishaani hugs each other.Ishaani and ranveer have a talk suddenly all people gather there. They tells let us have some enjoyment. They asks Ranveer do you know to sing? Ranveer tells ishaani and me both know about this.

Ranveer sings sanam re song all people gathers there and dances. Sandhya comes there and shouts at them to stop suddenly Zombie comes there jumping the wall.They comes inside and scares people and bites them. Ishaani and ranveer takes the gun and starts shooting them.

Ranveer and ishaani kills them. Suddenly ranveer tells her to shoot but she does not.Ishaani and ranveer fights there. Zombies comes btween them but ishaani and ranveer pulls them and fights.

Zombie comes to bite ranveer but sandhya shoots them.All zombies died. Sandhya tells them not to sing or make noise so they will come inside pls try to talk slowly

Ishaani and ranveer comes to house and Comes near door. Ranveer holds her hand and tells today you are superb when shooting zombies.

She takes the gun and shoots him it is fake. she laughs Ranveer comes close to her and kisses her and tells now you should joke at me

He ties her hand near cot. he comes close and kisses her. She tries to bite him but he removes and they share an lip lock

ishaani and ranveer share some romantic moments

Precap: Ishaani kisses ranveer and tells him to be careful and wishes her all the best

Credit to: Narendran



    Soo romantic episode…….full of ishveer…. love it….and ya love zombies….I just thank to you yaar….personally I like zombie don’t know why but I do…..

    • Ranaji

      Ohhhhhhhhh thnx Dhruva i have sent young love also you will like it very much than this i bet you becoz i made that epi specially for you and prince onlyyyyy you will enjoy it a lot

      • Dhruva{ A DIE HARD FAN OF SHADHIKA }

        And ya dear…don’t know why not able to comment in young love ff don’t know why….but ya I read it….its mind blowing super duper just love it soo much……


    pls make the same kissing moments in (young love) ff……pls unite them soon ……..I can’t tolerate ritvik …..make him villain

    • Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      Ohhh Prince I made ishveer. Fight for you there only… I like you becoz you have open mind like me.

  3. raji

    Sathya dr thank u so much for ur commands ….
    Payal dr …i cant open any video through my phone .
    ..bez of net problem….dr u r doubt is that 2 interview is held on same nov 2015 ….correcta dr ….

  4. raji

    Payal dr radz said the same thing like shakthi said …on november 2015 interview ….i am in little confused dr …its u r doubt ….????

    • Payal

      Yessss during their engagement shooting ranveer in blue sherwani and ishani in light pink-white lehenga on 4 november 2015

    • Mariya

      Ya sathya dear I watch that video.
      Shakti said that with exchange of this rings then we are join in friends relation. & ishani says that we are good friends . & exchange of this rings we carry our friendship in better way.

  5. Payal

    Guys you noticed one thing aisa lag rha h jse ye manhoos, pagal, moron, ugly ishan chipak rha h photo khichva ta hua radhika ke saath aur shaadi me kyunki radhika to use itne dyaan se dekh bhi nhi rhi aur vo aage aage without any reason chipakne ki koshish kar rha h pagal sa jabardasti jab use koi puch hi nhi rha to kyu chipak rha h

  6. Vyshu dr one day our wish come true.dr still now shakti anf neha not married y tis becoz shaktidnt wanna marry nehana dr.last yr itself they r engaged but after matsh end he isvnot taking evena small step for his marriage.tis shows shaktiloves radz dr

  7. Payal

    Radhika is not even seeing him and he is unnecessarily coming in between to click photos like with matsh team what is the need for him he is not an actor bluddy idiot rnd radhika was and is not concerned as he is her best friend only but vo kamina jabardasti chipak rha h though no need for him anywhere ye ishan hi pagal h sach kha tha radhika ne ye andar se utna hi fussy h dikhta h vo to kyuuuuuuuuu

  8. Payal dr u know onething i can toerate radz and ishan but i i cant accept shakti and neha becoz i know dr radz think as ishan is her best ishan also realized tis.but shakti and neha are engagedna so i cant tolerate them even in a pic..

  9. Mariya

    Friends you know I wrote my ff then I close my net & open it after some time but my ff is not is gone.
    It happiness 2 times with me . yesterday night I wrote it & think that today morning I will post it but it is not there. & because i do not have more time to write ff so I write it in any free time of my daily shadual. So today morning I opened it but it is not written in that. I am fully angery yaar . I write this episode 2 times & try to write it 3rd time.

    • Mariya dr y tis happenening dr is there any prblm..u hv an option to save na dr..its better u save that story in word dr and then u hv to copy paste in this web dr..but pls for us post ir ff soon dr iam eagerly waiting

      • Mariya

        I don’t know dear it is any problem or not. & there is no save option in that.
        & I write my ff using mobile so ms. word is not in my mobile. If any word application is available in play store pls tell me so I will download it & try to copy past it.

    • Keerthi

      Sathya dear actually I wrote ff still not uploaded dear internet is very slow so I couldn’t upload it will do it today

  10. Mariya

    Good morning to all my friends. Now I am going to college sathya dear & I will post my ff in after 3 o clock OK bye dear.

  11. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Yesterday me also watched urave uyire sathya dr.yes that scene was so superb.I don’t like ishani and shikar romance but I feel so sad for him hearing his story.

  12. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Raji dr my exams is going well dr.sorry for late replay a days I am little bit busy.

  13. Yeah …. i dwnload .. sathya dr…. that rain dance…. but recent episodes…. they didnt up load in MATSH ishveer lovers download facebook….dr
    Pls sathya dr…. if u send msg to ishveer lovers fb … nd ask pls upload recent episodes…dr

    sathya dr… pls it is humble request …dr

  14. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Oh shakthi is busy with new show shooting sathya dr? Do u know when that show starting?

  15. raji

    Sathya ,keerthi ,vyshu ,sana drs …
    U know shakthi petformed in gpa awards with sanaya …i thinkbshevis female lead in ragrashinya on colors …
    Atleast he perform with othergirl….i mean he was not performed with neha ….

  16. raji

    Sss sathya dr i am busy in the morning time dr ….bez my relatives r came to my home for function dr ….
    Yesterday i saw urave uyire dr ….ranveer ‘s words r speechless dr …specially he talk about trust na ….&i hate shikar &ishani scenes dr ….i cant see radz with other person dr …..

  17. raji

    Sathya dr u know i like that songs which plays on ranvi drive time ….o vennila ….
    I saw that song yesterday morning …that time i thought …y they dont play this song nu ..
    &i am very happy to see that song on uu..dr …..but i felt sad for ranvi cry dr …..

  18. raji

    Sathya dr tomarrow &day after tommarrow also i am little bit busy with my familybfunction ….but i try to command u dr ….

  19. raji

    Sathya,keerthi,vyshu dr i have seen lots of thing shows shadhika in love with each other nu dr …..
    1 ..shadhika ‘ s off screen bonds
    2 ..shadhika ‘ s performance on matsh 3 .like eye lock ,romance , intimate scenes ,emotional scenes also…
    4 .shadhika ‘s last day shoot crying ..

    5 .after matsh end they showed their ego to each other ….
    6.shakthi posted his pic with neha &she with ishan …
    7 after valentine day video …both of them r not happy ….their eyes show everything dr …
    8 .i conformed to say this …both of them waiting for matsh 2 …bez still there is trending for matsh 2 ..but they r quite calm …&nothing say to fans not to trending anything …

    9.lots of fans scolding shakthu on fb for his pic swith neha …then he stopped posting their pics ….
    10.suddenly he is inactive in twitter ….&then he come & tweet like karma ,mistakes…
    Shadhika still miss each other …& matsh dr
    ..bez he retweet the tele talk india ,telechakkar ,telemasala ,,&recently he give like to one fans post

    Shadhika pls come i miss u so much …as ranveer …
    Radz post ishveer pics on fb ….
    U know guys that neha ghost also follow the bindass tv ….some fans commands like this …this is all bez of triangle love story of shakthi ..bez radz also follow bindass tv
    …..from last week …
    Shakthi’ s recent interview about he lovesbradz & he is busy with hisbwork so hedidnt atted the function ….&he said they talked in video chat nu …
    Particularlly y he choose instead of a lead role …&she also still not sign any show
    These all shows that they r deep in love with each other …definitely god will unite them real life…i think this is all happen bez of god ….god only change the situation in 1 second …..

    ..pls reply my commands dr

    • Keerthi

      Yeah raji dear even I also feel the same God will not do anything without a reason he seperated both of them to know how much they love each other’s company……to make them realize where their real love lies in ….hope shakti and Radz realize this and come together daily night I am praying to shivji and then only sleeping definitely he will listen to my prayers and unite both of them soon

    • Payal

      Raji i totally agree with you shakti and radhika both love each other no doubt and now it’s confirm

  20. raji

    Sss sathya dr shakthi is perform with other girl ….by gods grace which is not neha ….
    I think that gpa awrds time radz was busy with her bros function….so he was danced with sanaya .
    Pls calm dowm dr ….its just a performance dr ….we know that s also like krishnadhashi dr ….he dance with her ..but he lost his charm,cuteness dr …so pls pls calm down ….dont get tensioned …u wont see that performance or otherwise u only see shakthi ‘s performance dr ….pls pls calm down dr …think positive …like ranveer …..dr

  21. Raji dr…. wat r u saying…. shakti with other girl…. why ?? …!!

    what happen …to radz ?

    I tottaly agree with u rajii….
    u r 100% crt….dr
    infact 110% crt dr….

    Shadika madly love with each other…..!!

  22. raji

    dr i am also dont like that but …radz is busy with her bro function ….so he dance with sanaya ….twitter people also said the same thing dr …so dnt get worried dr ….pls its my request ..dr

  23. Raji dr i wont see that award fn dr,becoz i cant see shakti woyh other girl dr.becoz of neha tis all happened dr,what u r saying is 100%crct dr.and dr y shakti dance with other girl,when shadika together dr

  24. Guys…. pls tell me the meaning..
    ishani ko kahan chor ka ho yr…!!

    we want Matsh 2 tumhatte… Naya show ko koye nahe dekegga… we want u nd radhika….!!

    Kya Huvaaaa. bahoth udasss.. lagrahehoo… neha ne chodheyaa kyaa…!!

  25. raji

    Vyshu dr i have no colors since last 2 weeks dr
    So pls command about bcl2….specially shakthi dr…

  26. Keerthi

    Never expected but definitely mumbai tigers gave the best possible chase….scored 142 runs on their own efforts not like Chandigarh Cubs who mainly scored runs with no balls and wide balls ……arjun was awesome wat an attitude shaleen and arjun guys even u lost we are happy u played the game honestly……..Karan Patel monkey I hate ur attitude Chandigarh Cubs are cheaters

  27. Keerthi

    Tommo raji dear but I don’t want them to win tommo……shakti has to realize that his real Lady Luck is our Radz atleast for that they should not win the match……..

  28. raji

    Keerthi ,sathya ,vyshu pls go to shakthi ‘s wikipedia immediately ….a big surprise for u dr ….
    Pls see the recent editing ….
    That is shakthi arora wikipedia …pls see that …&command about …
    That is modified recently ….

  29. Mariya

    Hi friends pls read my ff & pls tell my question’s answer . I write it in below of precap. Pls tell me answer.

  30. raji

    Sathya dr i got the news from twitter ..dr ….&&pls see the wikipedia dr there shakthi ‘spartners name :radhika madan ….isee these news from shakthi’s fb dr …..

    • Keerthi

      Sathya dear I saw one fan mentioned shakti fans check out shakti’s Wikipedia a surprise and after seeing this even shakti is silent that means he is very happy no dear…..


    Raji dear….thanks I’m dancing yaar……I can’t believe it……you I opened in Shakti Arora
    in at least 20 tabs I’m on the 7th floor of sky dear………..amazing….thanks for this new….and its the latest update dear……18 hours…..ago….Partner(s)…..- Radhika Madan
    Woah…..I’m soo happy….the biggest surprise ever…….

  32. Mariya

    Friends what is the news about ishveer. Pls tell what told shakti & radz . I can’t find that Wikipedia page.

    • Keerthi

      Mariya dear please type in Google shakti arora and open his Wikipedia page u ll see it
      EditWatch this page
      Shakti Arora
      Shakti Arora
      Born May 16 1986 (aged 29)
      Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
      Years active 2007–Present
      Religion Hinduism
      Partner(s) Radhika Madan
      Shakti Arora is an Indian television actor best known for playing the role of Jigar in Baa Bahoo Aur Baby and Dr. Onir Dutt in Pavitra Rishta. He has also played the role Taposh in Tere Liye and is currently playing the role Ranveer Kailash Vaghela (RV) in Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi with Radhika Madan aka Ishani Parekh.[1]Recently, the makers of the popular show introduced him as Milan, a lookalike of Ranveer, who has come back to take revenge from Ranveer.

  33. Keerthi

    Raji sathya vyshu dhruva and all fans …..guys I am flying flying I don’t think I can sleep tonight I am so happy that was updated by an anonymous user 19 hours ago hope shakti should have seen it but still he did not change or comment about it means that he also likes that and now it’s confirmed that shakti loves Radz so much ….yahoooooooooooooooo????????now understand all his Twitter status
    3 days ago – I never make stupid mistakes only very very clever ones
    2 days ago- don’t be pushed around by your problems be led by your dreams
    1 day ago- the best revenge is always to happily move on and let karma do the rest……
    Now I understood everything……..???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  34. Payal

    If ekta can start naagin 2 with same leads becoz audience likes the cast more than the show so same is the situation with MERI AASHIQUI TUMSE HI we want
    Matsh -season 2 at any cost guys all are trending or not?????????

  35. raji

    Good morning guys ….
    Guys we want to give trend to balaji telefilms also …bez they r producing shakthi to morecserialndr &ekta mam also …so pls verify balaji telefils fb,twitter &request them also ….pls do this for our happiness dr ….

    Pls pls pls pls pls do this drs …..

    • Keerthi

      I am praying him day and night dear he will definitely do some miracle …. I have the hope that he ll help and unite shadhika soon…… He only brought them together as Ishveer and their togetherness onscreen was a shear magic……everyone of their fan wants them to unite in real life as real Jodi that’s not for every onscreen Jodi in television but shakti and radz are one among 100 that everyone wants and prays for them to become real life Jodi….. I am still praying only vyshu dear…. U also keep on praying that our wish should come real dear

  36. Yeah dr….!! i saw that pic…. before dr…!!

    i keenly observed…. these pic…. both r in madly love with each other….!!

    They r suffering ego problems dr….!!

    Radz want….. shakti to say i love u ….!!
    shakti want …. radz to say i love u …..!!

    Soon shadika gonna married dr….!!


  37. Keerthi

    Guys I was very very happy yesterday night did not sleep was very much excited and morning as soon as I woke up I again saw his Wikipedia still no change I am flying only so shakti is also liking it if not he should have changed no definitely he should have known it that in his Wikipedia profile it is mentioned as radhika madan as his partner I think he should be very happy….. I am praying shivji that this should become real radz please come to shakti and prove ur love to him if u confess he is definitely yours…. The whole universe has to do some magic and bring these two souls together the most magical romantic couple on earth?????????

  38. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Sathya Vyshu keerthi raji mariya drs pls do one favour for me.l can’t watch shakthi’s bcl match.guys pls watch that and comment about that here.sorry for the disturbance drs but I am really helpless.

  39. Gd mrng dr all,today iam also fl happy drs.and u know onething ekta decided to make nagin2 becoz the fans of the show wants that pair onceagain.if nagin2 make means y our matsh not..sure drs there is something behind matsh end.becoz lots of people still trendimg for.matsh2 and shadika pair but still the crew of the show not give even am assurence to the fans ..So we r all keep trending for matsh 2 drs.once ekta decidedna it ll be awesome so pls all whatever u can do for matsh pls implement that and i hope we acheive our dream very soon

    • sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

      I agree with u sathya dr.we want our matsh and shadhika back.want to do anything for that.missing our cutie pies a lot.

    • Keerthi

      I don’t know Sathya dear who she is but I know shakti had a love failure before but with neha it was not love at first sight like he had on Radz dats y ishveer romance was shear magic…….I feel real love in his eyes when he comes near radhika……even Radz showed the same love in her eyes……still now shakti has not tried to change Wikipedia page means definitely he is loving here and he is happy with that status…….shivji please unite them soon ………all his tweets were for neha or ishan I don’t know?

    • Raji….dr… u made today for ur news dr….
      Tysm …. dr love uuuuu…..

      ystrday i did not see that news…. na….. i didnt sleep whole night trying for that news… but network is here…!!

  40. Keerthi

    Definitely I will watch the match and tell u dear………definitely we will all trend for matsh2 ekta will surely come up with season 2 still no change in shakti’s Wikipedia dears I am happy u know dears I think neha saxena and ishan arya are behind the closure of MATSH because they couldn’t see shadhika closeness so maybe they should have done some thing ……….from the day serial was closed my mind is only telling this………God is definitely watching everything he brought shadhika together as ishveer so he will definitely know how to unite them …….

  41. Keerthi dr ya i totally agree wid u dr.i dnt know abt ishan arya but may be neha is one of the reason behind matsh end dr.and u know one thing dr i think november interview both r looking very sad while gave an interview,becoz every shadika interview u see na dr both r always laughing or kidding each other like that they gave interview but on november interview (shakti in black dress and radz in saree)both r look very angry,radz is k she was smile but shakti never smile throughout the whole interview dr.when i watch that interview at that time i fl awekward but i console myself as may be he did milan charecterna so he is carry over the charecter even in off screen too..but after 2 months all is felt down and Within 2months Matsh gonna end dr..keerthi dr i think shakti decide to propose on engagement shootna dr may be he make diatance with neha that time so she use sentimental blackmail on shakti dr that is y at november end interview he is very dull and even.not smile dr..After that dec nirbhay charecter are enteredna so all are against our shadika dr

  42. raji

    Hi keerthi ,sathya ,vyshu ,sana ,mariya drs …how is my surprise ..dr?????
    Now only i am free dear ….
    From morn onwards ivhave lots of work for the i cant command here…i am very happy …i cant say how much i am happy nu …..shakthi is still not change it &not command about that ….i have a doubt from the beg ninigbdrs …bez shadhika still calm for the fans vote for shadhika &shakthi &neha real life pair …..
    But its conform dr …..
    Ssss keerthi dr i agree with u …dr after saravanan &menakshi pair ……lots fans want shadhika in real lifedr .

    • Keerthi

      Yeah raji dear…. From the first I am seeing shakti that MATSH serial introduction dance in jhalak I saw shakti’s eyes wen he came near to radz how it was I initially felt they are for made for each other…… And all offscreen interviews one interview after rithika track over they get married again no…. That tym when they asked radz on who did u marry she said I feel there is something strange in ranveer but then as I love him I marry him for which shakti who was watching her keenly said u are married to shakti radz saw him and smiled…… The wen shooting for flashback scene where ishaani is in shikhar house that tym they gave one interview wen asked how well did they miss each other shakti and radz together said over to you shakti said I had damaal masti with rithika radz said Arjun is Sooper dooper fun and with shakti it’s boring wen she said so shakti’s face changed with these we feel like their ego is stopping them from telling their hearts out……

  43. raji

    Keerthib,sathya dr …is it conformed same lead for naagin 2 …..
    We definitely trendfor matsh 2
    …bez shadhika have lots offans more than that ab&mouni …u know …..

    In twitter i see ine fan dr …she /he only tweet 100tweets ti ektamam for matsh 2 &shadhika dr ….
    I was happy tobsaw this yesd ….i think she/he did in within 1 hour ….this type of love is only for evergreen people like shadhika …am i correct drs ????

    Pls reply my commands dr ….guys i am little busy so i cant command u regularly today &tomm drs …sorry dr ..

  44. raji

    Keerthi ,vyshu dr pls command about bcl2 …i have no colors tv ….i am eagerly waiting for shakthi’s expressions …at the time of the match dr …so pls command dr …

    • Keerthi

      Yeah raji dear I am here only I am checking shakti’s wiki for every half an hour still no change I am very happy dear………??? definitely shakti and radz would have seen it no dear y they are still mum as anyone can edit wiki page y both of them did not edit it ?confirm dear shakti wanted to see how radz react after his closeness with neha she responded with ishaan photos then shakti confirmed that she loves him so much that’s y the tweet about clever mistake……

  45. raji

    Sss keerthi dr..i agree with u dr .their efo only stop them dr …but their heart ,eyes ,expression when they see each other they r in madly love with each other …i saw 1 video …few months back …there shathika is n fun mood…shakthi take a cupof water &through it on radz ….again &agin he di the same thing dr …both of them r very happy on that video dr …..that time i think that apart from acting there is something behind them nu …bez i nnever seen this type of fun with anyother co stars dr …..they r really made for each other dr …..

  46. raji

    Keerhi ,sathya ,vyshu dr pls anyone tell about the good news of our shadhika drs

    matsh 2 only the way to unite our shadhika in real life dr s….

  47. raji

    Yeah keerthi dr….i have the same doubt dr …y both of them still mum…&y they r not edit still ???but i am so so happy dr ….

    • Keerthi

      Yeah raji dear if there is nothing between them then shakti should have edited his Wikipedia page no or atleast radz should have done it no ….. I am praying it should become true

  48. Raji dr….. u made today ….wounderful….day ….!! Thx u so much dr for ur news …. love u …!!

    U know ….. dr….. i didnt sleep whole night only trying for that wiki …. but here is network …prb…dr…

    I saw morng …..!! that wiki…. u know…..i cant say how much iam happy…. Yahooooooooooo….. ??????????????????????????????????????????????????

    • Keerthi

      Vyshu Shakti s Wikipedia is changed now it’s been one hour since its edited partner name changed to Neha Saxena from different IP address

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