Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi (IshVeer Forever) Season-2 Epi-65

This epi is spl for all my ff readers???

The episode starts with Ishaani comes to ranveer and feeds him food becoz his hand was tied Hamari aadhuri kahani plays…

She tells this is all becoz of me only. He tells nothing like that. He tells we will leave from here soon.

Suddenly they hears sound Ishaani comes out and sees it and gets shocked. She comes to ranveer and removes the cloth in his hand and brings him out and shows him that. He looks on police shoots all people around them. Ishaani comes to sandhya and asks why are you shooting them?

Sandhya tells they brought you to give sacrifice to god. They are not normal person they are zombies…

They all gets shocked all police also runs from there. Sandhya tells them to come with her and she brings them to disclosed area

She tells zombies cannot reach here becoz here huge wall is built so you can be peaceful. Ishaani asks why other people? She tells zombies thinks to kill only few people not all we are keeping safe some people.

Suddenly they hear sound from outside door someone shouts for help. Sandhya tells them not to open door even I shout for help also and tells them to be safe and she leaves in helicopter.

Ishaani hugs ranveer Sanam re plays… Ishaani kisses him and tells from now I will tell you all things and hugs him once more

Precap: Disclosed location..
Music function is organised suddenly they hear some sound zombies build pyramid and enters into the area. Ranveer and other men takes gun..

Guys pls enjoy this track and this is unexpected villain???How is it??

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Credit to: Narendran


  1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    No feedback oh!!??? But I am still waiting but now I going to school to write my exams pls pray for me and I will Come back at4.30 PM so I will catch you later hopey you all enjoyed ishveer scenes??

  2. Ranaji nice but seriously zombies……what a new villain I am laughing serial mein zombies
    And please don’t mix all the serial I only want ISHVEER. Sorry if I hurt you actually it’s my view

  3. Payal

    PLEASE TANVEE bs ek baar ranaji ke previous ff episode me mere questions ka answer de do please it’s a humble request

    • Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      Oh ho it is not copy of that film it is my idea and not like that zombie and it is very new

  4. Keerthi dr one old interview i think they celebrate frndship dayna last yr during that period they give interview shakti words are really worried me dr“The makers of ” Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi” have yielded large orders at the show to keep the audience glued to their television screens. But they have enough space for some Ishani-Ranveer romance in between all the chaos.While viewers are waiting for a meeting soon, the most beloved screen couple is trying torestrict its relationship with ‘good friends’. In a shared video one of the fans, the two shared how a next sequence will see them celebrate Friendship Day and exchanging rings insteadof the bands. Radhika Madan (Ishani), which shares a great relationship with his co-star Shakti Arora (Ranveer), said she talks about her real life problems with it. Shakti, on theother hand, told how friends should be kept within the limits otherwise could put personal relationships at stake

    • Payal

      ARE SATHYA vo generally baat kr rha tha un dono ki chemistry dekhi thi tumne us interview mein positive bhi to socho yaar umeed pr to duniya kaayam h

    • Mariya

      Hi sathya dear . tell about your help dear i am just see your comment dear. Tell me dear I am here now.

    • Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      Sure yaar becoz of zombies only there will be ishveer knok jhok pls read next epi

  5. IshuRV(Pranjali loves Ishveer)

    wow ranaji matsh me Go Goa Gone….. mind blowing…… adventurous….. I liked it….

  6. Mariya dr shadika celebrate friedship day last yearna pls watch that video and tell me what is that comversation .they spoke in hindi dr i cant understand,pls watch that video in youtube and tell me dr.shakti in black shirt and radz in saree dr both exchange frndship ring..pls tell me na dr pls

  7. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Yes sathya dr.l am concentrating in my exams.thanks for asking dr.

  8. Payal



    Zombies….wow yaar……seriously unexpected…….really make me laugh dear…..

  10. raji

    Keerhi dr ur talking about which video dr ..

    y shakthi after that angry on radz ..

    ???? Pls reply me dr…..
    Payal dr pls see the previous rqnaji ff
    I command there for u …i dont know it is correct ????i am talking about ur doubt dr???? …so pls reply me dr

    • Keerthi

      Raji dear the video of radz and ishaan photos with him is also the reason y shakti is angry ….. I think so they both are doing tit for tat …..if u go closeness with neha I will show closeness with ishaan…..because after so much days of inactivity shakti posted two twitters about revenge and problems I think this maybe the reason

  11. Payal dr no news abt matsh 2,,but still all fans tweet for matsh 2.they keep trending for that .ya matsh 1 incomplete without answering for so many questions they suddenly stop that show,so we r all wait and watch what the makers doing here after

  12. Guys you should know life is really very precious gift of you give yourself trouble by headache and trying to commit suicide then will shadhika unite guys I was silent reader but reading comments I was crying that why you are punishing yourself so when I saw that news I decided to share with but no one is happy still you all are sick
    If shadhika is made for each other then God will unite them or else who no they may get some one else please if you die shadhika won’t know also that you died for them but you will give punishment to your parents, your family.
    Still most of them are students including me even I loved deepika and ranbir Jodi but they broke up.
    Guys please relax don’t strain yourself and be happy and don’t start thinking why shakti didn’t went to radhika bros marriage or why he posted pics with neha all are waste remember your life should be your family and your carrier these are all worldly stuff which sometimes give you happiness and sometimes saddeness.c’mon cheer up stay cool
    If you consider me as your friend or your sister please listen to your tanvee dr just smile that’s my wish please fulfil my wish
    You know my b’day was on 23 February I felt so bad that before my b’day my favourite serial ended but lose hope matsh will be back….. note SMILE

    • Payal

      Tanvee pr please give answers to my 2 questions in previous ff but atleast WE CAN THINK ABOUT MATSH-SEASON 2 WHICH CAN HAPPEN IN FUTURE

  13. Payal dr shakti give interview in a media indvidually after matsh end,tanvee share that news dr thats all.tanvee try to said shakti first sight love is radz..and also radz loves shakti in her heart,we r all misunderstand that radz love ishan aryana but one previous interview radz also told that ishan arya not her boy friend he is just her close frnd…now u understand dr

  14. Mariya

    Ya sathya dear I saw that video .
    In that interview ask question to ishveer that in what way you celebrate friendship day . shakti ans that friendship day is celebrated by friendship band but in serial their engagement function is always not do well so they decided to Wear ring to each other. We are in friendship relation . next question is first time where you meet ishani says in shouting time we will meet to each other. & our friendship is very good we all share to each other like he come from nach baliy then he said everything to he & she come from jhalak she share everything to him. & ishani say that shakti is boy & I am a girl & they both share their afare to each other ( actually she is talking about shakti’ s afare with neha but shakti silently say don’t talk about this topic) Then shakti says yes we are good friends . after shout we do party some masti & some fight also. So we are good friends so we exchange the ring because we good friends. & shakti said that a friend is in her limit not cross the limits of friendship.
    Then last question is what message you give to people . ishani say don’t fight & meet your older friends . keep enjoy your life.

  15. Mariya

    The interview says that ishveer are only good friends .
    They don’t have any affaire between them.
    & sorry its they both know each others affairs between their other partners. Means they know that shakti like other girl & radhika to other.

    • Mariya

      OK dear I told that shakti is busy with his shouting & bcl matches . but this is great news dear thanks.

  16. raji

    Ya sathya dr i am here…i am also totally confused dr ….one day happy news &next day sad news …..i dont know y this is all happen nu dr…iam totally weak day by day &emotinal also …..soon it will change a good one …….i pray for this dr ….day &night ….l lost my sleep last 25 days dr….eben in sleep i only see the shadhika ‘s face &everything of them …..i pray for matsh 2 only dr …

    I cant concentratevany thing ….only thinking about shadhika ….daily morning 1st i open the twitter ,fb &uodates pages for my shadhika ‘s good news dr …..

    Iam eagerly waiting for urave uyire dr …..waiting for ishveer scenes…dr

  17. raji

    Keerthi dr r u talking about valentine day videno na &radz bros weddingbvideo ?????dr ….
    I think the same dr
    ..both of them r doing tit for tat ….this is all bez of their ego…..

    What u say dr ???????

    • Keerthi

      Yes raji dear ego clash if tanvee said about that video that he wanted to propose Radz definitely that’s a good sign for us but we will wait and see dear …….I kept their case to God let him sort it out……

  18. U know .. sathya dr…!! radz madly love with shakti….!!

    U know dr…. she posted ishveer pic ….!!

    And ask Are u missing ishveer Guys….?

    why she ask …. think that … she is aslo shakti much thats why she ask … dr !!

    • Payal

      You know one thing radhika is not giving any weightage to ishan you see in all photos ishan is only coming in between like kabab me haddi radhuka is busy with her family she is not even seeing her jabardasti chipak rha h saala jab koi use puch hi nhi rha matsh team se saath photos me bhi dekh lo tera kya mtlb yeha?
      pagal ,kutta,kamina,saala ye neha aur ishan to kahi bahut door bhej do ya marr hi jaye dono manhoos kaam khatam rasta saaf aur vyshu mere aur comments jarur padho aur batao apna opinion mujhe is par

    • Mariya

      No sathya dear actually radz tell we are good friends & all know about each other life very well & we know about each others partner means shakti told all matter of his life to radz even his affair also.radz laughingly say But radz says this sentence immediately shakti do some action ( or) in silently vioce stop to her to tell about that.
      Then after shakti change the topic and say we are good friends (shakti & radz) .

      • Payal

        Neha is not important in shakti’s life which audience will listen and have interest they want theiir jodi and chemisty

      • Payal

        Forget all that you saw their chemistry in that interview how they were seeing each other and above all you read tanvee interview in detail he wanted to propose radhika and he also fallen for first sight love with radhika

  19. Vyshu dr one day our wish come true.dr still now shakti anf neha not married y tis becoz shakti dnt wanna marry nehana dr.last yr itself they r engaged but after matsh end he isvnot taking even a small step for his marriage.tis shows shakti loves radz dr

    • Payal

      Yes you noticed one thing in Radhika’s brother wedding she is not even seeing that bluddy,idiot,kutta,moron ishan and vo hi chipak rha h beech me see photos of all functions he is only coming in between like kabaab me haddi and photos with matsh cast he is not an actor nor their friend so why he is coming in between like chipkoo if there is no need of him radhika loves shakti and it is sure she considers ishan as his best friend only which she confirmed in that interview in november 2015 which tanvee told and in valentine video also see that video at last they both told one like wish you all a happy valentines day then ishan said for all the people like us then the

  20. Payal

    Aur she told at the start of valentine’s day video ki kon kehta h ki valentine’s day sirf bf ya gf ko hi manana chahye jo is dil ke log hote h here she considers herself vo valentine’s day apne friends ke saath manate h apni family ke saath manat

  21. Payal

    Aur ek propose day ka video h bcl ki team ke saath E-24 channel pr she told that in school she did not know what all these rose day and all and also told that boys means stay away

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