Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi (IshVeer Forever) Season-2 Epi-62-64

Ishaani tells you are sooo romantic and comes close to him. Ranveer kisses her and takes her to bed and tells today night is spl for us and they sees the tim eit is 12.00pm. Ishaani and ranveer hand changes into blue much to their surprise they shouts at each other after seeing their hand.Lady from far sees them and tells now you should come with me. She comes inside as maid and goes to kitchen and mixes something in drink and comes inside and sees them turning into blue they drinks medicine. They become normal ishaani and ranveer thnx her and asks who is she??She tells i came for you both. They are clueless she tells nothing and leaves.

Ishaani comes close to ranveer and tells i does not want anyone to disturb our wedding night she kisses him. Ishaani removes ranveer belt and beats him. He stops at once and throws it out and comes close to her.Sanam re plays…….

Lady outside thinks now i should workout my plan or…..She gives money to a man and tells him to act. Lady shouts but ishaani kisses him tightly he asks her to leave. But she does not he tights his kiss and takes blanket and covers them and they have some sweet moments.

Ishaani gets up after long time and comes out and gets shocked to see that lady standing in her room. Ishaani asks why you came her now??

Lady drags ishaani to a corner and tells her problem ishaani looks at ranveer once and agrees. Lady shares her plan ishaani denies and tells i cannot hurt him..

Ishaani leaves but the lady holds her hand and pleads and she falls on ishaani leg. Ishaani tells ok.

Ishaani packs her stuff ranveer gets up and asks where are you going? She tells i am going to chennai i will back in 2 days. Ranveer asks why? She does not speak and kisses him and leaves.

Ranveer wonders and calls someone and tells them to follow ishaani. Ranveer comes to office and thinks about ishaani and their last night

Ishaani and lady comes to chennai. They comes to the house ishaani sits beside a Boy and touches his hand

After her touch boy hand starts moving. Lady wonders it is miracle!!!!!!!

People around comes there and thnx her and tells her to be here for some more days. Ishaani tells no she tries to leave but people holds her and tells i will kill ranveer if you does not agree.

Ishaani gets shocked she sits down and cries. Ranveer gets a call and gets shocked he asks is ishaani got arrested in the area by people??

Ranveer calls police and informs the place. Sandhya(DABH) tells it is very risky area nobody can go there. Even we also get afraid to go there.

Ranveer comes to chennai and searches the place and comes there finally.

People do their work silently ranveer tries to go near ishaani people around them shouts and takes knife and comes towards ranveer. After seeing his face all people falls down

Ishaani and ranveer looks on amused. Ishaani hugs ranveer and thnx him for coming. Ranveer jerks her and tells you came her without telling?

People throws Sand on ranveer eyes and takes him inside a room and ties him with ropes

Ishaani pleads them to leave him. They tells once the boy gets well we will leave ranveer till that you can talk to him but you should not escape or he will be killed..

Precap: Ishaani feeds food to ranveer becoz his hand was tied Hamari aadhuri kahani plays.. Ishaani tells sorry to him. He tells no need to say becoz we are one nobody can seperate us!!!

Villain will enter the ff in next epi so pls get ready to read new entry in the show but there will be ishveer romance

Matsh quizzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

1.Which villain you liked the most in matsh?

A) Ritika

B) Chiraag

C) Nirbhay

D) Milan

E) you hate villain

F) One ishveer romance is the best

2. Which track gained interest after ritika drama?

Give your own opinion

3. Which part of ishveer romance was the most memorable

A) Rain


C) court fight after kidnapping of ishaani

D) Dance

4. Which part you liked the most in my ff

A) Ghost track

B) Ishveer romance

C) Ishveer romance & fight

D)Arjun track

5.Who is the most understandable person in mats show?

A) Ishaani

B) Ranveer

C) Falguni

D) Baa

6. Which pair you liked the most in matsh?

A) Ishaani and ranveer

B) ishaani and shikhar

C) Ranveer and ritika

D) ishaani and chiraag

7. Which track you hate the most?

A) Nirbhay

B) Milan

C) Ritika pregnancy

8. Who supported ishaani the most?

A) Falguni

B) Ranveer

C) Baa

D) Shikhar

9. Who is the fav star of matsh?

A) Ishaani

B) Ranveer

C) Shikhar

D) Ritika

10. Who is the best parents in matsh?

A) Amba and Kailash

B) Harshad and Falguni

Guys this quiz is to see your voting as per my heart i am going to vote now and you also vote guys after posting this epi i will post comment

Credit to: Narendran


    • Keerthi

      Sathya dear very confused state I am one thing shakti is surely in love with radz dat I can sense but y this much ego between both……God has to show us wats the truth Tommo is bcl Kolkata babbu moshayes vs Pune anmol lets see shakti’s face we can find out something and let’s c the closeness with neha after radz showing closeness with ishaan shakti has stopped posting pics with neha that’s a good sign but I want radz also to realize shakti’s love ……God planned to make their paths cross each other’s life for a reason so I have some hope that they will unite

  1. Keerthi dr one old interview i think they celebrate frndship dayna last yr during that period they give interview shakti words are really worried me dr
    “The makers of ” Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi” have yielded large orders at the show to keep the audience glued to their television screens. But they have enough space for some Ishani-Ranveer romance in between all the chaos.While viewers are waiting for a meeting soon, the most beloved screen couple is trying to restrict its relationship with ‘good friends’. In a shared video one of the fans, the two shared how a next sequence will see them celebrate Friendship Day and exchanging rings instead of the bands. Radhika Madan (Ishani), which shares a great relationship with his co-star Shakti Arora (Ranveer), said she talks about her real life problems with it. Shakti, on theother hand, told how friends should be kept within the limits otherwise could put personal relationships at stake.

    • Keerthi

      Sathya y u taking it in the wrong sense think this way he is telling about himself dear that because of his close relationship with radz his personal life is at stake when he said he fell in love with radz at first sight then see wat he means…. Dear even though he is with neha now marriage will only happen with radz mark my words it will happen sooner we will all see and the clever mistake he made was videos with neha to see how radz reacts radz reacted by posting photos and videos with ishaan no….. Then he became silent and now he tweeted that don’t be pushed around by your problems be led by your dreams clearly proved everything

      • Payal

        mein tumne un dono ki chemistry dekhi thi aur positive socho yaar aferall UMEED PAR TO DUNIYA KAAYAM HAIN

  2. raji

    Hi sathya ,keerthi ,tanvee ,vyshu ,mariya ,sana drs .
    I am back drs ….really i miss u so much drs ….in the morning time ….dr
    Now only i see the shakthi’s status on twitter dr ….he post

    The best revenge isalways just happily move on and let the karma do the rest…..&&&

    Dont be pushed bybaround u r problems be led by ur dreams ….

    Keerthi ,sathya vyshu dr i am totally confused with the 1 st tweet of shakthi …what he try to say dr …

    Pls reply me dr….

  3. raji

    Sathya ,keerthi ,vyshu ,mainly tanvee dr pls tell me …
    Shakthi loves radz interview video is come afteratsh end ..???i am totwlly confused with this news dr .

    Pls reply me dr…
    Is ts a recent 5 days back news ???????pls pls pls …i cant concentrteanything ..
    Only thinkingbabout it drs ….plslspls reply me drs

    • Keerthi

      Raji dear I don’t know what happened to shakti he posted a status again in Twitter the best revenge is always to just happily move on and let karma do the rest is he mentioning radz?

  4. raji

    Keerthi dr i think he is commandingvabout matsh nu ..
    Some one curse colors tv for their trp ratings dr …i think he command like this for that ….dr

  5. raji

    But i conformed to tell this…bez not only we talk like his eyes tell everything …twitter fans also says the same thing dr…..they also noticed he is not happy …yesterdqy eve i saw that on twitter dr ….He still llove radz &miss matsh keerthi dr …

    • Keerthi

      Yeah raji dear I also have the same doubt maybe he came to know the reason behind closure of MATSH….. 2) maybe he is angry on wat radz is doing like being close with ishaan 3)or because of neha I don’t know but one thing is very clear he is missing radz so much y can’t radz understand his feelings and come to him I am praying shivji dear he will definitely unite them

      • Payal

        KEERTHI ishan radhika ka sirf best friend h to pose hi to de rhi h vo photos me tumne hi to kl kha tha ki i am not worried about Radhika’s photos or videos but i am worried about shakti’s videos

  6. Keerthi

    Payal dear I saw his videos again and again I found one thing is missing I felt he is doing without love like unwantedly I played it again and again even though he is smiling real happiness in his eyes it’s missing dear…… Maybe shakti has become angry after seeing radz close photos with ishaan I don’t understand

    • Payal

      Kon si video is video me to dono ek dusre se ache se baat kr rhe h ye baat samajh nhi aayi is video me kuch missing laga ya koi aur video me

    • Payal

      Kb ki video dekhi h tumne aur ishan jab radhika ka childhood best friend h aur radhika ki mother ki best friend ka beta h to uska to best friend hoga hi vo to apne saare friends ke saath aise hi pose dekar photo khichva rhi thi

    • Payal

      Are tanvee ne kha to h shakti aur arjun dono bahut busy the tbhi nhi ja sake radhika ke bhaiya ki shaadi me

    • Keerthi

      I don’t know vyshu dear y they both are hiding their love …..that romantic rain dance was a best example that they both were in deep love I saw shakthi’s eyes in one scene of that dance I found out how much he loved Radz…..but I have hope shivji will definitely unite them both

  7. raji

    Payal dr what is ur doubt pls write it in english …i can understand ….some words …bez i know hindi …not fluently ……so pls command in english …i thing ur doubt is shakthi ‘s interview &radhika’s interview helad on same nov2015….we have same doubt dr ……

    • Payal


  8. Payal

    Aur best friends bhi to aise pose dekar photos khichvate h isme kya h ye to ek normal baat h thik to h photos cousins bhi,uski family bhi aur uske friends bhi h

  9. Payal

    Guys meera dusre ff mein khe rhi h ki anna mtlb tanvee jhoot bol rhi h shakti ke is interview ke baare me ki ye interview jhoot h pr tanvee hmse jhoot kyu bolegi????????? Vyshu and sathya batao guys reply me jaldi

  10. Payal


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