Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi (IshVeer Forever) Season-2 Epi-60

The episode starts with ranveer was dragged by someone suddenly ishaani gets manik mobile she sees the video and gets happy

Ishaani comes down with mobile when ranveer was about to hang ishaani stops it and plays the video it gets shocked

It throws ranveer down he gets hurt ishaani runs to him and wakes him up and tells him to be careful

Soul comes to them and tells sorry and tells whatever problem you have you can tell through heart i will be there for you it leaves

Ishaani and ranveer hugs Sanam re plays…………….Ishaani tells ranveer that we can have a party??He denies but she insists he agrees ishaani tells then after tow days we are having party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ishaani tells now no problem and she tells let us go out for dinner he tells sure but i have some office works she asks for you office is imp or me??He tells office only
she leaves from there and goes up and packs her bag ranveer comes there and begs her not to go

Ranveer hugs her and tells if you leave then i will die Hamari aadhuri kahani plays…
They share an eyelock suddenly they gets some sound ishaani and ranveer comes down and gets shocked to see arjun

ishaani asks him to leave but he comes close to her ranveer does not mind and tells you told that you are leaving she tells sorry pls help me

he comes there and beats arjun and wakes him up and thnx for helping him

ishaani pinches ranveer and tells now you are finished

ranveer and ishaani comes to room ishaani asks him do you want anything for night? Ranveer tells we are going out she gets happy

ishaani and ranveer comes to candle light dinner ishaani orders pizza ranveer orders dosa ishaani asks you like south indian food? He nods yes and tells we can share it

precap: Ishaani feed ranveer pizza and ranveer feed her dosa

guys i did not upload any other of my ff but i update this for you only…….

Credit to: Narendran


  1. Payal


  2. raji

    Happy women’s day to sathya,keerthi ,vyshu,sana,tanvee,mariya,hema&all my friends….
    Sathya dr from yesterday eve i cant post my commands dr …there is some problem on the tower …i think ..sorry guys ..i cant reply ur commands drs …

    • Keerthi

      Raji dear thanks for the wishes….. I am fine dear I am in the hospital as my health became very bad and as I was unable to come online because drips we’re going on so could not type…….

  3. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Hi raji sathya Vyshu hema tanvee julina keerthi mariya arham and all my frnds.happy Women’s day drs….

  4. I think Radz…. feel for shakti nd neha valentine video…..!!

    She is vry dull in her brothers engagement ceremony pics ….!!

    May be she cant tolerate that pain …..!! Guys …!

    She is looking….dull yaar…

    In krishnadasi …. special epi shakti aslo looking dull…. !!
    not at all happy …in that special episode …!!

    Guys…. MATSH 2…. only bring shadika together Guys…!!

    we keep trending for MATSH 2….. Guys ….!!

  5. raji

    Guys any one saw krishna dhashi yesterday episode ..dr is our shakthi …???he is hot in pink kurta…i saw that in his fb page …pls any one command about that …pls pls …

    • Payal


  6. raji

    Guys pls tell anyone …twitter trending for matsh2 is going on or not …
    Pls pls pls tell me drs

  7. Keerthi..dr whr r u we have to celebrate dr…. shakti wants to propose radz….

    Mariya dr …. shakti wants to propose radz….

    its Amazing …. mindblowing news na …. keerthi mariya dr….!!

    whr r u Guys ???

    Iam missing ur commands drs….

    pls reply to me drs …!!

    • Mariya

      Hi vyshu , sathya, keerthi, sana,raji, arham, & all ishveer lovers. & happy women’s day to all. I am fine friends.
      Actually guys my mom take my mobile & hide it for some days . & she also switch off my mobile & small Nokia mobile give it to me.for calling only. because I am not feeling well. So I also can not go to college for some days. but I am fine so my mom return my mobile.

  8. Keerthi

    Vyshu raji sathya sana dears I am fine was in hospital now I am fine
    Vyshu dear yes did u see shakti in krishnadasi serial he was very dull when Anita told to aradhya like she was Chotta packet bada dhamakka shakti’s face changed immediately and he put sad faces because he referred radhika like that in gr8 mag interview and radz was very dull in her brothers engagement….. U know one thing dear Arjun bijlani number is also 6

    • iam vry happy to see ur cmment ….dr wat abut ur health…. dr

      Shakti said in recent 5 days back interview He Just loved her childish nd naughty nature….!!

      He wants to propose to radz but he thought may be she would feel bad…!!

      This really mindblowing ….news na dr….

      He is not at all happy dr…. in krishnadasi special epi…. dr
      he looking vry dull ….na dr

      Shadika cant live without each other….dr …

      Radz already 2 times proposed in lohri i love u shakti….

      In happy ending video …. what happen tommr…
      How we feel ..

      i call to shakti ..
      shakti i love u ….
      i miss u …
      But i really miss him alot…!!

      but shakti is laughing dr….

      Shakti loves Radz….
      Radz loves Shakti ….

      Yeah…. Radz aslo not happy in her brothers marriage ….!

      we keep trending MATSH 2 ….dr ..!!

    • Keerthi

      Did u notice one thing as soon as shakti post valentines video radz also posted valentines video when radz posted a photo with ishan shakti posted one pic of himself and neha both are in love but suffering from ego problems both are Bulls no I saw his eyes vyshu dear as soon as Anita said Chotta packet bada dhamakka his face became very sad I really felt very bad seeing shakti in that scene and did u notice one thing vyshu dear as soon as radz said her 2am friends is ab shakti became silent did u see that I think he is very angry on radz

  9. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Yes raji dr shakthi looking damn hot in pink a shakthian I enjoyed his part but I don’t like that show.shakthi was so superb.

  10. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Keerthi dr u come back na.happy.when u will update ur ff dr?

    • Keerthi

      Yes sana dear I came was in the hospital all these days as soon as I saw krishnadasi serial yesterday after watching shakti’s sad face after that word “Chotta packet bada dhamakka ” I really felt I scolded him a lot and prayed only for shadhika to get together in life their ego is creating all these problems

    • Keerthi

      Sure dear will start to write the ff soon and will update I am happy because I saw shakti’s sad face yesterday now I am happy that he loved radz so much for a word he is remembering radz means their love depth is clear

    • Keerthi

      Fine sathya dear….. Yeah shakti is dull but I was happy as I saw his face reaction when Anita said a word about radz as shakti always refers radz by that word his face changed and his eyes were about to well up with tears suddenly they shifted the frame to aradhya to confirm it I saw that video again in one website


    Nice one narendra……..ishveer scene awesome…….keep it up….and ya have you posted epi 2 of young love.????

  12. Hey keerthi dear you read my Comment last to last ff of ranaji in that I wrote an interview of shakti in which he said he and arjun biljani had crush on radhikaand shakti also said he had fallen in love at first sight
    He also said he wanted to propose radz….
    Now keerthi dr just be happy reading this comment please and take care and yes HAPPY WOMEN’S DAY

    • Keerthi

      Hi tanvee dear thank you dear so much I saw ur news and I was dancing only after seeing krishnadasi serial I confirmed how much shakti is suffering he is very dull but definitely God ll unite both of them soon

  13. Yeah … dr I notice him i cried so much … dr after seeing shakti …. face ….

    u know she aslo posted ishveer pic ….!

    And ask … Are u missing ISHVEER GUYZ….??? ? …

    Yeah both have that ego … dr….
    when they reveal their love dr… !!

    iam feeling vry bad for shadika….!!

    But he do one mistake dr ….
    he didnt show fake love on neha…. in that video ….

    Radz get angry after seeing shakti video ….!!

    • Keerthi

      Both are Bulls vyshu dear so only ego is at the top most …… After she showed closeness with ab shakti became silent I think he is hurt because radz is in Mumbai tigers team and he feels like both ab and radz spend more tym together so he is mad at radz and dats y all those videos and photos with neha after radz put her videos and recent photos pose with ishaan he became silent and now looking very dull I really pity him dear

    • Keerthi

      Yes sathya dear I became very happy only after seeing shakti’s sad face as soon as Anita said that word ” Chotta packet bada dhamakka ” his face suddenly changed and his eyes were about to well up they changed the frame suddenly to aradhya…. First I didn’t notice it y his face went bad then only I remenbered that he said that word to describe radz in gr8 mag

  14. Keerthi

    Now it’s very clear that he is with neha because he feels no 6 is lucky and as radz still not openly confessed to him I think radz is Angry on shakti but did u see radz face it’s very dull only in her brother engagement

  15. raji

    Keerthi dr welcome back dr …..ibam very happy dr…bez our shakthi loves our radz …i am very happy …u know how much i am happy na …its endless dr ….oooo shakthi looks dull na …in krishnadasi ..
    I cant saw that …i have no colors last 2 days dr ….matsh 2 only bring happiness to their life dr …

  16. raji

    Sathya dr yesterday …i only pray for shadhika na …2day i only hear the good news ….iam going to temple right now ..

    &&&&only u pray for shadhika ….
    God definitely unite our shadhika dr ….

    • Keerthi

      Raji dear u know na radz is short than shakti…. So he says she is Chotta packet bada dhamakka fun wise she is unlimited and she is short but full of bindass

  17. raji

    Sathya ,keerhi ,vyshu dr u know in ishveer fans fb page they posted …shadhika &shakthi with neha photos dr …..all fans r command like this ….shadhika pair is good ,shakthi only suit withbradz …
    &&&shadhika forever ….my god lots of people said shadhika is made for each other ….pls god unite our shadhika soon ….

    anna dr u command about the video is recent one na? ???? ….shakthi is jealous on radz???? My god i happy to here this dr …

  18. raji

    Sathya ,keerthi,vyshu,sana,anna,drs …is shakthi arora’s voice is narrate the story os kasam dr ??????

  19. raji

    Guys any one is here ????pls tell me any good news of matsh2…..guys i have 1doubt ….y shakthi choose to host a program…instead of choose any serial ….&radz still not sign any shows …both r wqiting for matsh 2????

  20. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Guys I can’t control my varun kapoor (sanskar) be best actor? Shakthi is millions times better than him.y he didn’t get the award.and ofcourse radhika is better than helly shah(swara) but she got the award even mouni(shivanya) is better than her.and also best Jody is swara and sanskar.all these award favours swaragini.very disgusting.

  21. I accept with you sana dear they are just seeing trp and giving award
    But for us Best actor is shakti(RV)
    Best actress is radhika(ISHANI)
    Best Jodi is ISHVEER(SHADHIKA)

  22. raji

    Ya sana dr ..the gpa awards r totally disgusting ….

    We&god knows who is the winners of the awards….so leave it …colorw is the worlds cheapestvtv …in the world dr ….

  23. IshuRV(Pranjali loves Ishveer)

    what the hell yarrr……

    why this much of moderation for me only……

    I have commented at 2:26 Yarr and its 4:53 now……

  24. raji

    Sathya ,keerhi,vyshu,sana,tanvee drs pls reply my above commands dr ….ooo god y this pg has take too much of time to post …..anna dr i like ur name …so 2day onwards i call u tanvee ok dr …

  25. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Raji dr I don’t watch kasam so I don’t know about shakthi narrating the story drand I don’t hear any news about that .where u get the news dr?

  26. raji

    Ya sathya dr i have the same doubt dr ….that interview isa recent onea after matsh end …pls tell me dr…
    .ibam eagerly waiting for u r commands ….pls pls dr

  27. Raji dr chota means small and bada means something large i think shakti told radz as small packet but large damaka,u understand thatna dr.and dr i too saw that fb ya shadika pair best and i hate that another pic dr

  28. Keerthi dr what u r saying is 100% crct dr.both r having that ego and shakti think that hos lucky num is 6 that is y he is with neha or else he accept radz..and both having that ego dr.we dnt know when they remove their fake mask

  29. Sana dr ya colors once again betrayed no 1 worst channel.i never ever seen a media like tis,i’m also saw that winners list in twitter dr swaragini team got that award its really disguisting..

  30. Mariya

    Thanks sathya , sana , vyshu & raji dears I read all of your comments you all are missing me so much & I am also miss you guys.
    & keerthi dear I am also miss you dear.
    You are came from hospital na you are fine na dear.
    & where is arham dr?.

    • Keerthi

      Fine mariya dear how are u comment taking tym dear….I came back home dear from hospital after reading the news that shakti loved radz at first sight I was so happy and then seeing his sad face for a word he calls radz was called by Anita in krishnadasi serial I knew how much he was loving and missing radz let God unite them soon

      • Mariya

        I am fine keerthi dear but little bit pain in my head.
        Yes our wish will come true soon dear & they become real life partners. & you are right shakti love radz. My heart is true my heart always says that shakti loves radz.
        but mind can not accept it.
        But my heart & mind accepts that he loves radz a lot.

  31. Mariya

    guys this new is correct that shakti love radz. Ohh I am very happy to hear this news. After long time you are give me happiness. Woww that’s very nice.

  32. Iam vry happy to see ur cmment ….dr … !!

    Shakti said he loved her childish nd naughty nature ….!!

    He is mad on radz…. dr …

    Wat abut ur health r u fine … na ….

    Lets celebrate …. shadika festival …!!

    • Mariya

      Woww that nice vyshu dear shakti loves radz. I am fine dear & what about your health dear. OK let’s celebrate

    • Keerthi

      Vyshu is that news confirmed one dear maybe shakti gave this interview because fans were scolding him and cursing neha not an eye wash no because I am not fully happy but I saw in his eyes yesterday in krishnadasi serial the pain he is undergoing but I feel insecure inside hope he is not playing with fans emotions

  33. Mariya

    Sathya dear pl read my 6:36 comment in older comments dear. I wrote that my mom take my mobile because I am not fine. but dear I am fine. & what about your health dear.
    & surly I write my ff. Please wait for one day dear. because tomorrow I write my ff. My head is little bit paining.

  34. Interview with shakti arora in detail
    Question feeling for your co star radhika madan aka ishani.
    Shakti well she is very childish and naughty she always used to come in my room, arjun room or in gautam room and used to lock us in washroom or on set were we used to sit she use to apply fevicol and you can guess the rest…. she is very innocent and sometimes her innocent questions used to make us laugh
    Question: you love neha no doubt but have you fallen in love again after neha
    Shakti: well… after neha…
    Yesss it’s first sight love that to with my co star radhika.
    Question: really….great ok why???
    Shakti: because of her innocent, childish, cute, caring, religious and yes naughty nature. In fact our arjun biljani aka shikhar also had crush on her.
    Question: did you propose her?
    Shakti: well I realized when I understood what is love and decided to propose her on September 4 when we were shooting for engagement scene that day she was looking like a Angel but I felt she may feel bad so I dropped the idea.
    Rest questions are waste so didn’t specified its ok for you guys right

    • Payal


    • Keerthi

      Tanvee dear muah???????❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Thank you so much for sharing this interview hope shakti will break everything and propose Radz atleast hope Radz should have read about this interview and she will come to shakti and say I love you so much shakti hope my lord shiva does some miracles as it was shivratri I prayed for them to become together u gave me a good news after shivratri thank you dear…..

    • Payal


    • Payal


    • Tanver dr what i hv ti say i hv no words.i love u so much dr.thank u for givinh that interview in detail dr really i wanna thank u dr.u know i write tis comment with my teary eyes.i wanna hug u dr.u know past one wk i cant slept well even i dnt hv food properly .u made my day dr.all shadika fans really fl happy fr.oh shakti wants to propose radz oh its true na dr oh god no words

    • Mariya

      Thank you Anna for sharing this news with us. You are giving so mach happiness to us. & our wish is ishveer become real life partners.

    • Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      Superb news yaar I just loved then ishveer real romance will start????

  35. Mariya dr ya i read that comment dr.last wk all are fl very bad and depressedna dr but todat i fl very happy becoz of tanvee and keerthi words wow shakti love radz in his heart i wanna dance dr that much i fl happy dr,its k dr write ur ff tmrw dr and pls take care for ur headach dr t
    pls take rest dr automatically headpain gone dr

    • Mariya

      Ya sathya dear I am also very happy & feels like dance & do some masti . ishveer are besttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt.
      & how are you dear?

  36. Mariya

    Friends I think golden petal awards are not held on TV. Write.
    & friends I have get specs on my eyes & doctor said me that every time you use this specs. because of this every time my head is paining .

  37. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Villain of matsh ff will be the most spl becoz this type of villain you will never be seen!!! So get ready from 65epi new villain will appear. I bet u everybody will like villain role not ishveer. Sorry I need to tell you that character will be more interesting. Guys pls comment about my ff also???????

  38. raji

    Ya sathya dr …i went to temple ..&pray only for shadhika dr ….tanvee dr i am very happy to see ur commands 5 days back shakthi said this …..???my god …ur with us …so he truely unite shadhika soon …
    Ya keerthi dr ….u r right shakthi is acting with anita but he is not happy his eyes shows everthing dr …even in photos he miss something dr ….

    • Keerthi

      Yes raji dear…….hope Radz realize soon and go to shakti and propose him definitely shakti will come to her ….I am praying that Radz should realize shakthi’s love soon lord shiva please do something and unite this love jodi together please ………

    • Mariya

      Hi raji dear I am fine but my head is little bit paining . & what about your health dear?

  39. Tanver dr what i hv ti say i hv no words.i love u so much dr.thank u for givinh that interview in detail dr really i wanna thank u dr.u know i write tis comment with my teary eyes.i wanna hug u dr.u know past one wk i cant slept well even i dnt hv food properly .u made my day dr.all shadika fans really fl happy fr.oh shakti wants to propose radz oh its true na dr oh god no words

  40. Keerthi dr u toldna dr in gr8 magazine int shakti told when he first saw radz he fl oh she is his heroine,so dr he feel that day itself love dr,becoz he told na first sight love oh dr i cant control myself

    • Keerthi

      Yeah sathya dear I am very happy now definitely Radz would have got the news now definitely God will make them together I have that confidence now …….I was in dilemma what if shakti never loved Radz and was treating her as her best friend but now I know y their chemistry is magical because shakti is loving her so dearly he realized what love is means he has fallen for her that’s y I see sadness in his eyes in krishnadasi serial hope lord shiva will listen to my prayers and unite them soon making their marriage life happier…….but one thing he definitely has listened my prayers after shivratri I am reading good news na…….that’s y in September interview with neha in e24 he said she is my ex heroine ………now I understood he fell in love with Radz so dats y he had said neha is his ex heroine ……….he wants to makes Radz jealous and she herself should come and propose him dats y he did all these videos and photos I suppose but after she showed closeness with ishaan and arjun bijlani shakti became silent…….he is applying the same track as in MATSH ranveer flirts with rithika to make ishaani jealous na…like that…….but radhika did the same showing closeness to shikhar “…… shakti is silent ……….

    • Mariya

      Ya sathya dear you are very very happy na dr & keep dancing & celebrating it dear. It is a huge huge ( big biggggggggg) happiness for us dr. I am also very very happy to see your happiness . & shakti love rsdz woww. I am also dancing & do masti.

  41. raji

    Tanvee tanvee what a news untold us dr …..after 1 week today i will sleep well dr ….thank u so much dr …for this news dr ..

    Good night …have a good dream of shadhika ……god u r truely with us ….i can feel it dr…
    Thank uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu so much dr ……

    • Keerthi

      Actually their love story is like this shakti was going through a breakup when he was cast in tere liye serial as taposh opposite to neha(mouli) during the serial he became good friend with neha first …..they were friends and were setting dates for one another and nothing worked out that’s when neha decided to propose shakti ,shakti also accepted her proposal as he was good friend with neha and dats their story…….so it was not love at first sight with neha … at first sight was our radhika……now I know why their romance was magical hope in previous birth they should have been husband and wife that’s y God United them into this birth see I told Na we don’t meet people by accident ,they are meant to cross our path for a reason…….shakti had met Radz only for him to fall in love with her that’s the only reason why Radz couldn’t go to usa to pursue her dance profession……..

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