Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi (IshVeer Forever) Season-2 Epi-58

The episode starts with manik comes there and asks ranveer what?? He tells him everything he tells I know one guruji he will take care of it

He comes inside ranveer takes him to room and tells him to take rest. Manik calls guruji and asks him to come fast and he cuts and sees the video ( A FB is shown ranveer stabs ragini after that he calls manik he comes ranveer and Ishaani goes out to bring things he kills her) FB ends…

Ishaani and ranveer have a talk suddenly Ishaani asks him why he is soo sad? He tells nothing and comes close Ishaani tells you are not well he tells I am fine if I am with you and tells her to have a idea

Ishaani thinks what idea? Suddenly ranveer takes her to corner he hurts Ishaani in hand it starts bleeding

Ishaani shouts suddenly someone throws sindoor soul comes out of ranveer body and cries

Ishaani hugs ranveer he asks what happened?She tells nothing

Ishaani and ranveer comes inside room. Ranveer puts first aid on her hand and looks at her Sanam re plays….

Ishaani and ranveer share an eyelock suddenly they hear the sound guruji tells manik and everybody to be careful and he tells I will come tmr morning

Everybody goes to sleep suddenly Ishaani gets up and comes close to ranveer and kisses him and tells him to be relaxed he asks for a kiss she tells now only I gave he tells that you gave by our own wish.

Now give me ranveer and Ishaani share an lip lock.

Manik in the room thinks something and keeps his specs inside suddenly someone drags him and throws him down in the hall he gets unconscious.

It hangs manik in the centre of the hall his blood falls down it writes that I will kill ishveer also

Precap:Ishaani and ranveer comes to hotel. While going in steps Ishaani leg slips ranveer holds her garlands falls from up they share an eyelock Sanam re plays….

Guys hope you all enjoyed it?????

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. Hi tanvee dr…

    All fans are hurted….. nd they are suffering…. health problem …

    U know dr … i didnt slept whole night only seeing shadika nd crying…. and aslo didnt take food dr…. iam suffered … fever… doctor scold me nd give tablets…. feeling better ystr…. After…. ur news …. iam feeling iam happiest person in the world …

    Thank u so much … for ur news….
    u give me my life ….!
    iam die heart fan of shadika….

    Love u dr …. i think after ur news tmmr so many will come back

  2. Raji dr sorry dr,i posted my comments on yest afternoon but its in awaiting moderation till last nt,now only my comments are posted,its take too much of time dr,its very irritatingna

  3. Vyshu dr ya i read that comment in previous episode itself dr,i am the happiest person in the world,u know na er shakti and neha love is not love at first sight dr,but shakti had crush on rads wow its really amazingna

  4. Anna thank u so much ,all die heart fan of shadika really fl their happiness dr,u made my day as wonderfull,u know dr so many fans are not well now a days but after reading tis news we r all rl very happy thank so much

  5. Tanvee thank u sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much dr

    1. Love you shadhika

  6. Raji dr r u here na pls rply,and dr u read anna commentna dr fl very happy dr

  7. Vyshu dr shakti told arjun also crush on radz so sure dr he get jealous abt ab and radz dr

  8. Tanvee pls tell us where did u saw that news dr pls tell share us

  9. Hi GUYZ… Happy sivarathri….!!

  10. Sathya ,vyshu ,tanvee dr a very happy good morning ….i am very happy shakthi loves radz at first sight …
    &&&&guys u know yesterday night gpa award function held on colors tv ….
    Still i dont know the winners of the gpa awards …any one knows na pls tell about that ….

  11. “Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi – Raadhika Madaan and Shakti New”,frnds i saw tis video posted in ishveer lovers fb but i couldnt able to open tis video becoz of tower prblm in my house so pls any body watch tis video and tell me what abt tis .pls pls tell me i am excited i cant control myself

  12. Raji dr shadika not won awards,i think swaragini team got that award,cha colors once again show their partiality face,what an idiotic channel,i mever ever see a channel like tis,they doesnt care abt fans voting,disguisting..every ishveer scenes prove shadika is a one and only evergreen best actorsnwe no need that golden petal award

  13. Sathya,vyshu,keerthi,raji,dhruv,ranaji,arham,mary and other ISHVEER fan even I am their fan in fact I am a silent reader but I used to read your comments and so many of them were suffering from fever and when I read this interview I thought to share this news so that you all can feel happy.
    And sathya dear this news I read in some website that I can’t remember but don’t worry I will check and tell you.

  14. whr r u Guys …!!!

    Iam vry happy Guys …!!

    SHAKTI Luvs RADZ …!!!??❤❤❤

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