Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi (IshVeer Forever) Season-2 Epi-41

Guys here I am ended my season1ff ;becoz there is no much response there but here I got many friends so I am sooo happy.

The episode starts with Vivian dsena gets teary eye after hearing Ishaani in bed he takes the car and calls the owner of the hospital(any actor yours fav) First he wishes him and asks for help he tells what you need?he tells I need one help my friend is admitted in your hospital he understand and tells I will send all best doctor there

He reaches there chief doctor joins him and tells about Ishaani in CT scan,MRI,ultrasound and all scan he was speaking about you only sir. Vivian laughs and comes there

He calls out Ishaani doctor tells him that this much time we heard a name many times he writes tablets

He asks for whom he tells for all doctors ???? headache tablets

Chief tells me also he tells your name is first they all leave he comes near here

He asks her to call him as Bittu she asks your mom kept this name?Ishaani tells soo sweet and asks for help they come to house and sees dog barking at ranveer Ishaani also comes there and sees him and leaves inside.

It comes to ranveer and bites him he shouts Ishaani and Vivian sees it and laughs actually it was a dream of ranveer???

Ishaani comes to his room and thinks about bittu and leaves from there telling bittu I have work Ishaani comes near the church where she died previous birth she rounds the car

She gets remember everything and cries and thinks Vivian is my son she gets soo happy she thinks about ranveer and thinks to wait

Vivian drives the car traffic jam Madhubala comes inside the car and removes her ear rings Vivian sees her itself she tells him to drive but he sees her only

She tells pls take the car while driving both heart beats fastly. They reaches hospital she asks his blood group he tells 0+ve she takes him with her by holding his hand

She thnx him Vivian leaves and calls Ishaani and tells about it she tells I will decide the she is best or not she comes there and sees here and tells OK

Ishaani and madhu have a talk and they leave Ishaani comes to house and goes to bed after Vivian sleeps she comes to him and kisses on his forehead and tells I am your mom

Precap:Ranveer and Ishaani have a couple dance for valentine day spl they dance close. Ishaani fears that last birth should this time she maintains distance from him

Guys there is not much joke s wait ishveer marriage will be happen on epi-45 And after that their love will blossom and they will be united in epi-50

Credit to: Narendran

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