Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi (IshVeer Forever) Season-2 Epi-40

Guys I am happy I have completed 40epi

The episode starts with Ishaani comes to Vivian dsena and asks him had we seen before?he tells no but she tells I feel like we have seen before and then Ishaani speaks to him. She asks let us go for lunch she tells OK Ishaani friend asks how we can go out with stranger Ishaani introduces her to Vivian dsena he also introduces

Ishaani asks her let is go they come to hotel after eating her friend tells let us go ishaani tells if we go also we will not learn economics Vivian dsena asks her which topic? Ishaani tells marginal utility he tells I will teach you

He teaches her clearly she likes it and thnx him and she leaves and she comes back and asks his phone number he gives and takes her also Ishaani tells him to call 12.31 tmr he nods and comes to house

He gets happy and thinks now I met mom and dad and I am too happy but I should see ranveer but when

He comes to office with biggest client gets over.

Ranveer was got scolded by his principal for not bringing sponsor lady teacher comes ranveer tells ladies first she talks to principal but ranveer sees her back itself she leaves scolding him

Principal tells him to bring sponsor he comes to library and sees Vivian dsena pic and thinks to asks him

Next day he comes to his office they have a fight with his secretary he hears it and comes out and sees ranveer and comes to him and slaps secretary he looks on

He brings ranveer to his cabin and makes him sit on chairman seat and asks him why he came her??

Ranveer tell I need 50– Vivian tells 50lakhs he looks on and asks it will not been enough 1crore

He tells 50 is enough Vivian gives 75lakhs check and tells him to make a grand function of his college youth festival and congrats him for being a president he leaves but Vivian asks for number

He gives Vivian also gives visting card. He sees the time and calls Ishaani her friend tells she is in hospital

Precap:Vivian calls the best doctor for Ishaani check up

Guys pls get ready next epi will be more fun not like manam movie but this joke will make you laugh whole epi

Credit to: Narendran


  1. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    This episode was superb.l loved ur new track.eagerly waiting for ur next update.

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