Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi (IshVeer Forever) Season-2 Epi-36

The episode starts with Shivanya and Ishaani comes to shop and buys dress for them. Ranveer and ritvik comes to same shop and buys sari for them they sit beside each other in shop. They did not see each other they select dresses. Ranveer tells about Ishaani character and ritvik also tells to salesman and tells them to get a dress for them. Ishaani and shivanya gets angry and turns and finds them they stand up and they get ready. Salesman laughs and signs them to turn back. They see them and turn and laugh they suddenly realize it is Ishaani and shivanya they shout and gets up and tells sorry and they runs from there

Ishaani tells her to get dress and come and I will see ranveer today Ranveer tells ritvik to get dress and I will see Ishaani today ritvik asks are you sure..? He laughs and tells him that this is his fate pls go or the sari will be given to other

Shivanya and ritvik buy dress and clash each other ritvik does not see her and scolds her badly shivanya sees him and hears the bad words and gets teary eyes and takes the dress and runs from there. Ritvik keeps hand on his head and sits down and thinks to convince her soon and gets a rose

And gives to her and they comes to house and starts dancing in the party harshad enters everybody looks on shocked

Manik and Nandhini have a fight suddenly Ishaani and ranveer have a talk about him. Shivanya and ritvik have a fight they thinks how is harshad??and they asks to Ishaani and ranveer they tell how he killed harshad and he is duplicate they looks on and tells your family is full of stories

Precap:Ishaani and ranveer calls police and asks how he came out??

Sorry some mistakes I will not able to update till Saturday next epi on Sunday enjoy it

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. Nice Ranaji.waiting for Sunday update.

  2. nice ff . narendran as I already told u please add lot if ishveer romance

    1. Ranaji(narendran)

      Sure yaar

  3. Nice ff.

  4. Nyc yaar..i’m happly c ishveer and rivanya’s fight ..very nyc yaar..keep going..and in ur ff manik’s charecter is gud r bad yaar..i really don’t know abt tat yaar…plzz tell me bro..

  5. Haii the nxt ff soon yaar..i am not waiting for my cutie pie’s romantic fytng…bro whenever u tym na..then post the updat soon bro…i kno u r busy eid ur studies..but plzx post soon bro

  6. Mss ur commnts in matsh updat bro..plzz com back na bro

  7. Tell me bro manik is bad r gud..i am really confused

  8. Dhruva( Ishani loves Ranveer )

    Hii narendra I just love it man you’re awesome……and pls never give it up….

  9. Mariya(miss you ishveer)

    Nice ranaji . I like it.

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