Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi (IshVeer Forever) Season-2 Epi-35

The episode starts with ranveer tells ritvik and shivanya that we also have same fight they pick pillow and throw each other pot breaks and they stop fighting manik and Nandhini comes there he tells how to solve it and tells them to take one member on one day and other on next day they tells OK and gets happy ranveer asks who is he??Nandhini holds his hand and tells I am going to marry him all looks on

Ishaani tells then let us have a party tomorrow and they leaves manik and Nandhini comes to room Nandhini kisses on his lips hesitantly and when he approves she???? kisses him continuously ranveer and Ishaani have a talk and tells we feel he is strange and Ishaani recalls the person who helped when Arjun shot them

She comes to manik room and sees they are kissing and knocks the door suddenly Nandhini leaves from there shivanya comes there and asks what is the matter??Ishaani thnx manik for helping in police station and asks why he came her?He tells I am came for Nandhini.

Ishaani and shivanya comes outside and finds many people talking about them Ishaani asks them to speak infront they tells about manik and Nandhini and curses them. Ishaani tells they will be get married as soon as possible so pls keep quiet they leaves

Shivanya calms her down. Ritvik comes to ranveer and tells him that our wife’s are planning against us so we should also do. Ranveer tells I have a work ritvik tells it is imp ranveer keeps paper on his hand and tells him to join

Ishaani and shivanya laughs and tells ritvik you are flopped they hifi and calls servants and tells them to make everything ready tomorrow. Manik comes to Nandhini and asks why you came soon??He kisses her she tells only after marriage and pinches him he shouts.

Manik hugs her and comes out and thinks now I got Nandhini then why revenge?? He thinks they both can live happily he leaves from there

Shivanya tells ritvik to come to his room and shows a big stick he goes behind ranveer and tells him to help

Ranveer laughs and tells she loves you very much then how she will hurt you Ishaani beats ranveer with stick he looks on amused and he gets up and starts running ritvik and shivanya laughs shivanya starts beating ritvik and tells they both should get a costly give tomorrow

They agree and leaves shivanya and Ishaani laughs and comes to their room and look at each other and thinks to buy something for them

Precap:Ritvik and shivanya dances.ranveer and Ishaani dances and manik and Nandhini also dances. Harshad enters the house everybody looks on shocked

Guys less people do read my ff I have changed story line if it does not hold interest pls tell me I will change or I will end???????

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. No don’t stop it. I like your ff very much

  2. Don’t stop it. Its nice.

  3. No re this ff is very bad we want only ishveer??????

  4. No ….. No i want ishveer only ….. pls change our ff ….

  5. Plz yaar. Don’t stop ur ff.

  6. ranaji ur ff is good . don’t end it but change the track . I don’t want manik nandini hritik and shivanya . we just want ishveer sizzling hot romance

  7. It is very nice.don’t stop it.

  8. Sure as per your wish I end shivanya and ritvik and manik and Nandhini soon and only ishveer

  9. Dnt end ur ff ranaji its nice

  10. Dhruva( Ishani loves Ranveer )

    Good Narendra keep going on… and just add ishveer romance scene too…….and I told you not to even think to stop your ff you’re an amazing script writer and if stop this ff soon write a new one… .

  11. Bro don’t stop my fav ff bro..i had busy wid my sis’s wedding and my pune journey..tat’s y i sm not commntng bro..don’t stop it yaar…

  12. Mariya(miss you ishveer)

    Nice ranaji . please don’t stop your ff its superb

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