Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi (IshVeer Forever) Season-2 Epi-30

The episode starts with Ishaani and arjun comes to ooty and comes to their room arjun tells ishaani we can go out after 30 min till that you fresh up and come she goes and comes and sees her bag was not there she searches and finds a short dress which she wored in dance party with ranveer ishaani thinks who is it??i cannot remember his face. She gets dressed up and comes down all boys around ishaani sees her they looks on

Arjun asks them to take eye or i will throw kerosene they leaves from there ishaani and arjun comes to wedding rv and ishaani wedding place a man sees her and gets shocked. He comes to ishaani and asks who is he??ishaani tells my husband

Arjun gets a calls and he leaves from there he shows her the video where she and ranveer kissed each other and their wedding vows she then sees arjun standing in corner and speaks to someone ishaani remebers all she cries and thinks i forgot my husband and i am staying with another person she asks ranveer number he gives it to her

Ishaani calls ranveer he picks up late and asks who?? Ishaani tells it is me he gets happy and asks where is she??she tells ooty and i am there were our marriage took place

Ranveer tells her to stay there for one more day so that he can come

she grees and comes to arjun and tells him let us go to house they comes inside ishaani goes inside washroom and cries arjun speaks to someone on phone and tells her i will come

He leaves ishaani comes out and sees him missing she follows him and sees through the window arjun hugs one girl and kisses her and takes her to bed ishaani records it and thinks now it is confirmed that he is not my real husband

Ishaani comes to room and calls ranveer and asks where is he??he tells i am on the way she asks him to come soon he agrees

Precap: Ranveer comes to ooty and comes to the cottage where arjun and ishaani stays

Guys i think from today epi many are happy becoz i am going to unite them ????

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. Man I’m really excited. Update it as soon as possible

  2. Superb , awesome, nice ff ranaji. I feel its lyk a real matsh epi. Ishveer 4ever.

  3. OF corse bro..itzs really nyc..i feel very happy ..and the bleddy ishu doll is only for my rv..not a all guyzz..ishveer roczz

  4. I am waiting for ishveer’s reunion.???

  5. Superb ff

  6. ranaji its too good ur going to reunite ishveer

  7. Nice ishu now remember Ranvi.but u not sayed who that man is.

  8. rookey rookers

    super naran . r u an tamilian? but reallu nice . but i totally agree with u arham . .

  9. Dhruva( Ishani loves Ranveer )

    If its unification soon then going to love it……..and ya nice one….

  10. Ya ranaji we r also happy,really superb bro

    1. a m very happy bt also sad becacuse it is ending….:^D”:’-(

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