Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi (IshVeer Forever) Season-2 Epi-28

The episode starts with Ranveer consoles ishaani and clears her tears and comes close to her but she tries to leave but he holds her hand tightly and says if i leave your hand now then i will not catch your hand… Ishaani closes his mouth and tells him to shut up. Ranveer gets close to her and kisses her she tells him naughty suddenly ranveer gets a message saying that i need to meet you or i will kill ishaani he thinks who is he??he tries to call but he does not pick up

Ranveer thinks to find out person and tells ishaani that he is going out someone comes back of ishaani and hits her with iron rod ranveer sees her and gets shocked he takes to hospital doctor tells ranveer that she is critical stage

Ranveer tells pls make her fine he begs him he takes to emergency ward and starts operation Arjun comes from back and takes ishaani from there and leaves another girl on bed

Doctor tells arjun not to worry i will take care.He brings ishaani to Bungalow he calls doctor and instructs them to come soon they come and checks ishaani and tells she is fine but she is now memory loss patient

Arjun gets happy and tells servants to get duplicate pics of him and ishaani they leaves from there

Ranveer asks doctor about ishaani he tells she is fine you can go inside he goes and sees another girl lying there and gets shocked and he comes and hsouts at doctor he tells ranveer that was the girl you bought her

He tells pls leave me ranveer beats him police comes and takes ranveer from there and throws him outside of hospital Ranveer cries Hamari Aadhuri kahani plays…….

Ishaani fells headache and she gets up and sees her pics and asks who is she??arjun comes there and tells her that we are husband and wife he touches her hand and but ishaani shoves and tells ok and asks what happened to her??

Ranveer comes out and searches ishaani everywhere but he can’t find her. Arjun thinks this was the right time he kisses on ishaani head and tells her to take rest

Precap: Ranveer gets a video message in that Arjun comes close to ishaani. video ends in real ishaani shoves arjun and tells him to wait until she gets cure

guys pls adjust story line i will unite them soon pls wait and i have sent detective story pls read it also guys i will share the link guys

Credit to: Narendran


  1. Vaidehi

    U know what now u unite them coz they have stuggled a lot bring some love scenes n u r doing it so good

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