Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi (IshVeer Forever) Season-2 Epi-25

Guys I am happy that I am completed 25epi and thnx guys for your support and keep commenting

The episode starts with ranveer throws sindoor on Arjun he shouts and faints ranveer tells guruji to complete it fast it is raining Ishaani gets dizzy and she falls down ranveer sees her and gets teary eye he heads to go inside but guruji stops him saying that soul did not come out I think she is acting

Guruji tells him to wait Ishaani calls ranveer and asks him to come and take her she faints ranveer gets shocked he goes inside and takes her guruji tells him to wait Ishaani comes out and stabs guruji with knife and tells ranveer today Ishaani will die and I will be with you always ranveer tells this can’t be possible he takes sindoor and throws on her she shouts she comes outside it was raining heavily ranveer sees her in that state and he cries

Arjun gets up and sees Ishaani falling down and comes and holds her Tera chehra plays….

Ranveer sees it and tells him to leave from there but he stands Ishaani gets up and sees Arjun and thnx him for saving her he tells it is my pleasure she gets up and comes into temple and asks who is he Arjun???ranveer was clueless ranveer tells it is me I am your husband and he shows photos she gets happy and hugs him and tells sorry

Ranveer thnx Arjun and leaves from there with ishaani. Ishaani tells ranveer I was just acted to see your reaction

Ranveer thinks now I need to take her to guruji becoz one of them died . Ranveer brings her to guruji he wakes up and sees her suddenly many people starts shouting jai matati Ishaani tells them to stop suddenly ranveer sees her and gets teary eyes he thinks it means she is not my old Ishaani

Ranveer walks behind guruji puts tilak Ishaani cannot move from there tere liye plays…..ranveer cries and thinks now my Ishaani will be back guruji makes her drink something that soul comes out and sees ranveer and cries and she leaves from there Ishaani gets up and sees ranveer and hugs him she sees ragini and asks what happened??she tells nothing…

Ranveer and Ishaani comes to house police comes and tells we came to arrest Ishaani ranveer asks why??they tell him that she attacked police ranveer tells full story but they does not believe him Arjun comes there and gives tape they sees it and leaves from there

Precap: Ishaani and ranveer thnx Arjun he tells it is my pleasure.Ranveer asks him to tell what he wants??Arjun asks whatever I ask you will give??he sees Ishaani

Guys I am sorry I did not introduce Arjun he is young charming boy he loves Ishaani a lot he saw her first at ooty and now he came her for Ishaani

Guys epi was not nice I think sorry and I think upcoming epi will be little interesting becoz of Arjun???????

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. Superb ranaji.i want 1000 and more episode,so pls keep going

  2. It’s k yaar..and congratgulatn for mak 25 epis..i really apreciate u yaar..god giv u a presence of mind..and i wish u mak 500 epis more..all the bst for upcommng epis..

  3. Hey congrats bro.u made 25 episodes.superb.keep going.all the best.

  4. from where do I get the first episodes of ff?

  5. Interesting.plz continue

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