Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi (IshVeer Forever) Season-2 Epi-24

The episode starts with guruji tells we should make ishaani sit her or that soul will kill ishaani ranveerlooks on and he gets teary eye ragini tells him to keep faith on god ishaani comes there and sees pooja and gets headache she leaves from there before leaving she tells i will kill ragini sure….

Ishaani comes out of temple and cries and thinks what to do??Real ishaani fights with soul and tells today i need my ranveer back i will not give up girl soul comes out of ishaani body ishaani ties a locket and tells now you will not come in my life girl tells pls don’t do this and then she laughs and tells now you will see what i can do??

Girl throws something on ranveer(bell) he gets fainted ishaani cries and thinks i will do as you say she tells her to remove that locket ishaani cries and removes it that girl enters into ishaani soul and comes inside when everybody was busy in helping ranveer she takes a knife and stabs it on guruji ragini gets shocked and runs from there ishaani comes there and sees him and cries and tells i will not leave ragini today afterthat you will be mine.

Ranveer hears it and thinks i was acting now i need you to make sit there ishaani runs behind ragini and comes to her and stabs on her stomcah she shouts police comes there but ishaani throws all police away

Arjun takes the video and thinks now i need to help ishaani he calls his relative guruji to come her he arrives and tells ranveer to make her sit here

Ranveer comes there and asks ishaani to come with her but she refuses he takes the knife and cuts his wrist ishaani gets shocked ishaani gets concerned and comes to him and scolds him ranveer feels her as ishaani and tells her to come and sit there she agrees but girl soul throws her from there

Ishaani tries hard but she can’t arjun ciomes there from back and hits her on head and makes her faints and takes her there and makes her sit

Ishaani gets up and sees it and shouts ambulance arrives and they take police,ragini and guruji from there

Ishaani tells ranveer that she is hers only she acts but ranveer does not belive her ishaani calls many souls they surround them clouds becomes black and starrts raining wind blows ranveer and guruji continues it

soul enters arjun body and he fights with ranveer ishaani laughs and tells them to leave her or you will die ranveer tells her to shut up and tells i need my ishaani back and not you he throws sindoor on him he faints

Precap: Next epi is just a suspense pls guess guys what will happen next??

Sorry guys i was little busy on feb2 so only i am not able to comment but enjoy reading?????

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. Nice Ranaji.waiting for suspense.

  2. Dhruva( Ishani loves Ranveer )

    I has too much suspense……..I’m just enjoying it……..just keep it up !!!!!!

  3. Superb ranaji. U r just amazing matsh ff writter. I don’t have any idea abt ur suspence. I waiting 4 ur thrlling suspence.

  4. Wow,s awsom..i lyk suspences..still i am waiting for nxt epi..plzz bro plzz post soon..y u don,t commnt in matsh na yaar..i feel so sad..and now adays our matsh gonna be a rocking romances btween our ishveer..

  5. nice bro

  6. nice ranaji…thanx for your work.keep it up.have a nice future.god bless you…..ishveer and matsh forever .

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