Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi (IshVeer Forever) Season-2 Epi-23

The episode starts with ranveer and ishaani in the hospital they are sleeping while wind blows ishaani gets up and thinks what is it??Aranmani 2 Theme plays….

Somebody walks there ishaani sees them and asks who is she??she does not respond ishaani goes near her The girl turns and throttles her neck and takes her up meanwhile ranveer gets up and searches for her but ishaani can’t speak suddenly sound comes from bathroom he sleeps ishaani cries

The girl pulls her down and beats her ishaani faints that girl smiles evily and gets into ishaani body and she gets up and laughs. Ishaani tells now you are mine ishaani and i am here for ranveer i will get him soon and i will kill you

Next day ishaani and ranveer meets the doctor he says you are fine you can go home they comes to house and sees something ishaani tells i will clean it ishaani sees the house full of god pics she throws ranveer sees it and feels strange

Ishaani thinks now i should get ranveer fully then only i can be happy or i need to leave ishaani tomorrow. Ishaani real soul cries inside to leave her the girl tells i need ranveer ishaani begs inside. Ranveer calls her and tells her to get ready we need to go out soon ishaani tells we can be here ranveer asks what happenend??you want to be here

Ranveer gets ready ishaani sees it laughs ranveer throws powder on her ishaani also throws they fall on ground ishaani was about to kiss ranveer someone knocks the door

Guruji comes inside and puts some tilak on ishaani face she starts crying and she throws everything Ranveer sees it and cries(A fb is shown ishaani throws god pics ranveer calls guruji and tells it)

Ishaani takes a knife and stabs it on guruji lights turn off someone comes there and takes ranveer away it is ragini she tells that i will answer you but wait we need to escape

Ishaani searches ranveer and cries and thinks now i will not leave him she takes guruji body up and tells if you did not come out i will kill him ranveer comes out she throws guruji and comes near him she was about to kiss him but ragini throws sindoor on her she shouts ranveer and ragini runs from there and enter some temple

Ishaani follows them guruji comes there and tells now we should make ishaani sit here or she will die ranveer looks on

Precap: They all pray to god ishaani comes there with a knife to ragini and guruji

Enjoy it guys now this epi will somewhat like aranmanai movie and guys that movie theme and film was superb i just loved it and pls you do watch it sana,prince,arham,dhruva.praveena.sathya,and all those who read my ff ?????

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. Superb ranaji. Its called thrilling. Just now i read ur previou matsh ff. Awsome. Fantastic. Mind blowing. Ranaji u r best dr. Plz just continue it. Superb superb superb superb superb.

  2. Superb ranaji. Ishani in evil looks. I just imagine its outcomes aswsome dr. I really enjoyed ur ff. This superb ff. I really likes nagin seriel but my first priority its one & only matsh. But sometimes i imagine shivanya role replaced by ishani and ritik role replaced by ranvi (r arjun bijanii )n nagin its really na. Plz guys don,t take mistake me. Its just my opinion.

  3. arham(soul of ishveer)

    Praveena dr..i agree wid ur both of ur two commnts..i also lyk naagin..but my mom scolding me to don’t watch naagin..bcoz i am a muslm..but i lyk mouni and somtym i watchd..with my mom ‘s permission..their.romanc is too owsm..

  4. arham(soul of ishveer)

    And ranaji.this is my requst..plzz in ur ff..u tak the combining of matsh and naagin na’s too c too intrstng..and in ur ff plzz tak rhitika also na pstv charectr..i mean old nd bold rv’s bst frnd ritz..plzz navyaar tis is also humbl request..

    1. Yes arham.l am also like rivanya.Ranaji pls try to combine matsh and naagin.l know it is difficult but just try and ur epsd was super.

  5. arham(soul of ishveer)

    And today epi awsom na i thnk ragini’s charectr postv na yaar…

  6. I tottaly agree with u praveena…

    super…. Ranajii

    sounds are intersting…..

  7. Dhruva( Ishani loves Ranveer )

    Wow I can’t imagine ishu in evil look……superb ranaji

  8. Wow superb ranaji its really thrilling yaar,i think u admire most on aranmanai 2 filmna

  9. Bro ranaji whr is ur ff na soon na..don,t get wait for nxt epi..

  10. Guys I will try becoz I don’t clear characters of naagin I am watching it for ritvik and shivanya only and I don’t know about other cast?????? but if you really need I will make ritvik and shivanya role in my ff also pls tell me your suggestions

    1. I am also only like rivanya.don’t like other characters.l only want rivanya and also don’t want naag ishveer and rivanya as friends or such like that.and add their romances, knok jhok fight etc.

      1. Sure sana I will try to introduce them soon as soon as possible

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