Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi (IshVeer Forever) Season-2 Epi-22

The episode starts with ranveer suddenly gets up and shouts Ishaani and it was a dream??????????

The girl wakes up and asks what??he tells nothing . Ranveer cries and tells now I am arrested here where is Ishaani and he cries

On the other hand Ishaani was kidnapped by someone in disclosed location Ishaani gets up and asks who is he what he wants??he tells I need ranveer and tells I need to kill her it is ragini lover he tells I need to kill him becoz he made my ragini arrest she tells she made a mistake he tells I no need to hear it I need only ranveer life

Ishaani cries about his sweet moments and thinks now ranveer was here I will be free..ranveer thinks about Ishaani in the morning and goes for the walk suddenly he sees a godown locked from outside but inside he sees a man talking to a girl he thinks who is that??he breaks it and goes inside and sees Ishaani (it is real and not dream)he hugs her and unties the rope suddenly the man hits on ranveer head he faints

Ishaani sees him and cries and she takes a gun and shoots him he dies she takes ranveer to the hospital and tells the doctor it is urgent

They take him to icu and operation starts Ishaani remembers(A flash back is shown Ishaani acted as dead ranveer brings to hospital doctor tells she is no more she cries fake ragini tells him that she is ragini and she gets killed in the mean time Ishaani follows ranveer but she gets kidnapped by ragini lover)

Ishaani asks doctor about ranveer condition he tells it is very critical but you bought in correct time so we have many chances he will not die Ishaani gets happy

She goes to temple and prays to good and takes the aarti in her hand and takes it many women sees her and gets amused and asks what problem??she tells about ranveer they asks her to go and walk on leg and not to wear any chappals she agrees and walks on . other hand ranveer is dying there

Ranveer was not able to breath Ishaani comes there and but ranveer dies police comes and tells Ishaani that ranveer has insured money so you will get 15lakh she tells that she does not want and she cries seeing ranveer but they insist she takes it

Ranveer starts breathing suddenly after Ishaani tears falls on his hand doctor gets amused and makes Ishaani leave they try and made ranveer alive Ishaani comes out and gives money to police

Ranveer gains conscious and calls Ishaani doctor calls her and asks how is she??she tells I am fine and kisses on his forehead ranveer asks for one more nurse and doctor laughs Ishaani asks them not to laugh and tells he is my husband pls leave doctor and nurse leaves she sits beside his ranveer moves his hand and keeps it on Ishaani and tells I love you and takes her hand

Precap:Ishaani tells him to get up and come soon ranveer tells her to wait . Ishaani laughs seeing his dress ranveer throws powder on Ishaani sari and laughs Ishaani throws powder on him too

Guys I think if this happened in real.matsh they will be dragged this track for 2months but I ended it in 2epi??????

I know you are scolding me in your heart but pls don’t tell me ☺☺☺????

Be happy we should proud to be ishveer fans . Be happy keep smiling guys and if you want to change cover pic or this may remain pls comment guys and tell your feedback

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. Its………. amazing yaar I’m still laughing……keep it up !!!!!! Narendra….

  2. No word to say bro..owsom..and don,t chng covr pic it is wndrfl

  3. good going and don’t change that pic

  4. Nice Ranaji and there is no need to change cover was superb pic.if u want to change the pic then we don’t have any is ur desire.

  5. Ya its superb ranaji keep going..

  6. as per your wish i will not change

    1. Thxn guys who r u??man using my name

  7. Kayathri (ranveer)

    superb nice awesome epi

  8. Good episode ranaji. Don’t Chang cover pic it is nice.we love ishveer & they both are best.

  9. I no any thing about telly update but last few days I am watching it. And read all of you’re comments and ff . you’re all are doing superb comments & ff & you are true ishveer lovers . and I am also love ishveer since 1 and half (1\2) year’s. I have no words to describe my love for ishveer ….awesomeeeee

  10. Nice narendran u are superb

  11. arham(soul of ishveer)

    Bro ranaji..whr is ur nxt ff yasr..plzz pist soon na

    1. i sent yaar but there is delay in tellyupdates

  12. Superb ff. Just now i read ur ff. Íts aswsome.

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