Meri aashiqui tum se hi (ishveer forever) season-2 epi-218

So here is the next episode.!!..

Precap:Ranveer gets attacked by servant.. Victoria ordered her servant to check Ranveer..Ranveer walks out.. raajmata asks about him to servant..

So let’s start!!!!????

Raajmata walks on corridor following Ravi! Ravi goes inside room and locks it.. he sits near his bed and sees mirror and throws wooden box on it..raajmata shouts his name.. He comes there and opens door.. raajmata asks what happened? He denies nothing.. She speaks about function in British house.. She tells him to come with her.. he denies..

Victoria comes there and tells raajmata that Ravi will come and sends her out. She ons music she dances with him???He pulls her and tells her to stay away.. she tells him to come then.. I won’t even touch u! He agrees.. and leaves… She smiles.. I will get a baby soon.. She gets a call.. in landline.. she attends and asks about her parents.. They tells we are fine.. Victoria mother asks about Ravi? She tells he is still away from me.. Victoria mother scolds her..???

Victoria throws landline away.. servant comes there and cleans it.. Victoria takes knife and stabs on servant leg! Raajmata watches this from far.. Servant shouts in pain.. she tells him to be quiet.. Victoria gets an idea.. she tells now Ravi will be mine.. she laughs loudly and walks from there…

Agori babas does Pooja.. one baba says u r this much year sacrifice has gave u benefit and he tells u will get all powers..

Victoria comes to Mohini(Black magician) Victoria tells her problem.. Mohini tells it will solved.. but Victoria tells I never trust Indians..Mohini gets angry and throws something o. Dead body.. he walks alive.. Victoria gets shocked.. she apologize to her and leaves from there to party..

Ravi comes to party.. British colonel welcomes him.. he walks inside slowly.. he thinks about people.. and goes inside and orders drink.. Victoria comes there.. everybody welcomes her happily..!!..

Precap:All powers of babas got into a girl(Richa)Richa shouts now Ravi will be killed. She laughs loudly ?

Luv luv ff I will update within this weekend

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  1. Narendran

    From now on my update.. will be regular..two days once??whichever ff is not ended.. properly. Will be ended properly.. tmr new ff fresh one.. need u r support… Which shows u would like to prefer with matsh… Only one show..
    1.Shakthi…2. vishkanya..3.ishqbaaz..4.Madhubala 5.ipknd… u r choices.. becoz I knew only these above mentioned.. others also tell me.. I will try to find characters.. if it is easy I will write.. for u..!..

    1. Arni

      If u can then start a ff on Naagin but if u do not wish then Ishqbaaz

  2. Awesome part ranaji . Precap seems dangerous but waiting for it.

    1. Narendran

      Thnq Mariya ????for the comment. Keep reading

  3. Rookey rookers for ever the lover of ranvi

    Hi frnds , its urgent pls vote for ishveer in color forum as best jodi forever . for reference veiw nandhana sweeti’s ff . and pls do vote for ishveer . I seriously beg u all to do so . I may give back ur ishveer and prince bro pls refer it and post it India forum in all ff writers page too as I can’t , pls do it …. Pls plspls at present ishveer is leading with 27%

  4. Rookey rookers for ever the lover of ranvi

    Pls pls don’t forget , if u have voted ask any others to do the same . pls guys we love ishveer so much and wewant them back or at least should show our power to them must rub clay in EK and colors face . every ishveerian should do it .

    And PRINCE bro MAYASHELLY dii , pls plspost in indiaforums page . love u guys , its time to fight for our ishveer , our shadhikafor our matsh family … Pls guys pls …..

    1. Narendran

      Sure amirta!! I will.. do.. tell me did u complete u r 12th std?

    2. Maya-Shelly

      Hy rookey how are you? It seems long days we get to

  5. Rookey rookers for ever the lover of ranvi

    Guys try ur best . I hope u all can understand the importance we should do all the possible nook and crook way to bring our ishveer and should work from head to toe for that . hope u all will …..

    Pls pls pls pls and billions billions pls , vote for them and don’t neglect this precious second opportunity as pls do visit Karen bro ff a lot , I posted it here . pls spread the news and thanks nadhu dear for the info . love u dear , forever

  6. Rookey rookers for ever the lover of ranvi

    For reference My love is only for u (matsh ) ff – episode 61&62 … Don’t forget . dry for the trouble . but hope no sry & thanks bwt frnds ….

  7. Honey

    nice epi.

    1. Narendran

      Thnq honey for the comment..

      1. Honey

        ur welcome .whr r u from? im frm hyderabad.niku telugu vacha

      2. Narendran

        I am from Coimbatore..naaku Telugu konjam vochu

  8. Duva

    1st of all extremely sorry I need time to read all the past stories
    2nd is loved the update
    Anna forgive me plzzz I m busy with eXmas so will start reading after 20th sorry lovedidn’t the story

    1. Narendran

      Thnq duva.. there is only one previous episode.. so don’t worry.. u no need to read many episodes.. ??best of luck for u r exams

  9. Rookey rookers for ever the lover of ranvi

    Hey naren … First of all how r u ? What a pleasant surprise u still remember my name ! So sweet of u dear ….

    Yes I completed my 12th , just waiting for results , just like u ….lol …. k. Tell me abt ur college plan as u r in kovai , will u join in ur native itself ? If yes college name ?

    1. Narendran

      I always remember my best frnds name??????? Don’t know about college.. after seeing mark only college will be chosen.. max in coimbatore.. what abt u?.. what u planned?.. do u have my number?do u registered in tu page? I will send in private msg.. becoz I cannot send it openly.. na? So only..

  10. Arni

    Wow loved it yaar u nailed it but confused whether he is ravi or ranveer

    1. Narendran

      Sorry little mistake during writing.. it is Ravi!! Thnq siddhi

  11. Very nice dear Naren waiting for the next episode ?

    1. Narendran

      Thnq Neelam di.. for commenting.. sure next episode will be treat for u!!

  12. Ritik

    Lovely,liked it and congo for completeing more than 200 episodes.I am new to tellyupdates and a die hard fan of ishveer.I have posted a ff on meri aashiqui tum se hi and it will be updated soon.Do read and comment and please give me tips to write a ff please please please,you are a lovely and good writer

    1. Narendran

      Sure Ritik.. for the comment.. I will surely read.. I have results.. so they after tmr I will read..

      1. Ritik

        Sure and atb

  13. Rookey rookers for ever the lover of ranvi

    Ho naren , that’s sooo cool ! So u consider me as ur best frnd !!! Thanks really a surprise ! Abt my college , I will join in kct mostly . and yes , in registering in tu , I have a prblm , its not registering before I registered I think , then I didn’t used the account , now I can’t able to login . then , s I don’t have ur no. … Now what to do ? K. Let’s see … Actually , which school are u ?

    Hi mayashelly dii , how r u dear , really missed u a lot , love u dii . hope u r doing great !

  14. Rookeyrookersranvi

    Hey , I cleared the prblm . hurrey ….. I just forgot my account name , that’s it .. Yes , naren I have a account in tu page & u can send a private mag. No prblm , then !

    1. Narendran

      I msg u.. pls check u r account

  15. Rookeyrookersranvi

    Hey , s I checked it ! And all the best 4 ur results . hope 4 the best !

  16. Jasminerahul

    don’t get angry with me.because though Ravi Victoria scene was full of hatred I found it passionate. Victoria is do cruel to hurt that servant.I thought its a periodical drama.but they are using it’s not.ok.Victoria is so evil that she is willing to do black magic too for power.oh.waiting for richa’s entry.
    happy that you will finish all other ffs.
    you were already writing an ishveer haya tanshi ff.right?so I won’t ask you to start a new ishveer haya ff as I want you to continue that.
    since you already have ishveer khushi ff not asking for ishveer arshi ff.

    1. Narendran

      In 1860s.. telephone was invented???So don’t worry!! And I will finsih all my ff by tmr.. starting with love love ff.!! Thnq for u r choices.. Madhubala show I have decided..thnq for u r comments.. I was waiting sooo long to see u r comments.. so they after tmr I will post episode of luv luv ff..

      1. Jasminerahul

        but this story happens in India,Right?In India the phone came much later.right?But i’m happy that its a periodical drama.i love it

      2. Narendran

        I think it came late.. so it is ok ???.. tmr I will update ff

  17. Jasminerahul

    madhubala naagin dil bole oberoi swararagini are my choices

  18. Jasminerahul

    sorry I forgot to include pardes main hai mera dil

  19. Nandana

    Nice one bro …. Liked it … Waiting for the next as Richard is getting some power…. Waiting for our Shadhika …

    1. Narendran

      Thnq for commenting Nandana..keep reading????

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