Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi (IshVeer Forever) Season-2 Epi-21

The episode starts with ranveer searches ragini everywhere and he thinks what to do??he comes to her fav spots and checks everywhere but he can’t find here. Ragini thinks that ranveer will not search in this place alone becoz he is such a fool he is stupid and she taunts him

Ranveer searches her day and night on the other hand ishaani thinks about ranveer and asks the girl that she can call ranveer she tells ok Ranveer gets a call it ishaani he picks up and asks how is she??she tells i am fine ranveer thinks i should not tell her about this then she will be scared he tells i will get ragini soon she tells thnx and tells him to come soon and tells she is feeling uneasy

He tells ok and sees the time 1hr more he cries Hamari aadhuri kahani plays.. he thinks bout the sweet moments with ishaani and he suddenly gets some idea and comes to the house and beats the guards an dcomes inside and sees ragini sleeping he sprays something she feels dizzy and sleeps he takes her and puts in car and starts driving he comes near to the house suddenly ragini wakes up and fights with him suddenly she falls out she runs ranveer follows her and comes to cliff

Ragini tells him if i am not there then ishaani cannot be saved she laughs and jumps he gets shocked he cries and tells her to come back he comes to palace and tells her that she jumped from the cliff the girl gets shocked suddenly she brings a body that is ishaani dead body he gets shocked he cries and asks her why she left me he tells that she is dead ragini is no more then why you did this he sees but the girl is not there he takes her to hospital but doctor tells she is no more he holds his collar and he tells sorry

He cries and thinks why ragini is like this? if this days was not in my life then i will be happy with my ishaani

Someone comes back and keeps the hand in his shoulder he turns and sees and he gets shocked he asks you Ragini smiles and tells now your wife is dead and i am happy he takes a knife and keeps it on her neck and tells her to get inside the car

Ranveer drives car holding knife ragini tells him it is waste of time your wife is dead now he asks her to shut up and brings her to palace and calls that girl she appears and sees ragini she throws some things on her she dies. Ranveer asks her why she did this with me?? The girl tells sorry and brings one girl ranveer asks who is she??

Girl tells she is one who will take care of you from now . Ranveer is clueless girl face is covered with dupatta He tells noo i will take care girl tells you should take her or i will kill you he tells ok

Ranveer and that girl comes to that house and sleeps ranveer thinks i should find her face soon. Ishaani thinks i should do this for ranveer

Next day ranveer walks on the road and sees some girls and flirts with them ishaani sees it and gets shocked she comes and removes dupatta and beats him he gets happy after seeing ishaani he hugs her he kisses her on her face

Ranveer and ishaani comes to house and sees the room decorated the girl comes and tells them all the best and tells them to enjoy this life happily

Precap: Suspense pls wait guys

Guys i think it is a stupid twist next epi i will clarly explain how ragini came back??how ishaani became alive??and more i will answer on next epi

Till that stay stunned to read it guys if matsh end then we will all comment on this ff page and we will talk..

Thnx for your support i will not stop it and i will try to make it to 50 epi and start season-3?????

Enjoy reading guys

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. Nyc ranaji..but i am confused aftr reanding this..first u said ishu take sucid and dead nu..apro how she live..i don’t know abt nxt epi..but eagirly waiting for my cute ishveer’s romanc

  2. Plzz make our ishveer’s knok jhoks and romnces soon na yaar…

  3. I am wating….to see new track…luv u ishveer

  4. Hai ranaji…plzz cleared my confusion na yaar…..

  5. Post the nxt epi soon na bro..iam very exitd abt ishveer’s romnc

  6. incredible twist

  7. I just love it ranaji………yeh story bohot awesome hai and pls pls keep updating fast…..

  8. thanks ranaji. tumhara ff solid hain but I want ishveer romance

  9. Very nice Ranaji.waiting for the twist.pls update fast.and well said Ranaji if our show is go off air we will comment and talk in this ff.we have to remain as ishveer fans forever.

  10. Thank u Ranajii ….. for updating fan fiction ….

    Nice epi ….. keep rocking my ishveer ……

  11. Nice narendran u are superb

  12. I agree with sana if matsh go off air we will comment & talk in this ff.but l will pray for matsh is not going off air.

  13. Nice episode but little bit confusion

  14. Once again Superb ff ranaji. And i also waiting 4 ur next ff and suspence portion.
    Matsh writter sonali mam plz see ff and how could ff writter caried a ff much well. Superb ff. Ranaji just continue it.

  15. Of course Ranaji write as many as episodes as possible 🙂 I like to read all ur ff even your KKB ff but I m too lazy to comment all 😛 I know about your MATSH, KKB ff do u also write ff on other shows

  16. Ranaji(narendran)

    Ishveer romance will be soon but not on next epi I mean 22 romance on 23epi but 22 epi will be nice there will be ishveer scene which you have already seen in real.matsh

  17. Thanks ranaji ,really superb yaar,waiting for next epi

  18. rookey rookers

    guys i just posted a mail to colors for 2pages about our thoughts . and am going to mail for matsh continuosly . hope for the best

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