Meri aashiqui tum se hi (ishveer forever) season-2 epi-202


Sorry guys for late update… Tu was not available for one day.. And me one day.. So only late.

The episode starts with Ishaani goes to her room and locks inside and cries.. Sanam Teri kasam plays.. She thinks why God always plays in my life? Radhika comes there and knocks the door… Ishaani opens it.. Radhika asks her is she is happy? Ishaani nods her head.. Radhika tells her I am soo happy for u! Radhika hugs Ishaani..

Ranveer escapes from that place and runs on road.. He thinks what to do now? Shall I call police or Ishaani? He calls Ishaani first! Ishaani sees private number and cuts it..he calls her again and again.. She cuts all time.. Battery is dead… Ranveer tries to call police but fails! He somehow manages to escapes from goons.. He calms down himself saying Ishaani would have thought it is private number!He then comes to house… He sees it is sealed.. He gets shocked..

He comes outside and asks iron man where is Ishaani? Worker stands amused and asks is he is alive? He makes ranveer sit and tells while story! Ranveer stands speechless! He thinks what to do now? He asks radhika number? Iron man tells no.. But I have Reena number! Iron man gives it..

Neelam,Reena,nandana,julina, Sathya,vyshu, payal,Sharmila, harisha, raji,Mariya,Prince,and narendran..starts wedding celebration.. @.. Mumbai for famous star.. Ranveer comes there.. Ganapathi song plays.. Narendran and Prince.. Checks all decorations.. And others check their respective work..

Sathya and payal clashes with ranveer.. They both are surprised to see him! Ranveer asks where is Reena? Sathya and payal demands for selfie! He poses.. Sathya calls out Reena to come.. She comes there and gets shocked seeing him alive.. Ranveer asks where is Ishaani? Reena tells. Came late.. Their wedding is over.. He gets shocked.. She tells sahil and Ishaani got married.. For ishika sake! Ranveer asks is it my daughter? Reena nods.. Raji,julina,Mariya.. Also joins .. Dhruva comes there wearing coat.. And gives papers to ranveer.. Ranveer tells this time.. Fight will be with my wife!

Ranveer comes infront of mandap.. Ishaani gets shocked and teary eyes.. Too.. She tries to run but sahil holds her hand tightly and tells u r mine now.. Radhika also stands shocked! Ranveer throws papers on Ishaani face and tells this is custody case.. I have filed for my daughter ishika! Sana comes there as another lawyer and tells I knew u will come here.. So me also came with official papers..

Precap:Ranveer leaves.. Angrily.. Without seeing ishika.. Ishaani hugs ishika..

So from now on full of masti!???????????get ready.. So people on ishaani side is.. Radhika,sana,Reena, nandana,julina,narendran,Sharmila.

Ranveer side rest of them.. So let us hace masti! Dhruva as ranveer lawyer.. Mariya as ranveer sister!

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  1. Siddhi

    Nice episode so you added everyone leaving me

    1. Narendran

      Thnx siddhi! I won’t forget u! U have imp role! Don’t worry!

      1. Siddhi

        Thanks Naren bro

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    Please update sizzling luv

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      Sure I will post soon

      1. Narendran

        I have submitted.. Tu has Some.. Issues after it gets over.. They will post ff!

  3. Very niz epi bro…. U r doing t diff from other… Update next soon… Keep smiling….

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  10. sathyav (shakti weds radz )

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  12. Wonderful,mindblowing,superb,fa

  13. vyshu_ shadhikafan

    Bro epi was amazing bro!!! love it so much full of masti…?????????????….

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  15. Bro sooooooooooooooo sry i was sudying for my exams so could not comnt on your ff but loved it sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much no words to express loved it so much keep rocking and how r u ……..

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