Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi (IshVeer Forever) Season-2 Epi-20

The episode starts with girl tells I will kill you she takes a knife but she can’t stab it becoz her father was standing back and tells her to stop it she hugs him Ishaani calls ranveer and asks him let us leave the girl father asks them to wait and comes there and tells pls help me my daughter want to kill ragini Ishaani gets shocked she asks what she did with you??he tells that your harshad told to kill her in the hospital but she killed me Ishaani tells sorry and tells I will bring her soon

Ishaani and ranveer comes to room and see each other and tells now problem is solved now we can be happy ranveer and Ishaani hugs zehnaseeb plays…

Ranveer in morning thinks about it girl comes and tells sorry and she signs the window it comes and hits on ranveer head he faints.Ishaani gets up and shouts ranveer he also gets up and asks what happened she tells nothing ranveer gives her water

Ishaani thinks that I should leave this house soon she tells him let us go The girl comes there and tells one should be here and other should bring ragini they looks on ranveer tells I will go and bring her he request them to keep Ishaani safe girl tells sure..

Ranveer drives the car and thinks about their sweet moments and drives the car and comes to ragini house and sees the door closed and searches her but he did not find her he returns there and tells it she gets angry and tells I will give you 2days time you should bring her or I will kill Ishaani he gets shocked he pleads her she tells now it is up to u he cries and comes outside Hamari aadhuri kahani plays..

Ishaani thinks about him and cries in her room food comes girl asks her to eat and be healthy Ishaani thanks her.

Ranveer searches her and informs police and gives news on paper also but it does not work he gets tensed he searches her everywhere

Precap: Ranveer cries and tells only 1hrs remaining what to do??suddenly he gets some clue and he leaves from there

Enjoy it buddies now this track will end as per Arham request and I will see you in new track after 2epi

Guys pls wait I have no time I will post epi on Friday or saturday

Credit to: Narendran


  1. arham

    Ranaji i don’t tell to end this ff na yaar..plzz don’t tak negativ…i don’t lyk blak magk i commnt lyk tat na yaar..onnoda ff enaku romba pudyku..plzz continu yaar..this trck also gud na yaar

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