Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi (IshVeer Forever) Season-2 Epi-19


The episode starts with ranveer and ishaani sees the house and tells nice to each other they laugh they search for a room and sees a room but it is closed they see the room through the window they breaks the lock and goes inside they get some noise but it stops ranveer and ishaani sleeps

Next mrng ishaani and ranveer gets ready for office ishaani was seeing mirror she sees someone passing through it and gets shocked she turns and finds nobody is there

Ishaani and ranveer comes to office and completes the work they get salary ranveer and ishaani tells we are quiting this work and gives letter and leaves from there and they coems to house and sees it decorated ishaani thinks who is this??servant tells that he only decorated they go inside suddenly he disappears ishaani sees it and gets shocked they comes to room and goes towards terrace and sees the whole city ishaani fells someone is standing behind them she turns and finds nobody ishaani tells ranveer that she will drink water and come she comes down and drinks water

She gets shocked after seeing a girl standing there with knife ishaani runs to terrace and tells ranveer about it he comes down and finds nobody is there he asks her to cool down i will come with you

They come to room ishaani comes there late and sees bathroom light is on she thinks ranveer is inside she sleeps but ranveer comes from outside room ishaani feels ranveer is sleeping near her but real ranveer comes there and wakes her up and asks her if she wants anything??

She gets shocked she asks if you were here then who is near me??she takes the blanket and finds nobody is there

Ishaani tells ranveer that she needs to see all the room they go they see a room sealed and gets amused and sees through a window and thinks it is a big problem

Ranveer calls ragini but she does not pick up ragini thinks i sent you to ghost house then only i can kill you she laughs

they goes to bed and sleeps later same girl comes there and sees them sleeping and tells i will kill you . I have put a board outside not anyone come there but you came here i will not spare you

She laughs ranveer and ishaani hears some sound and gets up and sees a girl going from there ishaani tells him that she is that girl ranveer and ishaani follows her she comes to room and they comes inside the door closes

Ranveer seraches for that girl and they find a dead body they gets shocked ranveer throws it the girl comes there and catches it and tells them to behave properly or i will kill you ranveer and ishaani gets shocked they asks who are you??

She tells them that my father was killed by ragini now i need to kill her but she is not here so i will kill you people they gets shocked

That girl comes near them ranveer takes a blanket and throws it but she is ghost she easily comes out and throttles ranveer and tells him i will kill you she laughs

Precap: Wait for next epi it will be awesome stay stunned to read it???????

Enjoy it buddies

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. pls read and give comments guys and thnx for your support guys and i will try to update next part today itself becoz tmr i have school bye…..

  2. Ranajii it was Awesome….?

  3. Ranajii it was Awesome ….?
    Hatsoff of ur creativity ….

    i enjoyed today.

  4. It was nice Ranaji.

  5. Waiting for next episode man.

  6. It’s really interesting to read your ff Narendran. Even I’m also from Tamilnadu.

  7. love it yaar and eagerly waiting for next epi

  8. Yaar don,t do ghost track…tis track is not intrstng yaar..plzz make one and onlybromnc..and whrbwill ishveer gobto H.M i am eagirly waiting for the ishveer,s honey moon trip..plzz end this track na yaar

    1. Sure yaar

  9. Nice narendran.u are superb

  10. guyz can any1 tel me abt Tamanna’s ff..i loved her ff ws smethng diffrent n intresting..ju lovd it..i read oly 2 epiz..any1 tel me abt tat ffs name..

    actually i wont read ffs as don hv mvh fr d fst tym juz simply chckd tat i lykd it vry mch n nw i wont find any further epiz 🙁

  11. It’s really nice ff.

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