Meri aashiqui tum se hi (ishveer forever) season-2 epi-181

The episode starts with Ishaani sees ranveer.. He eyes her.. Pandit asks them will marriage take place or not? Guests speaks to each other.. Ranveer tells yes.. I am Ishaani husband..we both will get married again!! Ishaani looks on surprise! Shikhar gets shocked and he comes there and tells Ishaani not to marry him!!

Ishaani jerks shikhar hand and sits on mandap with ranveer.. She eyes him itself.. He takes rounds with her.. Mangalam plays.. She sits.. He makes her wear sindoor and mangalsutra. Neha cries.. She falls down.. All others gets shocked. Ranveer stands clueless.. Doctor checks her and tells she is pregnant.. Ranveer gets shocked but he acts normal! She turns and sees ranveer and comes to him.. He asks why she is staring at me? She tells I knew u cheated her and came to me..? He tells I love u.. I love u.. They share an eyelock.. Shikhar tells he Is lying.. She sees him.. He keeps his eyes lovingly infront of her.. Ishaani tells I feel he is not lying? Shikhar gets shocked..

Neha gets up and asks what happened? Others tells that she is pregnant.. She gets super shocked.. She comes near ranveer and hugs him and tells him to accept the baby! Ishaani moves neha away and tells he is mine. Shikhar comes there and holds Ishaani hand.. All others see each other.. While ranveer eyes Ishaani.. She jerks other.. All falls down.. Ishaani was about to fall.. Ranveer holds her.. They share an eyelock.. Tum hi ho plays.. Their eyes are shown.. Their lips are shown.. He pushes her closer and moves her hair.

Shikhar stops him and tries to throw him out of house.. Ishaani and police stops him and tells he is patient.. U don’t have any rights? He gets shocked and leaves angrily!Neha comes to house and tells randhir that she is pregnant.. He asks what? Neha tells with u r child? He fells I did not even crossed my limits with u? Neha tells yes.. She cries..

Sanyu hears this and gets shocked.. she comes out and asks randhir what is this? He fells it is not true.. She slaps him and tell u r cheater! She cries.. She takes out her bag.. He tries to stop her.. But she pushes him.. Neha smiles.. She tells so my baby is secured!!

Precap: Ishaani wears short dress and comes infront of ranveer.. He sees her lovingly!???Sanam re plays..


  1. Julina


    |Registered Member

    Yeah bro…. I loved the epi…. They together fooled all….. Whose baby is that…. Anyway… Waiting for next update?..

  2. Nandana (a big fan of SHAKTI ARORA)

    hi bro
    i really like it and i love all ur ff and it is becoming ineresting because now neha cant say the baby as ranveer because she had said it know that it is randhirs baby 🙂

  3. Nandana (a big fan of SHAKTI ARORA)

    and in one episode u put the father of neha’s baby i think it is arjun

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