Meri aashiqui tum se hi (ishveer forever) season-2 epi-177


The episode starts with Ishaani and ranveer eyes each other.. They share an eyelock!! Allah warriyan plays.. Ranveer turns his face and asks her to leave from here.. Ishaani comes and hugs him from back.. He jerks her away and. Tells her to leave.. She tells I love u.. I missed u this much days!! He gets angry and slaps him.. She gets shocked.. she asks what I did? He stands silent.. She tells I love u!! He tells him not to use the word.. Love!! She tells for what? He tells u gonna marry.. One person after my death!! She tells it is just compromise.. She tells I will clear u r doubt.. She was about to speak.. But he stops her and tells her. To get lost.

Ranveer pushes her out.. She gets shocked.. She falls down and shouts in pain.. Ranveer gets shocked.. She slowly gets up and tells it is OK.. I love u.. He tells her not to repeat the word again.. Randhir sees all this.. Ishaani stands.. Ranveer tells u r carrying my baby.. After it is born.. It will be mine.. She tells it is mine and not u r s.. He tells I will get it from u.. She tells I challenge u!! Both leaves in opposite direction..

Shikhar makes all arrangements.. Ishaani comes there crying and goes inside room.. Ranveer also comes to house and sits with neha.. He tells about happening!! She gets shocked.. She cares him and asks did anything happened to u?? He tells nothing and comes near balcony and stands.. Ishaani sits in his room.. Shikhar checks her hand hurt and comes there and puts oinment.. Ranveer sees this and turns his face.. After some time.. Ishaani gets up and sees balcony.. Neha comes closer to ranveer.. While she turns.. He jerks her leaves.. Ishaani again turns and sees him missing.. Neha shouts I love u ranveer!!! Ranveer cries…

Precap: Neha and randhir plans to kill Ishaani.. Ranveer hears it and gets shocked..

Hope u all liked it.

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  1. Reena

    Nice episode Naren bro.. I liked the care Ranveer had for Ishani when she fell! And also how Shikar tended her hand… BUT I CAN’T WAIT FOR THEM TO UNITE!!!

    1. Narendran

      Thnx Reena for the comment..

  2. Aww ….waiting for next

    1. Narendran

      Thnx Prince for the comment..

  3. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Nice episode bro and waiting for their r u bro?

    1. Narendran

      Thnx.. Sana. I am fine.. Why u did not comment.. This much days?? Missed u.

      1. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

        Sorry bro…this month is Ramadan little bit busy and from 20 Monday I will be super busy school is opening but I will try to comment here.

  4. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Hi guys how r u all? Raji akka, sathya akka, arham dr, reena sissy, dhruva, prince bro, julina dii…

    1. Reena

      I am great Sana dhi! I was just missing you!

  5. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Hi Raji akka…how is ur exam? U wrote well all ur exams end? I missed u….

    Sathya akka me too missing u but I can’t connect with u.I don’t have the permission to do so akka.

    Arham dr how is ur Ramadan? Take care of ur health.

    Reena sissy and julina dii u asked my contact number na.sorry…I don’t have the permission to use it.if it possible I will give u sure.

    And dhruva dear Ramadan is not a festival dear. it is a holy month of Muslims.
    I hope I replied to all.

  6. Not like it bro I loved it so much

    1. Narendran

      Thnx duva.. For the comment..

  7. Very nice episode Naren eagerly waiting for their reunion ?

    1. Narendran

      Thnx neelam.. Soon they will be united!!

  8. Mukti.H

    Hi everyone i was a silent reader till today as i was busy and used to comment only in vk family… But now i decided to comment in this page…
    Can i be friends with u…?

    1. Narendran

      Welcome!!Mukthi!! Thnx for commenting

    2. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥



    Hii Naren…..its seriously mind blowing episode……I don’t like when Ranveer pushes her…..but when he gets concern was the best part……and also same about Shikhar …..but what’s the problem I can’t understand is Shikhar evil or good…..!!!!!!
    Anyways cool and lovely episode…..but waiting for reunion…..

    1. Narendran

      U will come to know.. In next few episodes!! Dhruva about shikhar!!

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