Meri aashiqui tum se hi (ishveer forever) season-2 epi-176

The episode starts with Ranveer eyes ishaani house and cries..neha asks what happened?He tells nothing dust went inside my eyes..An fb is shown…ishaani shouts..ranveer runs to her and asks what happened?she tells dust went inside my eyes..he tells for this u shouted??she throws some dust on his eyes.he shouts and asks if what did u do?She tells u only asked me..u shouted for this?so only.. i made u also feel the same pain.he smiles..An fb ends..Ranveer tells neha that he will clean it..Ishaani comes out of house and walks on road and comes to ashram and sees kids and smiles..she comes near them and asks what they want?Children tells we need ice cream..ishaani tells let us go come with me..i will buy for u all!Children tells we need to ask our hostel warden..they leaves to ask,,,but ishaani gets a call she leaves from there..Children comes back after getting permission and sees her missing and stands sad..Ranveer passes by with neha..she sees them and tells chiii;;she tells ranveer let us leave or this children will pick this things from us..Ranveer recalls how ishaani was alone after their parents death.he tells her to go to house and he will come back..she asks where r u going?he tells i have some imp work..she leaves from there..

Ranveer comes to them and asks them what happened?they tells that one aunty came and asked what we want?we left to ask permission but she left..Ranveer tells may be she would have left for urgent work..he tells so now..will u have ice cream with me??all children smiles and tells sure and runs with him to ice cream parlour..all children orders diff diff ice cream..but ranveer orders..Strawberry flavour..he gets it and recalls how ishaani will eat ice cream..He smiles..he then starts eating with all children.he gets call and leaves from there…In the mean time ishaani comes there and sees owner fighting with children to pay their money!while ishaani comes there and asks what happened?she pays money..she sees her fav flavour…she smiles and asks who got it?children tells one uncle brought us after u left..they shows him standing far.she does not sees his face and tells them to have fun..

She eats ice cream without knowing..Allah warriyan plays..she smiles and comes near door and bids bye to all children and opens the door..Ranveer also comes there..he also opens the door..they both hit each other..Ishaani gets shocked after seeing ranveer alive!!!…Matsh fast theme plays..Ranveer also gets teary eyes..Ishaani hugs him..he too hug her in emotinal situation..neha waits for ranveer and calls but he does not pick up..Neha tells randhir that he went out but did not come..he tells i will bring him soon and he leaves from there and seraches him..Sanyu shouts neha to open the door..Neha comes in with food tray and serves food and holds her hair and tells her not to think of seperating me and ranveer..ever in u r life!!she locks it and leaves..Sanyu cries..Ranveer and ishaani breaks hug and see each other..

Precap: Randhir sees ishaani and ranveer together and gets shocked…Ranveer slaps ishaani and taunts her..he tells after baby is will be mine..She tells it is mine baby!! no one can even dare to take it..Ranveer tells let me see..u r cheap lady marrying one more person for money?she cries and leaves from there curt..he cries..Hamari aadhuri kahani plays..


  1. Nandana (a big fan of SHAKTI ARORA)

    very sad for ishveer and u r very skilled.
    and i need them to be happy:’)

  2. Reena


    |Registered Member

    Superb episode Naren bro!! I loved how both of them gave ice cream and all! And the hug was so cute.. I cant wait until they actually resolve their problems and become one and get rid of stupid Neha!! Amazing Bro!

  3. Nandana (a big fan of SHAKTI ARORA)

    waiting for the next episode plz update it and i am eagerly waiting for it


    Hii Naren so sorry for late comment…..and I would say its really feeling bad…..the way Ran veer is behaving with Ishu……

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