Meri aashiqui tum se hi (ishveer forever) season-2 epi-175

Guys I am free so posted 3 epi.. Today itself!!

The episode starts with Ishaani comes near window and cries.. She tells shikhar to leave from here.. He leaves from there and comes out and smiles evilly!!??Shikhar comes near godown and calls out his friend.. He comes there and asks him what he wants? Neha tells ranveer to sleep on bed.. She sees crying seeing window. Ishaani moves away.. While neha sees birds flying and tells ranveer to sleep.. She makes him sleep and leaves from there..

He gets up from bed and eyes through window.. He sees Ishaani and smiles.. He then stops himself and tells she cheated me! But why I am thinking about her this much? He stops himself and leaves from there and comes to bed and sleeps.. Next day..

Ishaani and shikhar wedding preparations starts.. Ranveer sees this and gets irked and tells neha let us get married? She agrees with big smile.. He asks for ring? She shows it. They both exchanges it. Sanyu sees Ishaani through window and. Speaks to her. She tells about ranveer.. Sanyu asks who is he for u? She tells she is my husband and I love him very much.. She asks then why r u getting married to someone? Ishaani tells due to situation.. Randhir opens door and sees her speaking to Ishaani and thnx her and closes it and beats sanyu.

She cries and tells him to stop beating her.. He brings her to room where there is no window and throws her inside and leaves from there.. She tells I need to unite Ishaani and ranveer.. Surely!! She takes vow.. She smiles.. Randhir sees neha and ranveer exchanging rings and smiles.. he tells this is the time.. I need to execute the plan!! He smiled evilly!! He comes there and throws flowers on them.. He tells I already got ready mandap.. Soon u r marriage will take place!! Neha cheers.. While ranveer eyes Ishaani house..

Precap:Ishaani comes near airport.. Ranveer also comes there… They both looks at each other!! Sanam re plays..


  1. Reena


    |Registered Member

    Awesome episode Naren bro!! Both of them left me amazed!! I cant wait for Ishani to prove her innocence and get rid of stupid Neha once and for all.. I want ISHVEER together and cant wait for their reunion!


    Hey Naren soo soo soo sorry for late comment…..actually i thought i comment as i just read it…..soo sorry ( by holding ears ) for that don’t forgot I loved your ff soo much…….and its really nice but I didn’t understand what’s going or cooking in Ranveers mind….once he saw her and smiled and then he heared her saying about she is pregnant…..and then he got angry and wanted just his baby…..but When Ishani was crying why Ranveer didn’t saw it….????? I’m confused yaar please solve it….!!!!!!!!

  3. raji

    Ranaji bro congratulations for 175 episode ……sorry bro for late comment i am busy with my exams so i cant come her regularly ..miss u all

  4. arham(a soul of ishveer)

    wo bro..u done 175 epi..yippee!!really i am proud of r u all my bros and sissys

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