Meri aashiqui tum se hi (ishveer forever) season-2 epi-174


The episode starts with Ishaani gets surprised and asks him what he is doing?he tells this is what my mother wanted..ishaani leaves inside and sees ranveer pic and cries..She tells i cannot marry someone when u r in my heart..she tells i will inform all that i love ranveer only! Shikhar comes there and tells her.that many trust i understand u never break their trust!!1she gets shocked..she was speechless and sits down and cries..she throws something through hits ranveer body..he suddenly jerks.sanyu sees this and makes him normal..he slowly opens eyes..sanyu gets shocked and asks his name?he tells my name is ranveer..he removes all things and comes near window and sees ishaani standing and smiles..he tries to call her but due to pain on throat..he can’t..he tries to sign her but fails..He slowly walks out..sanyu tells about neha and randhir is there..he tells sanyu to help him to go and meet ishaani once..sanyu agrees..Ranveer walks towards ishaani house..ishaani wipes her tears and comes down and smiles at guests and agrees for marriage!

Shikhar smiles..Ranveer comes near door..guards stop him and asks his name?he tells my name is ranveer..guards tells him to get out.He pushes him and runs inside with stick..he stands near door and watches ishaani..he gets teary eyes..Allah warriyan plays..He tells i came back to u..ishaani..he tells i……Shikhar shows her ring..she makes him wear it..he gets shocked..He gets curt and turns aside..Neha asks sanyu where is ranveer?Sanyu tells i don’t know..randhir holds her hair and asks where is he?she tells i don’t know.He pushes her in bed and locks her in room..she cries..Neha and randhir sees each other tensedly..Ranveer sees ishaani in dress and smiles,He slowly walks near door..Ishaani tells all guests that she is pregnant..shikhar tries to stop her but she tells it is my ranveer child!He smiles..but he leaves from there..Shikhar guests taunts her and levaes from there..

Ranveer comes back to house and tells my is mine..i will get the baby from characterless ishaani once my baby is born!he cries..Neha comes there and sees him and asks why r u crying?Ranveer tells i went to park..neha hugs him and tells u r normal!she smiles..Randhir comes there and prays to god..neha asks ranveer did u have any pain?he tells no..ranveer asks who is he?Neha tells he is the one who sponsored for u r treatement..he thnx him..Ranveer asks first who am i??Neha smiles and tells so this the way..i can come close ranveer..she smiles..she tells i am u r wife!..we tries to escape from someone but we falled down on cliff..he acts as if he does not knew anything..His head comes there and tells he is fine and he can remember all things..Neha gets shocked..she tells him to give tablet that he should forget about something/./doctor gets shocked and asks what?it is against our work! Neha bribes him more and more money..he agrees finally!!

Randhir comes to room and locks it and tells i knew u helped him to leave..he again asks her why she helped?sanyu tells i did not..he again and again slaps her hard and leaves from there and locks the door.Sanyu cries..ranveer comes to room and tells himself..that it is my child!i need it..he repeatedly says it..Neha comes there and asks what?he tells nothing..She gives tablet..he shouts cockroach..she jumps..he throws tablet and tells i ate..she smiles and leaves from there..he tells i knew u r plan..i will never forget about my baby!he smiles..Ishaani comes to room and cries..she tells to ranveer pic..that i did big mistake today..shikhar comes there and hugs her from back and tells i love u..she turns and folds her hand..Ranveer sees this through window and cries..he tells u betrayed me!!i won’t spare u.

Precap: Ishaani and shikhar wedding arrangements starts…Neha and ranveer wedding arrangements also starts..Sanyu was locked inside room..she tells i need to tell thr truth to ishaani about ranveer..

Spoilers: Sanyu will some how try to escape through window and reaches mandap where ishaani and shikhar wedding gonna take place..While ishaani and ranveer taking vows..sanyu shouts and stops her and tells ranveer is alive!!!Ishaani smiles and throws garlands and runs to house..but he tells her to get lost..while ranveer and neha marriage takes place..Ishaani brings police and their marriage papers and stops their marriage for some time..Will ishaani prove her innocence?Will ishveer be united?shikhar will create any probelm?in the mean time..Neha gets pregnant and fools ranveer that it is his child…what will ranveer do?how will he manage situation?

Sorry guys next epi..whenever i find time..i will update!!I added spoilers so that u will be curious for next epi..pls wait for some time..soon ishveer will meet each other and be united..So in 200th epi..after..i will bring..Radhika,shakthi,vivian and madhu..becoz randhir aim is be patient…more spice is getting ready for u all!

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  1. Loved it bro keel it up u r doing an excellent job and bro don’t worry u can update it when ever u r being free

    1. Narendran

      thnx thnx thnx

  2. Nice episode Naren ?

    1. Narendran

      thnx neelam for the comment..hope u liked it

  3. Very nice narendran bro!! It was amazing waiting for ishveer to b united…

    1. Narendran

      thnx radhika for the comment!!!

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