Meri aashiqui tum se hi (ishveer forever) season-2 epi-173


The episode starts with Neha walks there.. Ishaani follows her and comes infront her and holds her hand and asks her how r u? Neha looks tensed.. Ishaani throws veil out and holds her hand and ask her why she is speechless? Neha wa about to speak Ishaani slaps her.. Neha sees her angrily.. While Ishaani rises another time.. Neha pushes her and runs from there.. Ishaani runs behind her and tries to catch her but fails.. Neha comes to godown and hides.. Goons drinks wine and sees neha and teases her.. Neha comes out.. Goons comes near her and takes her from there.. Neha does not shout due to Ishaani standing outside.. One goon holds her hand and removes dupatta.. Randhir comes to sanyu and sees her hand bleeding and gets concerned.. She smiles.. He cleans blood.. Randhir sees time and thinks.. Why neha did not come fill now? He waits.. Sanyu hugs him.. He tells enough and he tells sanyu that I have some imp work and be leaves from there..

He searches neha.. He comes near godown and sees neha was about to rape by goons.. He comes there and saves her.. On time.. Neha thnx him for saving her life.. Randhir takes dupatta and makes her wear it. Sanyu sees this from far and cries and comes back to house and closes the door and cries.. Hamari aadhuri kahani plays.. She thinks… So he betrayed me!! I won’t spare him.. Randhir comes there with neha.. She slaps neha and tells u r character less.. Neha cries.. Randhir get shocked and asks her what she is speaking? She tells I am speaking now only correctly.. Sanyu tells if u told me.. I would have arranged all things in house itself! He slaps her.. Sanyu asks u slapped me for this girl? She leaves from there angrily .

Shikhar comes to office and waits for Ishaani.. She comes there smiling at member and tells them that today is leave for u all.. They all gets amused and thnx her.. They asks for reason? Ishaani tells becoz of u all company got 3cr.. Profit.. In 1month.. She calls out Pune and gives money to all.. They tells u r the best.. No owner will give his share money to all!! U r great.. Ishaani tells I am alone.. U all are not alone.m so u should be happy always.. They all thnx Ishaani and leaves from there.

She comes near cabin door.. Shikhar stands near the door. Ishaani sees him and smiles.. He tells I need to speak to u some imp thing!! She tells sure.. But I have meeting after 1Hr.. We can meet.. He agrees and waits.. Ishaani completes meeting and calls shikhar.. He comes there and speaks to her and cracks some jokes.. She laughs!! He also smiles.. He gives papers for dealing contract!! She was about to sign.. Shikhar gets a call from. Chitali.. He asks her what? One man tells she is in hospital!! He gets shocked.. He cries.. She asks what happened? He tells it.

They both comes to hospital and sees chitali state and cries.. She opens her eyes slowly asks Ishaani hand for marriage!! She gets shocked and tells no.. I won’t marry anyone.. Chitali tells I want my son to be happy always.. As he loves u alot.. Ishaani stands shocked. Chitali takes Ishaani hand and shikhar hand and joins together and she dies..

Shikhar asks her wish? She agrees. They both cries.. Holding chitali body.. Death ceremony gets over.. Shikhar asks Ishaani when we can have marriage? She tells soon.. He tells u fix the date.. I will fix engagement.. He makes her wear ring.. Much to all guest surprise!!

Precap:Ishaani also makes shikhar wear the ring.. Ranveer gets up from bed.. He comes to Ishaani house and sees her getting engaged and gets shocked..he turns and walks.. Ishaani seds him from back side and feels as ranveer and follows him.!!.

Hope u all liked it

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  1. loved it bro keep it u r just rocking I feel so Sry for u but u r going to always rocking in your life and your ff

    1. thnx!!!!!!

      1. Your welcome bro

  2. RANdomfANCreationz

    Wow nice episode naru bhaia

    1. thnx jo akka..


    First of all its really a long update….which u just give sometimes….and another thing…….if I will be a boy na then I would give a hug for this episode……LOL don’t take it seriously……… but ya its really superb episode….and why that Randhir is helping Neha…..what’s the matter….???? And Ishu and Shikhar engagement and Ranveer wakes up…..woah ?!!!!!! Can’t wait……

    1. u will come to know!!..randhir needs something to blackmail or torture ishaani..that is ranveer!!!1so he wants ranveer to use..and kill ishaani..

  4. Reena

    OMG NAREN BRO!!!!! The precap is making my sooooooo excited! Superb job with today’s episode!! I loved it!! Ishkar’s engagement and then RANVEER wakes up!!! Omgggggg!! And what about the baby??Haha cannot wait

    1. Narendran

      Thnx thnx thnx thnx.. Reena!!

      1. Ranaji episode is superb as everytime

  5. What is registered member

  6. Nice episode Naren I really liked it it was full of so much suspense ?

  7. Okkay bro I’m getting restless here….post next…how r u???

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