Meri aashiqui tum se hi (ishveer forever) season-2 epi-172


The episode starts with Ishaani thinks about shikhar and smiles..shikhar in the house tells chitali that this mad?she tells whenever a girl fell in love only will be mad!!He asks what?she tells means u also love her alot!!he tells me?she tells yes..i knew about my son very much! He tells i like her innocence..she tells that is enough to fall in love with someone..he smiles..she tells i will ask her wish about marriage soon and get her married to u!!Madesh comes there..shikhar leaves from there..chitali asks him to buy Diamond chain to my new daughter in law..he asks what is u r plan now?she tells this is secret!!she leaves from there..he eyes her tensedly and thinks..what she gonna do?he leaves from there..

Ishaani sits near window and thinks about ranveer and smiles…Shikhar shows his balcony to her.she gets shocked..she cleans her eyes and sees missing and pats her head and tells it is illusion..she comes back to her bed and sleeps…late night..she gets up to drink water..shikhar comes there..she gets shocked and tells him to leave..she pushes him near table..he gets hurt..while she goes back..he escapes and comes back to house and puts oinment to his wound..chitali tells this is start..u have to face more and more to get married to ishaani..he smiles..

Randhir gets ready..sanyu asks where r u leaving?he does not speak..Neha comes there and asks him r u ready?he tells i am always ready..he comes near neha and holds her hand..Sanyu was curt..Neha smiles..and leaves from there with him..sanyu breaks things and cries..Hamari aadhuri kahani plays…She sleeps on bed but can’t..Neha and randhir comes to marriage function..Ishaani comes there and waits for her friend..

Ishaani comes to mirror and cleans dust on her head and comes near mandap and waits for grooms..they comes there..ishaani makes them sit and does kanyadhaan!They both gets married..randhir thinks about sanyu and tells neha..i have imp work..u come after marriage..he leaves from there hurriedly..Ishaani smiless..and hugs them is none other than Aryan and aradhya!Ishaani tells them to be happy always like this!!they both agrees..

Ishaani sees neha face from far and gets shocked..she excuses herself from there and comes in search of her..before ishaani comes there neha leaves from there..Ishaani comes near front gate and sees neha and gets shocked..Ishaani thinks if she is alive?then ranveer?May be alive!!!!she gets teary eyes..Ishaani comes near neha..

Precap: Ishaani asks neha where is ranveer?Neha pushes her and runs from there..Dog catches neha dupatta..she throws it and runs and gets into godown..some goons drinks beer there..sees neha and laughs and teases her..Sanyu cuts hand..randhir comes there and gets concerned at her…

Bye guys have a nice day.

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  1. i am new here
    but i love all the ff of ISHVEER

  2. Loved your epi bro keep it up bro and when ever u get time plz uplode it bro

  3. nice epi bro r u able to post it now onwards?


  5. Julina

    Just suuuueprb epi…. hope she find ranveer soon… waiting for next epi bro…


    Hii Naren… always make me stunned…..I already said what I feel about your ff… no need to tell I think…..but its really superb….I loved it…and waiting for precap !!!!!! You know I thought you were going to end this ff but I’m happy !!!!

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