Meri aashiqui tum se hi (ishveer forever) season-2 epi-171

The episode starts with Ishaani sees someone standing near window.. She tries to see her but fails.. She slips.. She was about to fall.. But shikhar holds her.. They share an eyelock.. When Ishaani gets up and asks him how did he come here? He tells when there is love.. About one person.. I will be there.. She asks whom loves whom? Shikhar tells u love me!! She gets shocked.. She slaps him and tells him to get lost.. He leaves from there angrily.. She comes near front door and closes it.. In his face.. He leaves from there.. Ishaani comes back and throws all things and cries..

Neha holds ranveer hand and. Tells him that I love u!! She thinks how she cheated him and slept with Arjun!! Randhir comes there and tells I knew that child is not ranveer.. Child.. Neha tells him to remain silent.!. Sanyu comes there and brings randhir to hall.. She shows diff dishes.. Which makes randhir happy.. He sits and haves it.. He tells it is superb.. He asks where did u get this? She tells Ishaani gave me!! He gets shocked.. He tells how dare u get hers?? He throws it away and leaves inside angrily!!

Ishaani comes to sanyu house and asks her how is the food? Sanyu tells nice.. Ishaani comes inside and takes her things and walks.. Door opened.. Neha sits near ranveer.. Ishaani was about to see ranveer.. Randhir walks that side and closes the door.. Ishaani does not see him and comes to her house.

Neha thinks how to escape from this randhir. She sits and thinks.. Ishaani checks her files.. She gets a call from shikhar.. She cuts it.. Again and again he calls. She takes it and shouts what he wants? He tells I am calling u now only.. Why shouting? She tells u came here and made me mood off!!

He tells I did not come anywhere.. She tells u knew u came here and I slapped u.. He tells I am here for 3hrs.. In movie.. Now only I came out.. She gets shocked and cuts the call and thinks about shikhar was slapped by her.. She thinks what happened to me?

Precap: Ishaani comes to Aryan and aradhya marriage.. Neha also comes there.. Ishaani sees her and gets shocked.

Next epi.. There will be mix krishnadasi ff and matsh.. 80%matsh only.. Less only krishnadasi.. Next epi.. Neha and Ishaani faces each other.

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    Ohoooo !!!!” What an episode. ..???? Hats off to you man !!!! You just be online in group I’ll bow down to you !!!”” I really went speechless no words Naren dear……really an great episode hope Ranveer get well soon…..and can’t wait for next episode

  2. Amazing episode man!! I am sooo interested bro!! I cant wait for ranveer to get better! I also cant wait to see what ishani does to stupid neha

  3. Julina

    Soooo nice epi bro…. U r a great writer… U connect it soo well… I like the today epi very much… Im waiting for ishveer reunion… I like shikar too…. Pls post next soon..

  4. Okkay waiting for next bro

  5. Awose work done bro keep rocking egarly waiting for the next epi

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