Meri aashiqui tum se hi (ishveer forever) season-2 epi-170


The episode starts with Ishaani comes out of house and calls driver to take car.. He tries to start but fails… Neha,randhir and sanyu comes near Ishaani house in ambulance!! They stop near Ishaani house gate.. Driver tells some problem.. Neha sees Ishaani and gets shocked.. She tells randhir that she is standing there.. He slowly sees her and tells neha to take stretcher out.. I am and sanyu will hide it. Neha tells but!! He tells I said take out.

Neha slowly takes ranveer body.. Holding trips on one side. Driver repairs it.. It was closed.. Gate opened by randhir.. Ishaani comes out in car. She was about to see ranveer.. But some ladies.. Comes infront of her car.. Driver stops.. Randhir gets relief and they all comes to their house. Neha tells him today we escaped but not daily!! He tells I knew u pls shut up!! She leaves inside angrily!! Sanyu Comes there and asks him we can got out today.? He tells not today tmr!! She cheers and leaves from there..

Ishaani comes to office. Shikhar comes there and tells I am ready to give shares.. According to u r wish.. Ishaani wonders how he accepted so fast? He tells becoz I came to know that u r husband is died.. Ishaani gets up from chair and leaves from there.. Secretary Comes there and tells him not to speak like this one more time.. She gets sad.. He agrees with her and comes to Ishaani.. Who was standing near balcony.. He gives her some papers.. She sees and laughs..

She tells sorry to him.. He tells soooo sorry.. Allah warriyan plays.. She tells I accept u r share amount.. He thnx her and comes out of office and tells this is first step.. Next sign u r company will be mine!! He smiled evilly and leaves from there and comes back to his house.. With a smile.. Chitali asks him I think my son is happy!! He agrees.

Ishaani comes to her cabin.. She sees ranveer pic and holds her stomach and tells little ranveer is coming back!! She smiles and takes flowers from ranveer pic and holds near her stomach and cries.. Hamari aadhuri kahani plays..

Precap:Randhir and sanyu goes out.. Neha and ranveer was alone in house.. Ishaani comes there

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. It was just awose loved it is being so dam tragic loved it and why do much of sadness in the story but I loved it so much bro and how is your studies bro


    Awesome episode yaar…..but Shikahr…???? Okay……I’ll deal with it…and Congo 170 epsidoe….

  3. Nice update naru bro…. pls unite ishveer soon bro… and I like shikar role in this track

  4. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    Ohhh thnx guys.. Missing old guys now a days. Much.. Arham,khushi,Mariya,praveena,Sathya,prince, keerthi,raji,sana,ishurv,payal and Julina.. All are missing.. Pls come back.. Guys I have completed 5months of writing this ff!! It is over with june-5th.. Itself.. Becoz I started writing this ff on jan-5th.

    1. Nice bro!! Congrats!

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