Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi (IshVeer Forever) Season-2 Epi-17


The episode starts with ranveer and Ishaani comes to office and starts the work later Ishaani comes out and goes to house on the way she sees harshad she gets shocked she tells auto driver to follow him Ishaani calls ranveer and tells it

Ranveer comes there and joins her and they comes to Harshad home and waits outside they see him calling someone police arrives Ishaani tells them to go inside and arrest him and they arrest them harshad comes out and gets shocked to see Ishaani he tells that I am your father Ishaani taunts him and tells you are not my father

Ishaani and ranveer leaves from there they comes to house and sees the house is fully damaged Ishaani cries ranveer tells her to not to cry she tells him that she cleaned the house so neatly but who did this ??I will not leave them

Ranveer and Ishaani cleans the house Ishaani cleans the photo some dust goes into Ishaani eyes ranveer comes closer and clears it they share an eyelock pashmina plays…

They gets romantic and gets closer Ishaani tells him that we have to clean it ranveer tells OK and goes Ishaani and ranveer comes and cleans the whole house

Ishaani sees him and tells I will love you all my life ranveer sees her speaking to herself and comes to her and asks what??she laughs and tells actually I thought of calling Raghul ranveer taunts him Ishaani asks him to not be jealous

Ranveer tells her to not to do it he gets angry she comes close to him and tells I am always yours only and hugs her

Precap: Ishaani and ranveer comes to restaurant

Guys that song is from fitoor movie for your information and pls enjoy it guys

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. hey man ur ff is way too romantic…… keep it up

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  4. Supper….. wow i love it ur ff……

  5. Fantastic ranaji..and i have one doubt na yaar..who is ishu’s real father …the died one..r the alive one

    1. Alive one

  6. Superb Ranaji.keep updating.and happy Republic day.

    1. Same to you sana and all my ff reading people

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