Meri aashiqui tum se hi (ishveer forever) season-2 epi-169

The episode starts with Ishaani comes to her room.. Manik and others comes there and gives her gift.. She opens it.. Someone punches from it.. It is toy!!??Ishaani laughs.. They all hifi each other and tells we all made this to make u happy. She thnx them for coming here.. They all leaves from there and comes back to their house..

Randhir tells neha to come with them to mumbai.. She tells no then my Ranveer will go to her!! He tells I am there to take care of u and ranveer. Neha agrees hesitantly!! All others.. Also gets ready to come back to mumbai.. Sanyu gets ready.. He tells her not to come with him.. She tells I will come. He tells no.. She cries and leaves inside.. He comes there and consoles her and tells her also to come with her.

Ishaani sits alone in Hall and ons the TV.. She sees news.. She sees veiled lady.. Who sent goons to attack her was dead in Himalayan region!! She tells she deserves it. Ishaani comes back to her room and sleeps.. Shikhar gets ready in night and tells her mom. Today I am gonna teach Ishaani good lesson.. She tells him to be here and not to go out now!! He asks then what should I do? She tells whenever time permits I will tell u.. He agrees.

Neha,randhir, sanyu and ranveer comes to railway station with luggage.. He tells neha that I will take care of ranveer.. We came here to take revenge from Ishaani.. Neha tells why should i?? I got my Ranveer. But he is in coma state. He tells I will make him normal.. She gets happy.. He tells then u should help me!! She agrees

Precap:Ranveer was taken out of ambulance.. Ishaani passes by car.. On the same side.

Credit to: Narendran


  1. Reena

    Nice episode Naren bro! Cant wait for shikars payback and then ISHVEER reunion.. Awesome

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