Meri aashiqui tum se hi (ishveer forever) season-2 epi-168


The episode starts with Ishaani comes to house and smiles.. Seeing azad,mahira ,manik and Nandhini waiting.. She comes there and hugs them.. She asks how r u all?? He tells we are fine.. Ishaani tells me too.. See it!! Shikhar tells her mom that.. Ishaani was rude to him.. He sits near door. She comes there and hugs him shikhar and tells him to cool down.. She gives ice water.. He drinks it.. Chitali asks for money!! He gives her.. She comes out.. Madesh asks her why she is always behind money? She tells becoz my son is rich.. Madesh tells he is not u r son.. U have adopted him for money.. She tells anyways and she leaves from there..

Location:Himalayan region:

Veiled lady comes there and smiles.. She gets up in hill. She comes out from there.. She told reaches camp.. She sees guards and enters there.. She comes near one person and tells about Ishaani.. He gets shocked.. She shoots her.. She dies.. It is randhir.. He tells Ishaani and her baby should not live in this world no more.. He smiled evilly…

Randhir comes to room and calls sanyu.. She comes there with tea.. He thnx her smiling.. He comes close to her and. Kisses her. She smiles and runs inside room.. Guards knock the door. Randhir tells them to come inside.. He tells them to go and kill Ishaani.. They agrees and leaves from there..

An FB is shown;

As per epi-49 or 50.. Radhika drived car rashly(mother of ranveer).. She drives fastly and. Hits some car.. In that sandhya son was Sat.. That car hits in tree. It falls down and hits on another car.. In that randhir parents was killed by that accident! He wants to take revenge for their death… Randhir tells I will kill radhika while family.. To take revenge.

FB ends..

Randhir laughs and tells this time u escaped but not all time.. Ishaani tells manik to have dinner and she leaves inside room.. She takes out ranveer pic and kisses on it. She smiles.. Hamari aadhuri kahani plays…. Randhir gets some news and smiles.. He tells now Ishaani is mine..
She will be dead soon.

Precap: Neha,ranveer,randhir and sanyu comes to Mumbai and stays near Ishaani house.. Ranveer was in coma!!

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. Superb epi bro… great thought… u connected that accident with new villian…. great job… I can’t wait for the next epi….

  2. I like that cover pic too…

    1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

      Thnx julina??i thought to bring radhika,shakthi,madhu and Vivian soon. What is u r opinion? Guys tell me.. But after 200epi!! Not now??

      1. Yeah bring them too…. I’m excited to see how to give entry to them….

  3. Nice ranaji..


    Oh wow….I can’t imagine like this story man….I mean naren its super duper blaster !!!!!! I really loved it….your stories are always new…..and how are
    you ???? And if you want my opinion you’ll always rock “””!!!! Whatever the script maybe !!!! And hope studies are at bang ????

  5. Awesome episode naren bro! Now i am getting some of the revenge plot.. And I love the parts where ishani misses ranveer! And omg Ranveer is in a coma!?!


    Hey Naren and Prince bro…..we all have made a group on whatsapp…. do you guys want to join it…..!??? There we can talk without waiting !!!!

    1. Yes Prince bro and Naren bro.. Please join!! And also Ankita dhi, Arham dhi, Sathya akka, Sana dhi, Sumi dear, Radhika dear and everyone else

      1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

        Do u want number??.. Me too join

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        Reena but it is private.. Anyways.. I trust u is it . Reena and dhruva!! Bye . 7598873952! Pls don’t share this number with anyone!!

  7. Nice episode and Narendran pls tell me how to update a serial episode as I am the updater of serial pls tell.

    1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

      I have commented for it.. In vishkanya page itself

  8. Nice bro….how r u???? & how r u all my soulmate bros & sissys???

    1. We all r Gud dr bro…. How r u…

    2. sathya akka, Sana dr, prince bro, arham dr, raji akka, amritha dr, Payal dr, Keerthi akka, and all my bros and sis…. We all created what’s app group…. If u could pls let us know ur no…. Pls respond drs….

  9. I love your Ff and this rocked and I lived it so plz update the next one soon

    1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

      Thnx.. Yaar.. I have sent next epi also..

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