Meri aashiqui tum se hi (ishveer forever) season-2 epi-167

The episode starts with Ishaani asks shikhar does he have manners? He tells did u have. She asks what do u mean? He gets up from his chair and comes close to her.. She moves backwards.. Sanam re plays.. She tells him to stay away from her. Shikhar tells this is manner.u don’t have! She asks what? He tells u should not scold anyone.. Unless someone kiss u.. Or.._____.. She stands clueless.. Suddenly someone knocks the door. Ishaani opens and sees secretary.. And tells him to comes inside.

Ishaani shares about work.. She tells shikhar to get lost.. He leaves from there angrily.. Ishaani tells He is sadist. She continues and tells points to her and tells her to note it down. She also does it. Ishaani leaves from there and gets into Car.. She drives car fast thinking about shikhar behaviour and comes near hotel… She comes inside and haves food.

Some goons eyes her.. While she sees them.. They turns away.. Ishaani haves food.. She comes out.. Goons also comes out.Ishaani sees them and drives car from there.. Shikhar comes to house and throws his back.. Chitali comes there and asks him what happened? He tells nothing.

Veiled sees Ishaani car and signs goons.. Goons stops the car and tells her to come out from car now. She comes out.. they try to get bag.. But she slaps them and beats them. She tells them to leave from here.. Ishaani asks them who sent u? They pushes her and runs from there.. Veiled lady sees this and smirks and leaves from there..

Precap: Location;Himalayan region..:.. Veiled lady comes there.. And tells it to someone.

Credit to: Narendran



    Nice ha…..loved our chocolate boy …..shikhar….loved their scene but waiting for ishveer romance……and who the hell the veiled ??? Can’t waiting really a fantastic episode !!!! Loved it !!! How are you naren ??

  2. Reena

    So excited Naren bro!! Sorry I didnt get to comment? But I am sooooo interested with this track and cant wait for ishveer


    nice but don’t make shikhar love Ishani……unite ISHVEER soon pls …….anyway how r u???

  4. Julina

    Suuuperb epi naru bro…. hope ishveer will unite soon… excitedly wait for next epi

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.