Meri aashiqui tum se hi (ishveer forever) season-2 epi-162

The episode starts with Ishaani and ranveer comes back to house.. Ishaani tells ranveer to go to office and continue his work and I am fine. He tells I won’t go anywhere.. She tells him to go.. He asks her to take care and leaves from there.. Falguni and baa enters the room.. Ishaani asks why did u come here? Falguni tells I knew u want to know who r u r parents? Ishaani pleads her to tell.. Falguni tells me also don’t know.. Ishaani tells I will give how much money u ask also.. Pls tell me who is my parents? Falguni and baa tells now only u came to the point!! Falguni demands for 1cr.. Ishaani gets shocked..

Ishaani tells this much money? Falguni tells becoz we need to tell their name alone and their place cost one more crore.. Ishaani tells I need some time.. Falguni tells her to take her own time and leaves from there.. Baa tells her to think about it soon.. Otherwise we will forget the place… Baa leaves from there..

Ishaani sits on bed and cries.. She thinks I need to meet my parents any how!! But I cannot cheat ranveer also.. How can I ask money from him? She holds her hair and hits on bed.. Servant comes there and moves her and makes her sit on sofa and feeds water.. She tells Ishaani to take care and leaves from there…falguni in the room polishes her nail and sees mirror and asks baa will she give money?

Baa tells we made her not to tell the truth to ranveer itself!! So this time she will give us money.. Ishaani waits for ranveer.. He comes there and breaks mobile and cries.. Ishaani asks what happened? He tells 3cr.. Is loss for our company.. She gets shocked and tells him it is OK.. He cries and hugs her.. Ishaani thinks this is not right time to ask about money and makes him sleep on bed and leaves from there and comes to Hall.

Ishaani sits on sofa and thinks about money!! She thinks how to arrange this much money? She thinks.. She sees kitchen and thinks about something and laughs…. Ishaani comes to kitchen and touches all things.. Servants asks did she need something? Ishaani tells nothing and tells her to leave.. She leaves from there..

Ishaani takes iron rod from outside kitchen and ons the stove and keeps it on that… She waits it to be heated.. Ishaani takes her sari from down and puts inside her hip and smiles… Ishaani comes near falguni room.. Falguni opens and asks her did she bring money? Ishaani cries and tells no and hides iron rod.. Behind door. Falguni brings her inside and she beats her.. Baa also beats her.. Ishaani pushes them both in bed and takes iron rod…

She beats falguni she shouts it is paining??ishaani tells it is specially made for u and baa.. I have kept in stove and brought for u.. Falguni and baa gets shocked…

Precap: Ishaani keeps iron rod on falguni leg and takes it.. Falguni shouts and sees mark and cries.. Ishaani beats baa with it.. Baa falls on her leg and pleads her to forgive her..
Hope u all liked it bye guys..

Credit to: Narendran


  1. Reena

    I love Ishani’s idea bro!!! Falguni and Baa deserved it!!! and I cant wait for next episode!! Awesome job Naren bro!!! I hope everything will be alright with Ranveer’s businesss tho…


    Lol !!!! Very funny episode…..loved the ishu is how much bold !!!!!! And sad for Ranveer……and how are you ?????

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