Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi (IshVeer Forever) Season-2 Epi-16


The episode starts with ranveer and ishaani comes to house ranveer gets close to her and tells now i am with you always now house and office etc.. he gets intimate he tells you are soo cute ishaani tells really she gets close and keeps the hand in his collar ranveer looks on ishaani ranveer takes her in his arms and he removes her jewels and kisses her and tells now we are together he keeps her hand on ishaani hands and holds it tightly suddenly ishaani phone rings ranveer scolds who is this??he takes it and gets shocked he tells harshad is no more she cries ranveer holds her and she goes to get ready but she stops and tells he betrayed you then how can i go?

He comes to her and tells now he is your father let us go she hugs her he kisses on her forehead.They comes to house and sees ragini crying ishaani goes to her and consoles her suddenly police comes and takes ranveer ishaani tells them that he is with me only police tells ok and brings some photo ishaani gets shocked after seeing cctv she sees two harshad she thinks to find about it police leaves

Death ceremony gets over ranveer and ishaani comes to house and goes to bed ranveer comes to her but ishaani scolds him and leaves ranveer gets sad ishaani then comes to him and hugs him and cries Hamari aadhuri kahani plays..

Ishaani tells sorry and tells i am angry after seeing cctv and she tells about two harshad he gets shocked ishaani thinks to find it ranveer takes her in his arms and brings to bed and gets into romantic ishaani tells naughty and ranveer kisses her

Ishaani in the morning tells you are soo ranveer keeps his hand on her mouth and tells let us get ready soon ishaani tells i am already ready

Ranveer tells you got up speed but you did not wake up me they start their fight ishaani slips but ranveer holds her Allah warriyan plays..

Ranveer tells her to wait i will come she agrees he comes and sees ishaani shouting he comes to office and do the work

Precap; Ishaani sees duplicate harshad and follows her ishaani calls ranveer and tells it ranveer asks her to wait he will also come and joins her

Enjoy it buddies

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. Nice Ranaji.and all the best for ur competition.

    1. thnx after tmr i will be busy from 27th jan so it will be late update pls forgive me guys

  2. suprb yaar..keep going…in also sad tym our ishveer take a awsom

  3. Superb ranaji,waiting for next episode

  4. its OK ranaji we’ll wait for your ff.

  5. marvelous ff just love it

  6. Nice ff ranaji. And ur matsh post pic it’s aswsome.

  7. Waoh !!!! Its fab ishveer solving probs together wanted that only…..

    Love it ranaji and keep going on….

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