Meri aashiqui tum se hi (ishveer forever) season-2 epi-157


The episode starts with Ishaani brings tea to ranveer. He sees phone and takes it and attends the call and asks who r u? Falguni gets tensed.. Neha cuts the call and tells xu hua and Wang dou.. About backside gate.. They both agrees about this… They three hifi each other.. And smiles.. Ranveer gives medicine to govt officer.. Press takes oic of it.. Ishaani comes there and poses. Ranveer asks her why she came here? Ishaani tells if my photo comes in TV then i will be popular ranveer tells really!! Ishaani tells yes.. One reporter comes there and asks Ishaani when u will give good news to ranveer and us? Ishaani gets teary eyes and leaves from there.. Ranveer thnx press and tells them to leave.. Press people leaves from there.. Ranveer comes upstairs and calms her down.. Falguni asks ranveer why they are scolding Ishaani? Fault is on u! Ranveer tells all knew there is problem with Ishaani.. She asks how dare u use my daughter name? She slaps him and tells I will tell press and leaves.. Ishaani tries to stop her.. But ranveer tells her let it be..I don’t want. To be insulted.. Sanam re plays.. Falguni calls reporter and tells there is problem with ranveer and not Ishaani.. She tells badly about ranveer. He records it and leaves from there.. Falguni comes to house and prays to God..

Baa comes there and tells u r in wrong way.. Apu and pallavi comes there and calls ranveer and tells we are leaving.. Ranveer asks them to stay for some more days.. They tells we will leave.. Husband has work.. They leaves from there.. Ishaani comes down.. Ranveer stops them and gives necklace and chain.. Falguni gets shocked..she smirks.. Ranveer tells it is my money.. He gives to them and leaves from there..

Ranveer comes to room.. Falguni takes Ishaani aside and tells her that he got this much expensive gift for them? Then for u? Ishaani tells my big gift is ranveer. Falguni tells u r mad in love with him.. She tells him to name all property on her name. Ishaani gets shocked and asks her what she wants to say? Ishaani leaves falguni tells baa I am telling for Ishaani happiness but she?.. Baa tells her not to interfere in their life. Ranveer and Ishaani sleeps on bed.. All sleeps xu hua and Wang dou and comes there and opens backside door with help of falguni.. She tells them to kill ranveer alone and not Ishaani.. They agrees and comes there and stands near Ishaani and takes knife.. She goes up.. Falguni shouts noooo. Ishaani and ranveer opens their eyes and sees this.

Ranveer rolls Ishaani above him.. Xu hua keeps knife on bed and tells shit.. And tries to stab them.. They falls down and rolls.. Ranveer gets up and. Slaps them. He throws their knife… They punch ranveer.. Ishaani smiles and takes knife and. Stabs.. Xu hua hand.. Wang dou gets shocked.. She tells her to leave ranveer.. She also blackmails her.. Ishaani tells her to kill him.. She gets shocked.. She leaves ranveer aside and takes her and leaves from there.. Ranveer asks what u did?u risked my life? She tells I knew no one will torture or kill u other than me.. He smiled and pushes her closer..

Neha comes there and fire gun.. And tells now u are caught.. Ranveer stands before Ishaani.. Like this they both comes front and throws it away.. Ishaani slaps ranveer.. Neha rolls and comes to ranveer.. He slaps her.. Ishaani again catches neha and punches on her stomach..

Precap:Neha,xu hua and Wang dou was arrested by police..

Ok guys take care.. Final part is funny.. I made for u all to make happy.. Bye.

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. rookey rookers

    super super super . no words to xpress . last part remembered me unakum enakum movei but it is diff. at last . seema writer ne . suppppper. waiting for the next …

  2. rookey rookers

    raji akka no prblm .i am waiting for ue com. akka . pls cim. if u can .but dont forget to com. after sunday . k . akka ?

    satya akka arham akka payal vyshu keerthi pranjali mariya juliana where r u dears ?????? pls com. imiss ur com.soooooo much dears ……

  3. Awesome episode Bro! The action was too good! And I am starting to dislike Falguni more and more… I know she is Ishan1’s mom.. But she should have done that to Ranveer.. Great episode and I am eagerly waiting for the next episode!


    Superbly amazing……hahahaha !!!! I really want to see the end part in real…..lovely comprises and understanding between ishveer……but why you make Falguni neg….????

  5. Superb superb episode bro ….

  6. Sana chellam where r u ??? I miss u dr…..

    1. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

      Akka I am here.Ramadan is coming a little bit busy with cleaning and r u my akka? Is ur exam date fixed?how is ur studies?
      Love u sooooooooo much.take care.

  7. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Nice episode by day I am hating falguni.

  8. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Raji akka y u r not replaying? R u angry on me for late replay.I am so so so soooorryyy akka.really I didn’t see that.pls do comment.I can’t bear ur silence.I love u sooooooooo much.

  9. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    And my bro also not commenting.what happened to all? Sathya akka, arham dr,prince bro, julina dii, mariya dii and all r missing.

  10. hii my dears…sathya sana raji ranaji princ rookey dhruva mariya tannvee reena…and all my luvly sissys…hw r u all

  11. yaa sana chlm…here also too much of cleaning…tmrw in kerla and saudi shafey baratth naa…plzz pray for all peoples dr…luv u loadzz dr…miss u chlm…plzz try to commnt daily chlm…

    1. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

      Yes arham I am fasting.surely I will pray for all and try to comment here daily.miss u too dr… u loads…..take care……

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