Meri aashiqui tum se hi (ishveer forever) season-2 epi-156

Guys sorry for late update.. I get now a days less comments.. So I updated other ff.. Don’t worry.. They will end but this ff won’t end..

The episode starts with Ranveer and Ishaani share an eyelock… Neha comes to xu hua and Wang dou and asks them… Let us kill ishveer? They both sees each other and speaks in their language(Translation
Xu hua-What she wants from them?
Wang dou-Don’t know..
Xu hua-Anyways she will be useful for us.
Wang dou- yes u r right..

They both agree with neha and shake hands.. Neha smiles evilly.. Ishaani and ranveer talks to doctor and tells she is unwell.. Ishaani beats him and takes phone and tells I am fine.. He is joking.. Doctor tells OK..
Neha tells I have headache.. Doctor tells it will be fine once u get vomit.. Ishaani smiles and thnx him.. Doctor cuts the call.. Ranveer asks why r u smiling? Ishaani tells nothing and leaves from there.. Neha comes near house and speaks to xu hua.. Falguni hears this and comes to her. Neha gets tensed. Falguni tells I also need to take revenge from them.. Neha smiles and thinks in mind.. Now my team is strong.. She smiles.

Neha tells sure and asks how many gates are there? Falguni tells I don’t know and calls Ishaani and asks her.. Ishaani tells back side one gate is there..Faluvubie cuts call and tells it.. Neha thnx her and leaves from there.. Ishaani sees someone leaving and comes there and asks falguni who is it? She gets tensed and tells my friend.. Ishaani asks why u did not bring her inside house? Falguni tells she had work.. Falguni leaves from there.. Ishaani comes inside and shouts ranveer.. He comes there and asks what? Ishaani shows wizard.. Ranveer laughs.. Ishaani puts fake on his lap.. He shouts.. She smiles.. He takes it and throws away.. He smiles..

Neha comes to house and tells them there is one more gate.. They both shares plan with neha. She calls falguni and tells the plan.. She agrees to do it.. Ishaani calls falguni.. She holds it and Leaves from there..

Precap:Ranveer takes phone and asks who? Falguni gets tensed..

Bye guys take care luv u all…

Credit to: Narendran

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  2. Nice episode

  3. rookey rookers

    thax for the epi dear . we too like u …. so sweet of u

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  10. Good episode Naren bro! I cant wait to see what happens!!! You are a superb writer!!


    Hi Naren so sorry for late comment…..and about the episode….I don’t know what’s the litter that neha is cooking in her mind…..hope it may not harm ishveer……and I hate Falguni in neg. role……pls make her positive soon !!!!!

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  14. Amazing epi!!! Lovely pic! <3333333333

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